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I was born in Estonia and began my musical studies at the Georg Ots Tallinn Music High School, studying guitar with the noted Estonian guitarist Tiit Peterson. After studying in his native Estonia, Mr.Timinsky holds a MB degree in Guitar Performance from Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Music and Dance and a MM degree in Guitar Performance from SMU, Dallas. His principle teachers were Joseph Urshalmi and Robert Guthrie. I am also an authorized Suzuki Guitar Method teacher.I have over 16 years of experience in classical guitar and general musicianship instruction. My objective is to ignite the younger generation's creative ability and to motivate them to do their best. I always motivate my students of all ages and levels to excel at guitar technique, as well as at participating in guitar workshop, ensemble, and solo recitals. Finding a nice tone, playing with good taste, choosing the repertoire students can master, encouraging them to be the best they can, those are some of the things I always try to transmit to my students. My teaching philosophy:I believe that the first thing a student needs to learn to become a good musician is to learn how to play their instrument properly. Many instructors insist on teaching students songs without ensuring that the proper technique is achieved; this methodology can have serious repercussions later on as bad habits are learned and are very difficult to unlearn. My approach may take longer but will result in a stronger foundation from which to build on. Within six months students taught using my methods, will play music far more competently.Another important philosophy incorporated in my teaching method is the belief that students learn better if they enjoy what they are learning. As such, he encourages self-motivation and positive reinforcement. If a student regards learning the guitar a chore, they will not only resent practicing but not increase their abilities. I seek students who genuinely want to play the guitar and encourage them to select the style which they want to pursue. My job is to ensure they play well; it is up to the student to decide which musical direction to explore.Teaching methodology:I employ a number of highly effective guitar teaching methods, including the traditional/classical approach and the Suzuki method. “The Suzuki method also called Talent Education, mother-tongue method, or Suzuki movement is an education philosophy which strives to create high ability and beautiful character in its students through a nurturing environment. The nurture involved in the movement is modeled on some of the factors present in native language acquisition, such as immersion, encouragement, small steps, and an unforced timetable for learning material based on each person's developmental readiness to imitate examples, internalize principles, and contribute novel ideas.”My teaching emphasizes the following:Solid guitar technique Musicianship Performance skills Solo and ensemble playingGuitar TechniqueEverything I teach you about music theory is applicable to any guitar but the finger style guitar playing technique he uses is specific to the Classical or Spanish-style guitar and nylon strings.My approach:Each student’s relationship to the guitar is a unique musical journey; your path toward musical appreciation and excellence begins with your goals and interests. Regardless of where you start, our long-term objective is to help you develop your musical skills and ultimately become a complete and competent musician. For serious beginners:As my goal is to transform you into a fluent musician, I acquaint you with the all the tools you need to master the guitar, including:Rhythm Staff notation Chord forms Harmonic theory Scale practice Practice techniques Ensemble playing/jamming Improvising Song form Right and left hand techniques for smooth playingOnce I’ve introduced you to all these elements and assessed your playing ability and level of music comprehension, I will determine a road map for our practice sessions.For people already playing the guitar:I help you identify the things that may be preventing you from progressing to the next level. If you’re one of those students that can only read tablature, I will provide you the materials to help you learn staff notation; I believe in encouraging the ability to read staff notation as you will be able to communicate with other musicians not just guitarists.While I won’t promise that you’ll be able to play in 60 minutes or less, I will promise that you will improve as a musician, learn what it takes to progress on your own, gain a better understanding of music, and have fun doing it.Lesson LengthThe majority of my students attend weekly 45 min lessons. I also offer 30 and 60 minute lessons. I believe that one hour lessons are the optimum length to cover the materials necessary for students who are ready to move to the advanced level; 45 minutes are better suited for intermediate students; and 30 minutes are ideal for beginners or young students under the age of 10. I teach in two locations:My own private Classical Guitar Studio in McKinney; 10508 Matador Dr, Mckinney, TX, 75070 Coppell Conservatory www.coppellconservatory.comMy facebook:

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