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I'm extremely enthusiastic and passionate about working with students. I focus on healthy vocal development in my lessons - not only will you sing stronger, expand your range, and feel more confident, you will learn how to do so in a healthy, sustainable way! I'm also passionate about musicality. While we will work on notes and rhythms of songs, we will also explore the phrasing, dynamics, and emotions that truly bring a song to life.

Visit me at www.orlandovoiceteacher.com or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @orlvoiceteacher

I love that I am able to combine my passions for education and performing into one career! I enjoy using my knowledge to help others pursue and achieve their goals. I've found that teaching singing is more than learning how to sing better, it also builds confidence and leads to self-discovery. I love forming relationships with my students and watching them succeed and grow in all areas of their lives through singing!


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Frequently asked questions

Usually, we begin with an introduction session! 45-minute intro sessions are only $20 but that $20 will go toward your next lesson with me if you choose to continue. It's a great no-stress way for a potential client to get to know me and vice-versa. You can sign up on my website (link above). Click on "Schedule," then "Book Now," and then choose "Intro Session."

I graduated from the University of Virginia with two degrees in Musical Theatre and Literature. Since then, I've worked as a professional performer, as a professional children's theatre director, and as a classroom educator. I've studied and performed a variety of vocal styles (classical, contemporary rock/pop, belt, jazz) and apply that knowledge to determine what works best for each of my students. I'm also under the direct tutelage of a seasoned vocal coach so I know how to teach not just what works for me, but also what works for each type of voice! For more, take a look at my website and blog above or find me on Facebook or Twitter (@orlvoiceteacher)! I'm also honored to have been chosen as one of the top 12 voice teachers in Orlando by Expertise.com!

Pricing depends largely on how long you want your lesson to be, how frequently you take lessons, and your method of payment. I offer discounts if weekly lessons are on auto-debit but also have a 10-lesson package option at a discount as well. Full pricing details can be found on my website at orlandovoiceteacher.com/schedule

Since my background is in musical theatre, I mostly attract musical theater students. However, I've been teaching Contemporary Christian, pop/rock, and classical as well. I believe in studying the voice as a whole rather than a particular style, so I can work with people of all experience levels, all ages, and all styles!

1. "Listen" to your voice! 

If your voice/throat feels strained or is hurting in any way during a voice lesson, stop! Be sure to tell your teacher that something feels wrong immediately and he/she should be able to lead you in a more healthy direction. If not, re-think your voice teacher!

2. Go outside your comfort zone! 

All the above having been said, there is a difference between something feeling vocally "wrong" and "uncomfortable." When in a singing lesson, you'll sometimes be training your voice and body to work in an entirely new way. I've left some voice lessons mentally (but not vocally!) exhausted from having focused so much and worked so hard. Find a voice teacher that will challenge you in a good way!

3. Ask questions.

If you don't know why your voice teacher is telling you to do something a certain way, ask. If you don't understand anything your voice teacher just explained, ask him/her to explain it a different way. If you still don't get it, keep asking! The whole goal is to help YOU! That said, if you find you just don't "click" with the way your voice teacher explains things, don't feel bad about moving to a new teacher. Again, the goal for all voice teachers is for the student to be able to grow!

4. Do what works for you.

Some voice teachers only know how to teach the way they know how to sing. For beginners, this isn't a bad thing. However, if you have a particular goal in mind, be sure to find a coach that either specializes in the style you're interested in OR a coach who can teach all styles.

1. What are my professional goals? (Broadway? Chart-topping rock artist? Local gigger? Church choir member? Shower singing extraordinaire?)

2. What are my vocal goals? (Increase range, sing louder, sing for longer periods of time without tiring/losing voice, learn to sight read, stylize singing...)

3. What vocal style do I want to pursue most? (everything & anything, classical, musical theater, jazz, opera, rock, pop...)

4. Am I willing to learn a different style of singing if my voice teacher finds I'm suited for it? 

5. How frequently do I want to have lessons? How long do I want those lessons to be?

6. What is my voice lesson budget?

7. How much time am I willing to invest in my voice outside of lessons?

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