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I am an acting coach, writer, director, and producer based in New York and have been teaching acting for both kids and adults for seven years now through UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization). I have been awarded the International Civilization Award of Alexander the Great for my contribution in culture, as well as four medals in the categories of Best Monologue, Cold Reading, Singing, and Dancing at the International Talent Competition IMTA, in New York. Also, I am very excited that my last production FAUX-BIA! The Musical which was recently presented at Carnegie Hall with a cast of 30 performers has been awarded the BEST MUSICAL AWARD 2018 by UNESCO for Piraeus & Islands. In my work as an acting teacher/coach I eventually use Stanislavsky's acting method, but before reaching that point I have organized a practical step by step technique to which my students respond very effectively. I want to help them explore the acting experience through an exciting course designed according to their personality, age, and personal needs. When there is no specific audition/performance date, I traditionally focus on selected modern and classical pieces that are suitable for acting, projection, different emotions, speech, voice, theatrical staging, and more intimate camera training. I believe in building a relationship based on trust with my students, so that they can feel safe to discover their abilities and build confidence for the stage and life. Although there is hard work involved I give priority to having fun during the learning-training period, because I consider it a strong motivation that always pays back in creativity. Furthermore, I always teach my students important auditioning skills that will help them immediately win impressions and be super effective and easy to collaborate with agents and casting directors.

It’s my principle to never charge the first lesson, giving my students the opportunity to test the chemistry and see if my teaching system works for them!


I face acting as a wonderful, full life-changing experience. My teachers use to say "is there anything that an actor should not know?" Projecting words and emotions, communicating with large audiences, moving in space, dancing, singing, persuading, analyzing characters and relationships, doing a lot of PR work, and so much more. We study human behavior in depth. Every student I have is a different ‘instrument’; he or she comes with their own personality, experiences, traumas, skills and goals, and I enjoy the challenge of putting it all together through a deep process of self-knowledge. I always see that when my students find what they want to do as actors and become good at that, it’s because they have found who they are and thus the more in accordance they are with themselves the more they get cast, and that is very fulfilling for the teacher too.

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    My Sam was never an outgoing kid. He took some acting classes two years ago as a freshman in high school, but he never talked about them, so we thought he wasn’t into it! Then he started changing hobbies almost every month. Saxophone, piano, painting, etc. We never objected to any of them because we wanted him to find his talent and his calling. When he said something about acting lessons again, we thought, ok, whatever. Then, Angelika came into our lives, and the last 8 months he has been working with her he’s been so focused on his acting. We still don’t get how she’s doing it! He has transformed into an outgoing guy, who is actually a very good acting student. She somehow unlocked his potential, and made him more in touch with his emotions, not only as an actor, but as a person. He is much better at expressing himself in every way! He starts up conversations about Ancient Greek drama and philosophers who inspire him; it’s all been very surprising to us. He just took part in the school play, and we were so amused at how professionally he responded to his role, and how good he was! Angelika’s experience and character are the explanation for this transformation. We are so proud of him. Sam is now seriously thinking about becoming an actor and wants to get his BFA. With Angelika by his side, bringing out the best in him and teaching him how to be a professional, we believe he is going to be great!!!
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    January 21, 2019

    Michael C.

    Ms. Sandora brought a world-class educational experience for my son who was auditioning for acting programs in NYC. She pushed him to be better than he ever was and made sure he was the absolute best at his craft. In addition to her thorough process, she incorporates current affairs, history, and philosophy in her approach to make sure he had a well-rounded experience and make better choices in his acting. She also taught him about the industry and what it means to be professional in such a competitive world. It was the extra mile that most acting teachers dont go that I really appreciate in Ms. Sandora. She is extremely intelligent, very fun, and made the process of learning his monologues something he really looked forward to every week. And he got into his first pick, which is the best part. I highly recommend her.
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    January 20, 2019

    Philip A.

    Angelica is simply the best!
    I started with her about two years ago and in those two years my abilities and technic were so improved I cant even describe. Not to mention my career... Musicals, voiceover, Off-Broadway plays and commercials... She introduced me to so many producer and agencies and I couldnt be busier or happier! Angelica you deserve so much more than a simple review! I love you and i cant thank her enough!!! You are my career Angel!
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    December 29, 2018

    Sophia K.

    OMG!!!! I dont know where to start!!!
    Angelica is THE BEST!!! She helped me so much with my part... I got this amazing review for my performance and I need to praise her for this... I owe it all to her! Not only as my teacher, but as a person too. She is devoted, and made me feel comfortable right away. Friendly but also determined she managed to orchestrate my technique and my acting in general. She has this amazing way of making you learn and remember your lines. Its a combination that I simply cant explain in just a few lines. All I can say is I could never find a better theater teacher than Angelica!
    She deserves not only 5... but 100 STARS!!!!!
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    December 28, 2018


    Angelika Sandora- Best acting teacher in the world :)))
    I was familiar with Angelicas work -I knew she was an actress and a director-, but I did not have any personal contact with her until a few months ago, when she was referred to me by Philip, a good friend of mine, who’s working mostly in Broadway shows (as an actor & a singer), and have had her as his acting teacher for quite some time. As an actress myself, I was looking for an theater teacher to prepare me for my auditions. At first I was a little skeptical, only because I was dealing with some financial difficulties back then, but I could see Philips progress in all his performances, and I knew I had to go to Angelica for lessons. After I met her in person, I saw right away what a multi-talented and unique person she is. I was really impressed by her aura, talent and upbeat personality!!! Not to mention, her technique (especially “Meisner technique” which was always a huge challenge for me), her knowledge and her amazing way of helping you get out of your conference zone and get in character every single time!!! Thanks to Angelica, my friend Philip, recently got his “big break” in a Hollywood production and I am thrilled because Ive got the musical part I auditioned for! All thanks to Angelica! Plus, she introduced me to several Broadway producers, and casting directors and by using her connections I was able to finally get a contract with an agent!!!
    As we all know, in this industry you HAVE to have the right connections to succeed… Angelica is not only an incredible teacher but she can definitely get you to the right people!
    Angelica THANK YOU for everything! Xoxo
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    December 27, 2018

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