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I hold certifications in Estill Voice Craft-a voice science-based approach to all styles of singing.

Have you ever wondered how the voice works? Why can we make a variety of sounds, both in singing and in speech? What about people who do cartoon voices? A very curious classical singer, named Jo Estill wondered about this, too. After many years of voice lessons no one could answer these questions, so she decided to start investigating for herself. She started with an x-ray of her larynx while singing different sound qualities. She discovered that the vocal instrument took on different positions for different qualities of tone. She thought about it and began to wonder if each component of the vocal instrument could be moved in isolation and she set forth to develop an approach to singing based on scientific principles. Thus started a 30+ year quest to discover a way to train the muscles of the larynx and mouth.

The study of Estill Voice Craft begins with learning the anatomy and physiology of the larynx, the mouth, pharynx, head, neck and torso. As you learn this, you will also explore the variety of positions each area can assume and how it effects the tone. These positions came to be called “Compulsory Figures For Voice Control.” Jo based her concept on how ice skaters and gymnasts must learn certain specific moves which are then grouped to create a routine.

In Level One, you learn to control the structures of the larynx, the vocal tract and the support structures, one at a time, in order to develop muscle memory and the ability to change postures at will. This is the Craft.

In Level Two, these elements of voice control are pieced together to form 6 different basic voice qualities: Speech/modal, falsetto, sob, nasal and oral twang, opera and belt. It takes time and lots of practice to become proficient in Estill Voice Craft but once you have it programmed into muscle memory, you have access to many different vocal styles and tone color. Then Artistry can begin and eventually, Performance Magic!!

I am also certified in Somatic Voicework (tm) The LoVetri Method for CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music.)

My acting experience also informs my teaching to help the student bring a song to life.

I continue to study voice pedagogy by attending workshops, taking online courses, etc.

Seeing my students progress, is my greatest joy.


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Katy P.

Working with Anne Cronvich was a delightful experience! I greatly enjoyed not just learning singing techniques from her, but also learning more about the vocal mechanism. Understanding vocal performance from multiple angles made for productive lessons and really helped me improve (and honestly helped make me aware of my current career path— speech pathology)! Anne is an encouraging teacher who is excellent at building rapport, balancing fun with work, and bringing a true understanding of the craft!
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February 18, 2020

Ferenc G.

I was with Anne for many years. Not only does she have a great ability for teaching technical aspects, but a real gift for bringing forth ones individuality to grow and apply that for a singer to express their core.
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February 18, 2020

Keeley B.

Anne inspired me to sing songs I didnt think I could handle, but with her helping me seeing and feeling how hard I could hold and push a note my voice felt alive and better than ever before!
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February 18, 2020

Andy C.

Anne Cronvich is a wonderful teacher. My voice has never been happier than when warmed up in her studio. Whether you need basic training, help rehearsing a certain piece or stretching your range she’s got you covered. The best part though is her warmth and positivity. She’s a nurturer! Andy C
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February 18, 2020

Amber D.

Anne is a fantastic instructor! She makes the lessons fun and is excellent at explaining what you need to do to improve. I highly recommend her!
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February 18, 2020

Barbara S.

Anne is a gifted vocalist and an even more talented instructor! She has great insight and intuition, and is very effective at explaining the mechanics of vocal technique in a manner that is easy to implement. Anne has a lovely way of being supportive and encouraging, and of easing the frustration of this perfectionist! The lessons are always so much fun!
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February 18, 2020

Frequently asked questions

I begin with an interview/audition/mini-lesson to assess the needs of the prospective student. We get a chance to test our compatibility at this mini-lesson. We also determine short and long term goals. Why do they want to study singing? Madrigals, School Musical, preparation for college auditions or auditions, in general?

Or just for fun!

Bachelor's Degree in Visual Performing Arts from UMBC

Graduate credits from Shenandoah Conservatory for Somatic Voicework (tm) the Lovetri Method

Graduate Credit through Westminster Choir College for workshops attended

Certification in Estill Voice Training

Training in Acting with Robert Epstein-Meisner Technique

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