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The Vocal Doctor

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I turn the average person into singers and artist. I also do artist development. I can teach anyone to sing in a very short time! Breathing,character,diaphragm etc. There is nothing wrong with your ear. I teach you to use your diaphragm to sing to the top of the note, train to push to your notes!

Teaching something that someone never visioned themselves actually doing it!

Seeing the smile on a singers face after realizing that they have just done something that they never thought they could achieve

Hearing the growth in singers

Watching the singers achieve goals auditions,broadway,record deals. tv shows etc.


32 years in business
Serves Brooklyn , NY
Offers online services

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    Kalycia B.

    There are so many trainers out there, actually I was so afraid to choose a trainer because I had so many trainers prior to Terry Taylor and I was still stuck in my music career. I just wasnt moving forward. After the first class with Terry I gained so much practical knowledge, that I started to feel very confident in myself as a singer...Terry Taylor is so great he was born to teach voice .... after 2 classes with Terry I started getting so many compliments about my voice. After 2 months in his class I am still growing, because I have attracted top-notch musicians that are playing in a band with me in only 2 months its such an amazing and wonderful feeling. My goal is to be the best vocalist I can be and be signed with a label..omg its going to happen because I have the best trainer ever Terry Taylor!!! Terry Taylor will make you a star! Try him, you have so much to gain and nothing to lose....You are worth it! I am Kalycia future superstar....❤️
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    August 25, 2020



    I was taught how to maximize my ability to sing my very first lesson! Effective, strategic expertise, professional & fun. Jachari Vocal Technique strengthened my vocals, built my confidence, and remains a powerful tool I use day to day,
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    June 11, 2019


    Big I.

    His ability to teach my artist breathing technics & the significance of practicing singing to the scales of the piano every morning.
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    June 11, 2019


    Shawnda F.

    I am currently a student, and whether you’ve been singing all of your life or this is just a new interest, Jachari’s Vocal will truly exceed all expectations. He uses his God given talent, experience, and knowledge that you won’t find in any book or any other avenues of vocal training. He will guide you with his proven techniques to uncover your voice, but in a way that’s tailored made and most beneficial to you. He is by far the most patient, encouraging and funniest teacher I have ever encountered. It’s only been a few weeks and my voice has been completely transformed. I highly recommend his services.
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    May 14, 2019


    Richard W.

    I liked the fact that when working with Jachari Vocal techniques it was really simple, just learning to breath right and using my diaphragm the correct way solved problems that other instructors never explained..the techniques used have taught me ways to use my vocals that I have never done before... I highly recommend...
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    May 09, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    1.Explaining what you are about to learn. Why you need to breathe and how to use your diaphragm and how to actually position the throat for singing, while subliminitly erasing their shyness of singing! as well as artist development!

    2.Vocal traing then voice lessons. 

    Vocal training = learning the technique of singing how to positon the throat, how to breathe and how to use the diaphragm

    3.Voice lessons = training in using note, working on your characters, when to breathe and where in a song, how to sing falsetto, how to project your notes etc. 

    Professional touring and singing the duets with the celebrity around the world, singing on the celebrities albums

    Celine Dion - SONY RECORDS

    Angie Stone - J records (clive davis)

    Mantronix - Capitol Records

    Grandmaster Flash -  Motown/Universal Records, Atlantic Records Sugarhill Records

    Vertical Hold - Capitol Records

    Whodini - MCA Records

    Debulah Morgan -  Motown/Universal Records, Atlantic Records

    CAT (Catherine Glover) (Prince artist) -Warner Bros. Records

    Mica Paris - 4th & B'way, Island, Chrysalis Records

    Contact for more info:

    1. Studio class rm.

    2. Artist Rehersals

    3. choir rehersals

    4. Online Skype classes

    5. Online Google Hangout classes

    6.Travel anywhere to you! (travel cost paid by client)

    1. All genres

    Make sure the teacher understands your goals and have the expertise to assist you! ask about the techniques used in teaching you!

    1. What they'd like to achieve

    2. making sure they are mentally ready

    3. how long are they looking to train


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