Pure Raks Belly Dance With Jasmin Jahal

Pure Raks Belly Dance With Jasmin Jahal

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Professional private and group lessons in the art of classical oriental belly dance. Jasmin is a world renowned artist, has lived and worked globally performing and teaching on a full time basis, and is the leader of oriental dance training in the Chicago area. Check out her credentials on www.jasminjahal.com and see what Pure Raks belly dance classes are like at www.pureraks.com

I love seeing how my students' self esteem blossoms when they explore their femininity and find stress relief in a beautiful ancient art form. Every kind of woman, all ages and backgrounds, all sizes and nationalities, can be fit, sexy and classy.


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Angela C.

I love this studio. I have tried others, but none compare to Jasmins different class levels. Her choreography is GREAT and were always learning something new! Belly dance time is my time to decompress and escape from the daily grind. I LOVE IT.
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April 21, 2017

Kathi S.

Jasmin is patient, knowledgable, imaginative and encouraging. I have been studying with her for over 10 years. I learn something new at every session. I love learning from one of the best middle eastern dancers in the world.
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March 29, 2017

Lisa D.

Six years ago, I decided to take Classical Egyptian dance for fun. I became hooked! Jasmin Jahal is a world renowned dancer/instructor, and her choreography is nothing less than magic! I am so happy to be part of her troupe now, and enjoy the company of a wonderful and diverse group of ladies!
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March 29, 2017


I have taken dance lessons from Jasmin for a number of years. She is a untapped national treasure. Her knowledge of all facets of middle eastern dance is unparalleled. She is an excellent teacher with a great positive attitude. She is excellent at breaking down the steps for all students. Her choreography is beautiful, creative and appropriate to the level she is teaching so that every student can look their best. I cant speak highly enough of her.
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March 29, 2017

Barbara S.

Jasmin is a true expert in this art form. She breaks the steps down in an easy way to remember. Each session is unique with a different dance choreographed. You learn more than bellydance, as Jasmin will explain the history and culture of the moves and music. The classes are challenging but fun and energetic. A student since August 2015, I continue to come because the environment is always positive, encouraging, and you are amazed at the amount you learn in such a short time.
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March 29, 2017

Frequently asked questions

New students who have never tried belly dance before are encouraged to take the Beginner level classes. This level introduces the isolations needed to perform the movements well, a well rounded list of steps, an introduction to using a veil and playing finger cymbals. Within two 6-week sessions, the new dancer will be able to perform two routines and has built a strong foundation for more advanced dance steps and knowledge.

I started belly dancing in 1978 and mentored with two famous Middle Eastern choreographers. They taught me how to be a full time professional dancer, not a hobbyist. I have 4 decades of teaching experience and a life time of experience in dance performance. I am owner and operator of the only purely classical school of belly dance in the Chicago area. I am the founder of a unique dance certification program for teachers. I am one of the few American artists who has lived overseas and continues to perform and teach in Europe and in the Middle East.

Weekly classes are offered within a 6-week session. If you register for 5 classes, you get the 6th class free. Or, you can sign up for sincle classes. Private lessons are also available and the rate depends upon the frequency and length of the lessons, set up per individual.

I started teaching belly dance in 1983, after having studied for 5 years both with local dancers and with famous choreographers from Lebanon and Egypt. My first class was at a dance studio where I had been studying belly dance for several years, after the instructor moved to Europe. 

I have worked with all types of dancers, at all ages, from children through seniors. No other dance experience is necessary. You only need to bring your enthusiasm and curiousity to explore your femininity and have fun while getting a great workout that creates a beautiful hour glass shape.

I produce an annual belly dance event called Chicago Shimmyfest. It provides workshops in various topics and an opportunity for dancers to perform in professional theaters. This event has drawn dancers from all over the world, and puts belly dance in a respected, elegant venue to be enjoyed by all.

I would advise them to seek out a skilled instructor, one who really knows her stuff and has actual firsthand personal experience working as a professional performer and instructor. The teacher with many years experience has the most to offer students, because she has lived her passion. Also, look for an instructor who is proud of her own dance lineage and has successfully produced other professional dancers. Beware that just because someone looks good doesn't mean they are a good instructor! Take a class, ask other students in the class for their opinion, look up testimonials, check out the instructor's resume'.

Request a private time for a discussion, when both you and the instructor can focus on your specific needs. This may be a phone appointment or a scheduled in-person meeting. If you are clear about your needs, the instructor should be happy to work with you on them. Only then will you know if you and the instructor are a good match. Your needs should include your current level of dance experience and what your goals are.

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