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Hi! I’m Katti Powell and I’ve been helping singers tap into their most powerful singing voice and ditch vocal rest and voice loss permanently for nearly 20 years. I’m immensely passionate about vocal health and I’d love to share with you my arsenal of tools for staying healthy while maintaining the style you want. My goal is to make sure you never lose your voice again.

Sing Without Limits is built for the professional struggling with endurance while performing eight shows a week, for the singer worried about losing income because her voice is on strike, or for the singer who spends the day after a gig on vocal rest recuperating for her next gig. I’ve been there, so I know how frustrating this can be and I know how to help you get unstuck from this mess FOR GOOD. I also get that you may be traveling a lot, juggling multiple jobs, or working weird hours, so that’s why my studio is online. It’s made for you, your schedule, and your career. I’d love to chat with you about how I can help you make your voice unstoppable!

Read about the successes of some of my clients, get some free resources, and set up a free Strategy Session with me by visiting my website:

To me, there is nothing better in this world than watching a singer achieve things with her voice that she never thought possible and knowing I helped her to do that. I enjoy feeling part of the accomplishments of my clients - of helping them reach the goals they set for themselves. I enjoy helping singers discover just how talented they truly are. I recently helped a singer who survived a motorcycle accident, a coma, and partial paralysis to her vocal cords to sing again. I bring game-changing techniques to my clients and that is what I enjoy the most about my work.

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  • Mindy L.

    Katti is an excellent vocal coach! She helped me find confidence in myself and my voice, as well as the technique lessons to support it! I recommend her vocal academy to anyone looking to improve their singing career!

  • Julie Rhodes

    Katti’s coaching has been an integral part of my theater career in the DFW area for the past seven years. I credit her amazing, comprehensive services with every success I’ve had. Highly recommend Katti to anyone serious about meeting their goals.

  • Stephen Anderson

    This lady gives advice with no BS, and does everything in her power to instill confidence in what you do. She’s perfect for competition prep, getting ready for auditions, or just overall needing sound advice on how to make your singing and stage presence stand out amongst your peers. It’s a rare combination of spot on critiquing and friendliness that I haven’t found in other coaches.

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What is your typical process for working with a new student?

I typically start students off with my 8-week Vocal Intensive which is a powerful opportunity to gain the lifetime benefit of skills to prevent voice loss and vocal damage while maintaining incredible style. In this program, singers will work with me one-on-one to:

-Gain the lifetime benefit of singing POWERFULLY as long and as loud as you want

-Say goodbye forever to the hoarseness/vocal rest cycle and feeling pain or strain.

-Access the full capacity of your vocal range and be able to conquer any song you want.

-Learn to sing high notes just as easily as you say your own name. 

-Build muscle memory with these new skills so you can concentrate on your style and on connecting to your audience.

-Gain powerful tools to help you crush the limiting beliefs that have gotten a hold of you and make a plan to achieve your ultimate vision.

-Say goodbye forever to worrying about whether or not your voice will be there for you when you go for your big note.

-Wake up feeling confident and energized after a gig instead of needing to spend another day not speaking.

-Enjoy performing again – to look forward to the fun parts of singing again.

Once a singer has completed this intensive, they are able to start a coaching relationship if they choose. At that point, I help singers with things like customized audition prep, booking gigs, major performances, competitions, and other needs. 

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

I started out as a performer and I’ve sung my whole life. I used to have this nickname… It was, “Cords of Steel” because I could sing so high, so loud, so low, so powerfully, so emotionally – as long as I wanted – and  felt strong as ever after I finished. Plus, I could sing anything – opera one minute, classic rock the next, maybe a 90s power ballad – it didn’t matter the genre, I still sang with Cords of Steel and finished just as strong as I started, every time.

And then one day, while I was the lead vocalist on a cruise ship on the other side of the world in Tahiti, my Cords of Steel started to disappear; I started to feel my voice going away day by day until one morning I awoke and there was nothing there at all. The doctor on board the ship put a scope down my throat and told me the scariest news of my life – I had developed polyps on my vocal cords.

I was terrified of losing my job, and even more terrified of losing my voice – permanently. I wasn’t sleeping, I wasn’t eating, and I wasn’t able to get through a 90-minute show without pain. My voice was my moneymaker – my everything – but ending my contract meant buying my own plane ticket home… from Tahiti, buying the plane ticket for my replacement, and buying out the last few months of my contract. It also meant burning a bridge with this company that thought the world of me and missing out on any future job opportunities with them.

But I knew the only chance I had of working in this industry again was to heal my voice, so I booked a flight home and put myself on vocal rest. I couldn’t afford a voice dr. so I embarked on a journey to figure out a) how I got myself into this mess, and b) how to avoid ever going back there again. Within a year of rest, research, and lots of changes, my Cords of Steel returned and I was back in the game.

17 years later, I can still sing any song from any genre without feeling the tiniest bit of pain or fatigue. I can sing as loud and as long as I want without any consequences whatsoever. Because of my own success in healing my voice for good, I made a commitment to the universe that I would spend the rest of my life showing singers how to develop their own Cords of Steel so they could permanently avoid hoarseness and vocal rest, and 100% of my singers experience the same results as I have.

I went to Millikin University and am a graduate of NYC's Circle in the Square Theatre School.