Tennis & Tai Chi Go Together

Tennis & Tai Chi Go Together

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You watch Roger Federer play, He is Tai Chi in motion, Perfect harmony and balance. Fluid movements. 

It's me playing Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

I teach both. Tennis and Tai Chi. They complement each other in perfect harmony.

Tennis is a physical chess game. You have a game plan. You must be in shape or tennis will hurt you.  Besides physical conditioning and knowing good techniques, you must have great strategy. After getting proper strokes, you must learn to relax under pressure and execute the right strategy to force errors from your opponent.  You will only hit 20% outright winners.  So if you want to learn how to play physical chess on the tennis court, I am the one to turn to. I teach, play, go to the gym just to enjoy the game of tennis for over 40 years. I also believe that a child with good athletic abilities can get a full college scholarship if taught properly. There are 3 college divisions.  

Besides tennis, I teach Yang style Tai Chi.  Tai Chi is a journey that combines the soft and hard to bring harmony to oneself and it will improve your tennis game.  Tai Chi is not a dance. It is a fighting martial art that has major health benefits. If you only learn the forms without the Inner Chi, which is your life force, you have wasted your time. Push hands is how you train your Inner Chi. You train to deflect the other's attack while redirecting that force in such a way as to disrupt their connection to the earth. By combinging your Inner Chi with how to move it around your body, you will have better harmony and better health. Ask yourself, Do you have the physical time to devote to learning Tai Chi. It is a life time practice. Tai Chi will improve your balance, coordination, health and ability to defend yourself. People who take Tai Chi seriously will have a greater quality of life as they tackle life's issues. It takes time to develop and move your Inner Chi. Tai Chi will help you cope with many physical aliments you may encounter during your life time such as: stress, fibromyalgia, balance issues, alievates pain, lost of flexibility. Your tennis will also improve as a result of practicing Tai Chi. You will be more calm, more patience, able to move to the ball quickly and be relaxed when you strike.

Seeing the light turn on in their eyes as they understand the concepts of Tai Chi and Tennis and it blends well together.  The students playing better, beating their opponents easily because they can now implement game winning strategies. Been playing over 40 years, taken many lessons over the years. Gone to tennis camps.  Alot of people will emphasis techniques. Some will give strategy. It is rare that a person will be able to give technique, strategy, physical training, dietary requirements that comes from actual playing experience.   Tennis is a life long sport. You play to your abilities, implementing your strategy, Win or Lose, its in your hands. To outwit, outplay, outlast your opponent on the court. Tai Chi can be done anywhere you have time and space. Tai Chi is a life long journey seeking harmony and balance between the Yin and Yang.

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  • JZ

    Vincent is very patient and knowledgeable. He will custom the drills for you according to your goals and skill level. He is a coach who really cares about improving your game and wants to see you reach your goal.

  • Zarina Vasina

    If you are looking for inspiration to start or get better at your game Vincent is a great coach. At each lesson Vincent patiently shares his experience, gives tips not only at the lessons drills but shares insights on how to get fit and prepare yourself for the real game. I was a total beginner when I started tennis lessons with Vincent and just a month later I feel a lot more confident. I highly recommend Vincent!

  • Hossein

    He always has a plan for the one-hour session, and it is not like the previous session, but something new and exciting.

  • Susan Luken

    Vincent is very very patient, which is what I need! He stresses the basics, and still gives you some insights into strategy. And the lessons are fun.

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What is your typical process for working with a new student?

I like to have a open conversation with the person and see what they want to improve. Find out what type of player they are or aspire to be. I want to make sure we are a good fit. By building trust and friendship, we will be able to play a few games to determine what they are doing correctly and how we can work together to improve their skill sets. 

Any one can learn tai chi. I will ask the student what they want to focus on, forms, application,  health benefits, self defense, and then I will tailor the lessons to suit their needs.

What education and/or training do you have that relates to your work?

Started in high school playing.  Played with wooden racquets. Learned technique.  Watched McEnroe, Borg, Lendl,  Sampras, Agassi, Federer, Nadal, Djokovic. Watching to learn and adapt. Playing singles & doubles. Took tennis vacations. Private tennis lessons. Worked on specific tennis exercises.  Injuries to arm, foot, back. Physical therapy to overcome those injuries. Started teaching youth and then adults.  

I have studied Tai Chi over 15 years. Studied under 3 masters. My current Sifu master is from China and is the Yang style. His style is for self protection during a street fight. Health benefits will become apparent as your body and mind becomes one. Your breathing and inner energy flows together.

Incorporating Tai Chi into tennis. When you look at Roger Federer, he is Tai Chi in motion.  Very balanced and fluid. Tai Chi will help you achieve balance and conserve energy.  

Do you have a standard pricing system for your lessons? If so, please share the details here.

Tennis $50 per hour outdoors.  Winter indoors $70 per hour.  Cash only please.

Tai Chi is $50 per hour.  You come to me in Arlington. We practice in a gym room / in the park. You get one on one instruction.

Cancellation: If you cancel the day of your lesson, I charge half the cost of the lesson. If you cancel and I am already either at the court or gym, I charge you the full cost of the lesson. Cancelling 24 hours before your lesson is no charge.

How did you get started teaching?

People saw me hitting with others & just asked if I was accepting students. I encourage others to play better so alot of folks liked that.

People saw me doing the Tai Chi forms and wanted to learn how they could move gracefully and balanced.

What types of students have you worked with?

Tennis ultra beginners from 1.0 to 4.5 students. If you have the desire to play & are willing to get physically fit, you can be on the court.

All levels of fitness have gotten into Tai Chi. So it does not matter how fit you are, As long as your mind is active and can follow concepts, you will be able to learn Tai Chi. I have had people tell me they took Tai Chi & in reality, did not learn anything, so I have truly had beginners who knew some forms but did not learn the internals of chi qong, push hands, self defense applications.

Describe a recent event you are fond of.

Getting someone to a physical state where he could hit the tennis ball without thinking how to hit it. Once your brain / body is auto pilot during tennis, you are in the ZONE.

For tai chi, being about to get the student to feel their inner energy move around their body is quite exciting for them. When your energy flows through your body & you can feel it, it is an awesome experience.

What advice would you give a student looking to hire a teacher in your area of expertise?

Look for someone who understands you, your game, what do you want to improve on. Make sure your personalities are in sync. Are you willing to do the work to improve. Having a lesson once a week without putting in the homework to improve physically, mentally, and game wise, you will not get better.

For Tai Chi, you must have someone teach Qi Qong and Tai Chi together. You want someone to help you strengthen your internal organs: brain, heart, liver, lungs, spleem. Someone who knows application, theory, internal energy, not just the form movements. They go hand in hand. Without all the above, you are wasting your time & money.

Are you having fun? Do you enjoy the lessons. Are you happy going there? Is the instructor helping you grow in your knowledge and do you feel the growth in your own abilities.

What questions should students think through before talking to teachers about their needs?

Do you have the desire to improve? What areas do you think you need to work on to improve yourself. Do you have the physical time to allocate to getting better. Can you do specific exercises to strengthen your body. Can you commit to this activity for a long period of time to improve yourself.