Beginner Voice With Ashlyn C

Beginner Voice With Ashlyn C

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Offers online services


I teach young students who want to learn how to become better singers! I teach posture, diction, theory, tone, and more! I have been singing since I was 4 years old and some of my accomplishments include being 1st chair All Region Choir, singing the national anthem at sporting events and performing as leads in many musicals.

I love helping young singers find their voice! I also love helping and mentoring students through phases of auditions and performances! My favorite part of coaching singing is when a student is having fun when they are singing and you can hear it in their voice!


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Ashlyn is very understanding when you have to cancel or cant make a lesson. She is an amazing teacher who is very kind, mature, and respectful. I 100% recommend Ashlyn to teach your kiddos.
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March 19, 2022

Frequently asked questions

I like to start with finding vocal range and learning personal information about the student. Learning info about a student can really help the teaching process! For example, if the singer loves to swim, I can later explan that they need to take a big breath before they sing like the would before they dive in the water!

Then, I like to hear some songs they have learned in the past (if any) and even try to prefect one of those! 

I also like to start from the basics! It is never a waste of time to go back and learn/review some older topics!

I have taken voice and piano lessons for 10 years and I have played flute for 3 years. I have many appointments and awards u see my belt such as ranking #1 Soprano 1 in my region. As well as making the Region Choir 2 years in a row! I also have been selected to sing the national anthem at a Rough Riders game later this year! 

My prices vary but generally are like the ones below. 

First time Lesson- $15 (20-30 minutes) 

Regular Lessons-

$60- 4 lessons (20 minutes) 

$70- 4 lessons (30 minutes)

$90- 4 lessons (45 minutes)

$120- 4 lessons (1 hour+ 5 minute break!)

I started working with people that I babysit over the years and I also worked with friends who needed help with auditions or performances. I then transformed to more official lessons which I enjoy so much!

I work with people from ages 4+ (and some mature and advanced 3 year olds). All genders, ages, special needs, etc. 

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