Stanislavsky Method Acting

Stanislavsky Method Acting

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Offers online services


I have graduated Moscow Art Theater School which is one of the best acting schools in the world. Where Stanislavsky created his method and then the famous theater as well. I have been acting for more than 12 years. My acting approach is authenticity meets professionalism. No pretending. I want my students to do it and learn how to actually become the character and experience a true joy of being that other person for a fraction of time.

There is nothing more pleasurable than to see your students succeed. I think I possess the knowledge, experience and talent to teach the other person how to be an authentic actor. An actor who doesn't pretend but actually feels and make other people experience emotions with him.


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Kate I.

Sandra is a wonderful acting coach and is a very big help with finding and preparing monologues and much more. She puts you first and really takes her time to make sure you are happy with the end result. With her help I was able to get into my first high school choice, Fiorello H. LaGuardia. She helped me find monologues, work on them, prepare my audition, and over all is an amazing teacher.
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August 31, 2017

Frequently asked questions

It all depends on the student's needs. If he or she is preparing for an audition then we would start working on the appropriate material. If the student has never acted before I would use the method thought in my acting school.

I have graduated famous Moscow Art Theater School. That was initiated by Stanislavsky who created the acting method who was brought to America by Strassberg, Stella Adler and Sanford Meisner. 

I also was trained in Meisner Technique.

I started teaching children of the ages of 12 and 15. Prepping them for their auditions into art schools.

all types. from 12 to 37

Education, education, education!!!!!! Having an experience in acting it's not enough. The coach should have a proper academic education. Acting is a profession for a reason it is full of nuances.

They should understand what exactly do they want to achieve. They have to have a goal. Like prepping for an audition, or developing an existing role, or just getting better with understanding the profession and seeing if that's what they want to pursue. I think that there should be a certain goal even if you are doing it as a hobby like: auditioning for the first time. Or learning and filming a scene or monologue. 

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