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Actual Music



I play piano and guitar for live accompaniment and constantly update the teaching repertoire. As a result, the student does not have to sing along to karaoke tracks or buy sheet music. I often teach the melody with the piano and once the student is confident enough to carry the tune on their own, switch to guitar accompaniment. This allows singers to easily focus on very specific melodic phrases.

- For all ages, styles, and levels

- Customized vocal coaching for professional singers.

- Repertoire selection and polishing for experienced amateurs.

- Rudimentary technique and voice building for beginner vocalists.

Enjoy the process of vocal development, stop fighting your voice, and learn how to stretch your comfort zone. Working on two areas: voice building (expanding resonance and range, breath control etc.) and repertoire (you pick the songs), I am very flexible as to the amount of lesson time devoted to either. The curriculum is a combination of my own concepts developed from many years as a performer and the approaches of internationally known instructors like Seth Riggs (Michael Jackson, American Idol), Anthony Frisell (operatic), and Jeffrey Allen.

Voice building consists of exercises in the following areas:

- Breath control

- Vowel formation

- Pitch (solfege)

- Developing muscle memory within the vocal tract


Serves Miami , FL

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