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We teach Okinawan Self Defense (Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Jutsu/Kobu Jutsu)along with classical weapons of Okinawa and Japan as well as Yang Style Tai Chi and Chi Kung/White Crane.


There are no contracts to sign. 

Membership/Enrollment is based on a monthly fee.  No hidden or extra feed/programs.   

Family discounts are available.


The School is a result of a vision that Sensei Cianelli has had over 30 years of martial arts training in both Japanese/Okinawan and Chinese styles of martial arts.  Tsuru Ki Go Ju Ryu has its roots in Okinawan GoJu Ryu with a major influence of Fukien White Crane (Chi Kung).  Sensei Cianelli teaches the principles of Life Protection and enhances the art by providing insights into the root of the style by incorporating the principles of White Crane. 

Sensei Cianelli has had the unique opportunity to train in both Okinawa and Taiwan so he brings a unique prospective and insight into the styles and the application of techniques.


Our school is focused on promoting life protection (self-defense) skills thru the study of old style (classical) teachings of Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate Jutsu/Kobu-Jutsu as taught by Hokama Tetsuhiro (Hanshi) of Okinawa and passed on by Luis Morales (Hanshi) in North America.

We teach a complete system for those serious in studying life protection (not sport Martial Arts).  We work with students to realize the benefits of old style training and classical practices, which include’s:

Yobi Undo - warmups 

Hojo Undo - strength training 

Kakie - push hands

Kata (Pre arranged patterns used to understand concepts and develop self defense)

        Bunkai Oyo (Combat Applications Analysis and Principles)

Martial Science
    Atemi-jutsu (Striking Art, proper angles, Kyusho)
    Nage & Shime Waza (Throwing and Choking techniques)
    Tuidi-jutsu (Grab, seizing hand art)
     Kyusho-jutsu (Vital points art)

Kobudo (Classical weapons training) 

and much More!

Our classes are held on

Monday 6:30pm to 8pm

Tuesday 6pm to 7pm/7pm to 8pm

Thursday 6pm to 7pm/7pm to 8pm

Saturday 10am to 11am

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  • Evelyn Babini

    When my husband and I were looking for a school to join up with and learn the art of the Japanese sword, he called several places before actually wanting to visit any school in person which ended up being Cianelli, Sensei's school. He welcomed us when we walked in and was open and polite and genuinely friendly. He was both down to earth and knowledgeable and well as having humility. He answered our questions and we liked what we saw. My husband joined the class and Cianelli, Sensei always encouraged me to join as well. After some time and seeing more of what the class was about, I joined as well. I will always remember how much I felt welcome and that Cianelli, Sensei is genuine.

  • Steve Phillips

    I have been involved in martial arts since 1977. Knew Master Cianelli as a brown belt training for 1st Dan. He has always had determination integrity passion respect loyalty towards his teachers and the arts. He has evolved into a great man. His dojo has tradition, integrity, and is a family unit. After being absent from my GoJu family for many years I chose to come home to my GoJu brother. - Amy P. Awesome instructor who teaches quality martial arts! He truly cares about the growth of the student.

  • Scott Sileo

    I've trained alongside Master Cianelli for 7 years, and would be hard pressed to find a more dedicated martial artist and teacher. There are no shortcuts, and you will receive nothing less than a genuine and legitimate education of technique, application, history, and tradition. His name and reputation in the MA community are without reproach. Having been involved in the martial arts for 29 years, I can truly say I've spent time with some of the best around. Steve is no exception.

  • Mike Sian

    I have been a student of the martial since age 11. When we attended a class at Tsuru Ki I already held a 3rd Dan in Kenpo, Advanced Krav Instructor Certificate and a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Hunter and I were looking for a school to train in that fit our personalities, was open to new students (some school aren't very friendly), and focused on training instead of promotions. We found absolutely everything we were looking for with Master Cianelli. The connection to tradition, the unwavering commitment to good, solid training over promotions, and a new martial arts family. I gladly donned a white belt again and began training under Sensei! Even though we now live in North Dakota and have started a club out here, our home will always be with Tsuru Ki and our 'extended' family out East. I am very proud to be among the very few promoted as an instructor by Master Cianelli and given the right to teach under his name. Incredible instructor, committed to solid training with a connection to tradition that doesn't prohibit new ideas and concepts. Highly recommend this school!

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What is your typical process for working with a new student?

All prospective new students receive a free class. New students receive a first level training manual and basics orientation of the exercises and techinques they will need to know.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

Continuous training in the martial arts under certifeid instructors for over 30 years.  Shihan/Master level certification in both Okinawan Goju Ryu and Chi Kung White Crane.  Appointed as the techicnal Director of the Tiger Family Iaido Association

Do you have a standard pricing system for your lessons? If so, please share the details here.

There are no contracts to sign. 

Membership/Enrollment is based on monthly fees. 

Family discounts are available.

How did you get started teaching?

Teaching was a direct offshoot of the many years spent training in the martial arts.  It is my way of giving back to the next generation of martial artists.

What types of students have you worked with?

Children from ages 5 and up

Adults ages 18-70.  We have some students in thier 50's, 60's and 70's.

We have also worked with special needs childrens

What advice would you give a student looking to hire a teacher in your area of expertise?

Don't be fooled into someone telling you you can learn self defense in one day with a few "techniques".   Self defense is learned by understanding concepts and repetitive practice and feedback.  Knowledge/understanding of concepts will allow to develop many techniques you can use for self defense based on many different situations. 

Do your research and vet out the instructor.  Don't be impressed by grand claims, awards and certificates.  Ask questions about who they studied under, do they still train under thier instructor on a consistent basis (continuing education).

If a free class is offered, take it. If one is not offered ask to try out the class. 

What questions should students think through before talking to teachers about their needs?

What are you goals/expectations?

Do you have any injuries or physical limitations and how will that impact my training?