Chris Darnelle (Swimming & Martial Arts:TaeKwonDo - Karate(TangSooDo))

Chris Darnelle (Swimming & Martial Arts:TaeKwonDo - Karate(TangSooDo))

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I have an high aptitude and humble mindset. I have loved martial arts, swimming, and other various activities that I do since I have been a child. I currently teach under my head instructor, but I'm willing to give you the same experience as the students I currently teach and all I ask is focus, attention, and effort and with time and patience. What you learn will grow and become part of your life forever as it has become for me.

Been in martial arts for 20 years now, 2nd degree Black Belt TaeKwonDo, 1st Degree Tang Soo Do, I have won many competitions, about 8 years of teaching and I'm a very young instructor.

Email me at [email protected]

Facebook is Chris Prodigy

Contact Number 313-701-5942.( please state who you are, give me details why you are calling and the purpose or your purpose for wanting to learn, also be respectful with an attitude willing to learn.)

Well, I mean I want to provide and give a life experience that the students won't forget and always remember. When they grow, I grow along with them. When they are enthusiastic and are into what they are learning and they are seeing results for themselves. It drives me to be a better teacher I can for them and to help them get to that next level.


Hired 7 times
1 employee
3 years in business
Serves Hamtramck , MI

Payment methods

Credit Card, Cash, Venmo, Paypal, Google Pay, Zelle


Student's age

Under 5 years old, 5 – 10 years old, 11 – 13 years old, 14 – 18 years old, 19 – 25 years old, 26 – 45 years old, 46 – 65 years old, Over 65 years old

Disciplines interested in

I can make a recommendation, Karate, Taekwondo

Experience level

No experience, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


For self defense, Building strength and confidence, Developing discipline, Improving physical health

Class type

Private training, Group classes

Number of students

1 person, 2 people, 3 - 4 people, 5 or more people

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    Kathy M.

    I needed to train for a triathlon.
    One mile swim. I trained with Chris 2 days a week and I was ready for the race. I came in 3rd place at Escape the Cape triathlon.
    Chris got me swim ready with challenging workouts in the pool, excellent coaching tips, gave me the tools I needed to swim freestyle efficiently. I became faster, stronger and my endurance was amazing after weeks of training.
    I highly recommend Chris for your swimming lessons no matter what level you are.
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    June 27, 2023
    Hired on Lessons


    Yebin C.

    Been working with Chris for about 6months now since last Nov. Hes patient and great at teaching. He is flexible in schedueling so Ive never had any issue with getting my lessons done in my crazy schedule. Definitely recommend him!
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    June 25, 2023


    Chanette S.

    He is very patient and understanding.
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    May 14, 2022
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    Leslie B.

    He was very informative
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    October 26, 2021
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    Frequently asked questions

    Every student is different and learns differently ar their own pace, skill, comprehension, and capabilities. So, it is a varied answer depending on the degree of understanding and results based on the student.


    3rd degree Black Belt

    Very proficient understanding 



    Self-Defense/Competition Sparring/Forms are my specialty

    Mutiple trophies I have won

    15 years in this art

    Tang Soo Do:

    Korean Karate

    1st Degree black belt

    Sparring/Forms/ Self-Defense are my specialty

    Mutiple trophies

      18 years in this particular art form

    Proficient and knowledgeable


    20 years of experience

    Level 5 trained swimmer

    Know All Strokes

    Very proficient in knowledge and skill in the water

    Varsity Swim Team in high school, DeLaSalle

    Recreational swim club competitions

    Yes, but I understand people have things in their life they go through. So I will try my best to accomodate everyone at a fair rate. Just don't try to take advantage of my understanding.

    Through my instructors

    All students from little kids, to teenagers, to adults, boys and girls, and the handicapped.

    Can't really name none right now

    Ask as many questions as you can and see what is their philosophy of teaching and how that translates and supposed to build and grow on a student during the whole learning process. Ask as well, why are they passionate themselves about what they do.

    That is a broad question which varies.

    But, the most important question a student should ask is what are they trying to gain or benefit from a particular activity.

    Are they doing and wanting to learn for the right reasons or differently.

    Be honest with yourself because any high intensity activity requires dedication, heart, the will, and ambition to learn and grow with it so it becomes second nature. It is meant to be challenging and not easy.

    If you think it's meant to be easy it's not for you. At the end of the day it's not really about the money, but you have to know that you want it. Otherwise you are wasting your time as well as the instructor, expert, teacher, etc.

    Food for thought

    Services offered

    Mixed Martial Arts