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Offers online services
Offers online services


Michelle Kei I., a soprano of Japanese and American heritage, "uses her strong dramatic soprano to slice through the orchestra" in a varied repertoire that encompasses Verismo to Broadway. Possessing a captivating stage presence and praised as "superb," "gifted," and a "constant breakaway from the rest of the vocal pack," she has entertained audiences on stages around the world. Those are the first two sentences of my professional biography. I thought I'd use them to get the ball rolling.

Ever since I can remember, I've always been a performer. I come from a very musical family. I was always singing! I sang at home, in church, in show-choir and musicals at school - basically anywhere I could find an audience! When I decided to go to college to study music, I chose the prestigious School of Music at Indiana University. I wanted to sing Broadway, but my father encouraged me to study classical singing first, so I'd have the foundation for a bulletproof technique that could endure a long and demanding career.

I'm so glad that he did! Who would have thought that I would learn to LOVE opera?!? It had everything that Broadway did, and so much more! Plus, I learned to fill a theater with the sound of my voice and soar over the orchestra WITHOUT A MICROPHONE!!!

Would you like to learn how to do that? I can show you how. Let me help you find your REAL VOICE!!!

What you can expect from me:

- I will provide a supportive and effective work environment. - I will make recommendations on repertoire based upon your goals.- I will provide you with an individualized regimen of study based upon your strengths and development, not a standardized format of study.

What I expect from you:

- Learn the musical selections we choose. Your lesson time should be used for improving your technique, not learning your music. - Leave your outside life at the door. It will be waiting for you when you leave. - Enjoy the process. Experiment. If it doesn't work, try something else. Take constructive criticism as an opportunity for improvement, not as a personal attack. - Commit yourself fully! Be engaged. The benefit you receive is equal to the work you put into the process.


Master of Music Indiana University; Jacobs School of Music

Institute for the International Education of Students; Study Abroad: Vienna, Austria

Bachelor of Music Indiana University; Jacobs School of Music


NATS (National Assoc. of Teachers of Singing)

AGMA (American Guild of Musical Artists)

SAI (Sigma Alpha Iota)

Each student that I teach brings me joy. To hear and watch them grow as an artist is inspiring and amazing.


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Offers online services

Payment methods

Cash, Check, Zelle


Musical styles

I can make recommendations, Classical, Jazz, Pop, Opera, Musical theater

Years experience

Student has no formal training, Student has no formal training; some self-taught experience, 0 – 2 years experience, 2 – 4 years experience, 4+ years of experience

Able to read music

Student can read music, Student cannot read music

Lesson length

30 minutes, 60 minutes

Student's age

5 – 10 years old, 11 – 13 years old, 14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old

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    Michelle provides specific vocal-training education that gives her students an advanced-level ability to read any sheet music and convert it into the requisite vocal performance. Also, excellent communications/contacts with students, and a wealth of educational materials to suit any style of music/voice.
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    February 19, 2020



    Ms. Michelle is a great vocal teacher! She teaches me how to pronounce words when singing, how to sing in different languages, how to sing louder, and how to sing more like an adult! She makes singing even more fun than it already is! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who likes singing! She has made me improve dramatically!
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    February 19, 2020



    Michelle and Robert are the most incredible pair I have ever met. They have such a passion for what they do and it really makes them shine. They believe in you and give 110% to help you grow and develop your voice to allow you achieve your maximum potential. Their lesson plans are customized uniquely to you so you can get the most of your time spent together, and the time you do spend together goes by so quickly! I have found stepping into each lesson very enjoyable and full of fun despite the milestones were striving for during each lesson. Despite the confidence I already had in my stage presence and acting abilities, Michelle and Robert have taught me to love and be proud of my voice (a whole other battle), and for that I can never thank them enough. I will always be grateful to have found them and remember the huge impact they have had on shaping my career.
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    February 19, 2020



    I am absolutely thrilled to be taking vocal lessons with Michelle. Her energy is infectious, and she is extremely dedicated to helping you improve your technique. I have only been at her studio for 3 months, and I can confidently say that my technique has improved by at least 35-40%. Of course, this has come with practicing at home and staying diligent too. Overall, if you stay determined and diligent with your practice, you will reap the benefits of Michelles teaching. I highly recommend taking vocal lessons with her!
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    February 19, 2020



    Michelle is amazing! Her dedication to her students success is impressive. In only a few lessons, we are able to hear a marked improvement in both sound as well as technique. We are so happy we found her and would highly recommend!
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    February 19, 2020



    Taking lessons with Michelle has been one of the best decisions Ive made thus far in preparation for my future in music and voice. Her methods of teaching has allowed me to feel extremely prepared for my future in music and future opportunities. Michelle has also heightened my abilities by teaching me new styles of technique when it comes to classical and broadway voice. I feel not only prepared for college but I also look forward to every lesson I have. She has really changed my outlook on voice and encouraged me to use my voice for future endeavors. As a high school student full of stress, voice really allows me to release the anxiety and have an hour or so of fun a week doing what I love most.
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    February 19, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    There is no "typical" process. Every student is different - with a different voice, temperament and learning style. I develop a personal program to suit each indiviual student that walks into my studio. 

    Master of Music; Indiana University, School of Music

    Study Abroad; Vienna, Austria Institute for the International Education of Students

    Bachelor of Music; Indiana University, School of Music

    $70 per hour

    $35 per 1/2 hour

    A parent approached me after I sang a concert at a church, asking if I would teach their daughter to sing like me.  I met with the young girl, and she inspired me to teach her because of her talent, dedication, maturity and personality.

    I have students ranging in age from 5 to 80 years old, male and female, learning to improve their voices to sing different types of music.   

    Annual Studio Recital for family and friends: Amazing to hear students honing their performance skills and inspiring each other to sing with joy and confidence. 


    Bi-monthly Student Volunteer Concert at the local retirement community: Love seeing our students sharing there musical gifts with those that are home-bound. 


    A Night out at the Opera: Cinema event.  We took our students to see a Metropolitan Opera performance at a local movie theater.

    Look for a teacher that can help you define and reach your ultimate goals? Do they have a good singing technique themselves? Are they effective communicators? Look for a teacher with credentials and extensive professional experience.

    What are your singing goals?

    Will this teacher inspire me and propel me towards reaching my goals?

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