Tennis Lessons By Tony

Tennis Lessons By Tony

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I provide lessons to adults and kids 10 and older. I focus on fundamentals for beginners and strategy/fitness for the tournament level players. I played tennis in high school and for Eastern Illinois University. I have coached high school tennis and given private lessons to all ages.


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Anthony R.

We work on rallies from the service line and the orange ball line. We work on serves, overhead, serve returns and ground strokes. We work on form and grip. Sometimes we play points. I would recommend!
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August 14, 2020


He can be tough and has high expectations. We do drills and sometime play points. Sometimes he has me run ladders. Overall I think I improved a lot since I started taking lessons with him.
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August 14, 2020

Frequently asked questions

I always start with proper grips, stroke form, serve form then move onto footwork drills.  Once the core skills look good, I move into rallying and pace.  Once a student can rally consistently we move into points strategy and fitness.  

I went to Eastern Illinois tennis and played division 1 tennis there.  I also played 4 years of varsity tennis in high school.  My undergraduate degree is in education so I enjoy teaching students.  I also teach my three sons tennis regularly.  My oldest son is 9 years old and is a tournament level green dot player.  

If you purchase a package or 10 lessons you will get a 10% overall discount.  

I started playing in 8th grade when my then basketball coach asked me to try it out.  I tried it out and fell in love!

I work with students 10 and above of all levels.  I can be strict and results oriented so I will push you/your child to get better.  If you or your child is looking for a more relaxed less strict/structure based approach I am happy to provide recommendations.

Even though he lost; I loved last years Wimbledon final!  Go Federer!!!

Think about what you're looking to get out of it and try one lesson before paying for a package.  Some kids respond better to group lessons; some respond better to private lessons that aren't as stringent.  If you are looking to be the absolute best you can be, give me a try!  

What do you want to work on the most and why.  What are your weaknesses?  How can you better use your strengths during points to win more?

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