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Vision Quest Private Golf Academy

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I'm a PGA Master Teaching Professional with over 30 years experience. I'm also a player having won 23 PGA Sanctioned Professional events. I have studied personally with several top instructors including Butch Harmon, David Leadbetter, Paul Runyan, Phil Rodgers, Jim McLean and Hank Haney to name a few.

I love working with all types of golfers from tournament players to 6 yr. old kids and beginners. All of my lessons include the use of slow motion video analysis, on course instruction, and teaching aids. There are no additional fees for these services.

I also offer partial scholarships with package plans(up to 60% off) for juniors, beginners, and those in need. I offer 40% off for all other package plans making my rates the best value in all of Florida.

My normal rate is $125/hr however 95% of my students take advantage of scholarship plans or packages lowering the rate to $50- $75 per hour. This rate is what you would pay for an inexperienced Assistant Pro with no proper training. At this point in my career, I am happy to make myself available to all students as I simply love to teach.

I'm so confident that you will enjoy the experience, that I will guarantee your first session at 50% off if you are not interested in continuing in a package plan or scholarship.

My history includes building the largest Junior Golf Program in the country (over 1000 kids) in 2002 as Director of Instruction at the Stow Acres Golf School near Boston. I have been awarded by my peers the PGA Junior Golf Leader Award and 3 Time Teacher of the Year(twice in New England and once here in Southwest Florida). I have written over 50 articles for various publications and was the Golf Analyst for 2 TV programs in New England having done over 60 shows. I was an original Board Member for SNAG Golf, and I designed a Golf In School Program that laid the groundwork for the PGA National Program.

I have a deep passion for teaching beginners and kids that is unparalleled in devotion from my peers. I want your growth to be as fast as possible so that we can make you a real golfer as soon as possible! I have seen many many assistant pros act like babysitters to young kids and collect their check. I find ways to connect with the kids by introducing games that teach them mechanics in a fun environment when they don't even know they are training, and I build rapport for a lifetime of friendship and instruction. As for beginners, I want to kept it as simple as possible and get you on the course as soon as possible. This game is supposed to be fun, so I want the learning and training aspect to be enjoyable as well. There are no shortcuts as practice is needed to improve, however there are priorities in learning that will help you improve dramatically faster if done in the correct sequence. This knowledge is not something a part time instructor or anyone with less than 10-15 years experience can even relate to.


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Toni L.

Im feeling already better about my swing. We have a few more lessons and Im looking forward to it. Hes very nice and helpful.
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November 20, 2017


Roberto G.

Domenico Geminianni has been working with Jacques now since he was 7. Jacques has worked with Dom on all aspects of his game from his mental, physical, and Bio-mechanics to his short game and full swing. Today his weekly playing lessons continually challenge Dom to explore shot options, use self control, and practice efficiently. We could not be more happy with our relationship with Jacques and his relentless efforts to get Dom to the top of his game.
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August 25, 2016


Lisa F.

My son, Hunter, has been taking lesson from Jacques Panet for 7 years. Hunter started taking lesson with Jacques when he was three years old. He has learned so much in these years and our family is amazed at how much Hunter enjoys playing golf. I remember when Hunter started playing golf I thought to myself, “Will he enjoy it, will he stick with golf”? Now when I watch him play, I see how well he plays and think that he may be able to someday have a career in golf due to his lessons with Jacques. Jacques has the patience and is very soft spoken when he is teaching Hunter. Jacques is always praising Hunter, but is always there to correct any of the golf techniques that Hunter needs to correct to improve his techniques.
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August 25, 2016

Frequently asked questions

First of I assess where they are at with some questions that can be quite revealing, watch a few swings and see what we have to work with, and then determine  where to start.    Some beginners will need to start with short swings and a ball on a tee and experienced golfers would benefit from a video analysis before assessing where to start.  Other times we may play a couple of holes to see here the strengths and weaknesses are and take notes to aid in developing the plan of attack 

I spent years working at The Original Golf School in Vermont and Florida where we had as many as 35 pros on staff.  This opened my eyes to SEVERAL different ways to get across the same point.  It was an excellent training ground.  However I took my training much more serious by studying several books and personally spending time training directly under the very best that I could find.  The list of my mentors includes Leadbetter, Harmon, Runyan, and McLean among several others.  

$125/ hr is my standard rate.  I have scholarship opportunities for juniors (under 18) that avails them up to 60% off and I have package plans for beginners and adults that offer up to 40% off.

My first job in the business was at The Original Golf School.  Within a year I was doing the opening clinics, bunker clinics, and then won my first Professional Golf Tournament.  I knew how much I loved teaching when I taught the school EVERY day one summer and hadn't even realized it.  Weven did 5 day and 2 day schools and I simply never took a day off...I loved it!

Several AJGA Champions, State Champions, Junior Champions and a few Tour Players (Jumbo Elliott, Scott Ford, Nancy Ramsbottom) and several celebrities including Vince Gill, Denis Eckersley, K.C. Jones, Roger Clemons, Ben Camaratta and several Boston sports celebrities as the Teaching Pro at Nashawrtuc CC in Concord, MA. 

I was also the only teacher for Domenico Geminianni from the age of 7-14 where he became the youngest to ever play on the European Tour (at age 14).  Thereafter  he moved to Italy where he was given other instruction and subsequently  ended up out of tournament golf within 3 years.  Saddest thing I ever saw.

My last tournament victory was the North Florida SWC Senior Championship.  Winning tournaments are always a fond memory.  But my favorite victory was the Sankaty Head Invitational in Nantucket among an elite field of players.

If you do not connect with the pro immediately, find another.  If you are looking to hire, please find someone with experience. I can recall several things that I taught in my early days that were way out of line and off base. It takes a fair amount of experience to become a knowledgeable instructor but some people are simply made to teach and others are not.

Students should consider what they want from the instruction, what level of golfers do they want to be, and how much time they are willing to commit.  For a Professional to put together a successful  plan for a student, it would have to be designed pending the answers to these simple questions.

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