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Brian Cross



I have an extensive background in learning, a passion to help others and a welcoming personality that lets people be comfortable when learning new things. My goal in all of this is to watch a student master a craft and through that look at it as a tool and skill they will have forever. The importance of this is to help others accomplish their goals as quickly as possible. Money isn't everything, I take learning very seriously and when I see someone succeed that is truly the best feeling.

I love playing drums. Honestly, it's my favorite thing to do. When I am not working at my full-time job, I am writing and playing drums. I know how contagious that passion can be. So my favorite part about teaching them is knowing that I will pass that same passion on to my students and watch them fall in love with the music.


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Frequently asked questions

My goal is to make every student feel welcomed and comfortable with a new and exciting instrument.  Drums are just one of the instruments I play and they are by far my favorite. Once they understand how flexible they can be, it opens more doors than it closes.

First sessions are usually comprised of getting to know the student, find out about their interests, aspirations with their instrument (if there are any), and then an assessment of their talents preinstruction.

Lessons after initial meetings are separated into three 20 minute blocks. The first 20-minute block is made up of rudiments and warm-ups, the second is an implementation of a new skill or style, and third is application into music.  This allows the student to feel comfortable with new talent and shows them how they can apply to music they know and love. 

As time continues, the blocks can be shifted or combined to accompany the needs of the student.  If they need more help with their fundamentals the middle section of learning a new skill can be extended into the song section and vice versa.  

I have a degree in music business and have played music for going on 15 years.  During that time I have learned 6 instruments and worked with numerous artists.  I have played numerous genres from pop to metal, acoustic to fusion rock.

Outside of music, I have 4 years of summer camp counseling experience and I originally went to school for education.

I currently work at an event production company in the city as the manager of marketing. With that in mind, as a student grows and continues to thrive in their instrument, I can instruct or even help formulate marketing strategies for students looking to build websites or social media platforms to demonstrate their playing.

My lessons start at a 1-hour minimum and I charge $80 per hour. 

1 Hour - $80

2 Hour - $150

3 Hour - $200

If that rate is too high for your families budget, please contact me about pricing options.

I originally went to college for teaching.  I then moved my passions elsewhere towards music business after my first year.  In my spare time, I taught friends and family how to play instruments as they would begin to express interest in the subject. While working as a summer camp counselor I was in charge of coming up with group and personal activities with children.  It was there when I came up with group lessons with drum pads, carpets, and sticks.  It made it so practicing could function at a quiet volume but allow students to learn and accomplish basic rudiments in a group setting.  They were so successful I began to teach in my spare time on and off locally.

I have worked extensively with children 4-13.  However, I have taught a few teenagers and adults for short periods of time.

I recently was able to work a music festival in California with my company called Dirtybird Campout.  There we were setting up sound equipment for an EDM festival in the desert. It was a week long in my favorite state.  

Find someone who is willing to see what your goals are and work to accomplish them.  You might not like the music I like, but that is not the teacher's job.  My job is to take your interests and give you the tools to make those interests your reality.  Find someone who can see what you want to be, and help you grow into that player.

What are some of your favorite bands?

(If any) Who are your favorite drummers?

If there is something that challenges you or makes learning harder, what is it?  If there is something like that, have you come up with anything to get around it?

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