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Dallas Guitar Instructors Ready to Help

  • CGP ( Cool Guitar Players)  Music Studios

    CGP ( Cool Guitar Players) Music Studios

    Allen, TX 75013

    5.0 (11)

    I offer skills of musicianship,sound, people-skills and a knowledge of musical accessories, instruments, & sound equipment. April 1986-August 2014 Music teacher for students of guitar, bass and piano. 1) Taught basic music curriculum(beginner to advanced) to individuals or groups. 2) Promoted & sold accessories for students. 3) Teachiing Fees $30/online an hour/ Travel-in-home $38 an hour.includes video recording playback of lesson if you so desire. 4) Guitar Styles: Starter, Beginner, Classical, Fingerstyle, Folk, Rock, Jazz, Country, Flamenco.   5) Piano:teach beginner level/Alf
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  • Reverb Lessons

    Reverb Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    5.0 (4)

    Reverb Lessons is on a mission to make learning to play, sing or create music as easy as possible. Unlike a traditional music lesson company, Reverb Lessons has designed its customer experience around you: simply sign up online, book a time with your instructor and explore your creative side. You have the choice of taking lessons online, at the instructor's location, or at your place — whatever works best for you. All payment is taken care of head of time, so no need to worry about having cash for your lesson. Reverb Lessons puts all of its teachers through a rigorous interview process, ensuri
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  • Dallas Music Academy

    Dallas Music Academy

    Dallas, TX 75223

    5.0 (3)

    We provide highly individualized lessons that are tailored specifically to each student's needs and goals and our teachers hold music degrees and maintain an active career as teachers and performers.

  • Red Oak Classic Guitar School

    Red Oak Classic Guitar School

    Red Oak, TX 75154

    5.0 (3)

    Lesson for all ages in your home!  Classic, acoustic, or electric guitar.

    Best of 2018
  • Jazz Becuzz Art Center

    Jazz Becuzz Art Center

    Dallas, TX 75243

    5.0 (3)

    My Name is Candace "Mahogany" Miller. I and my colleagues are all performers as well as Educators. We love to keep our classes fun and upbeat, teaching the fundamentals while exploring the evolution of the music world! We are a center dedicated to art for the whole family.  Music is a great way to stimulate our minds and a great outlet for our energy!  Our students range in age from 3yrs old to 95yrs old.  We want to see families find fun and creative things to do in the home beyond TV and digital devices!   And if we must use digital services,   let's be innovative an
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  • Larios Music Academy

    Larios Music Academy

    Grand Prairie, TX 75051

    5.0 (3)

     Larios Music Academy is a Christ centered music school in Grand Prairie, Texas. Students have the ability to learn, perform and create music. Larios Music Academy offers many programs such as music lessons, audio engineering, vocal classes, CD Recording and instrument sales. We have a particular program for every individual student and strive for excellence.

  • Soar Music School

    Soar Music School

    Southlake, TX 76092

    5.0 (2)

    We stand out first for the fact that our main focus is ministry.  The media aspect of Soar is way above and beyond any other program.  The photos, audio & video you get from music videos, concerts, etc. is incredible.

  • Brooke Corcoran Guitar Lessons

    Brooke Corcoran Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75228

    5.0 (1)

    My teaching approach: I tailor my lessons to fit the students goals. Beginner students want to learn songs, not theory. So I get the student playing /singing before I focus on scales and theory. I want to teach the student what they want to learn as well as giving them the skills to be a good musician/vocalist. I also determine what your learning style is, so that I can effectively teach you in the way you learn best. I have over 14 years teaching experience in guitar and voice, and I teach songwriting and ukulele as well.  I've been performing locally and internationally for over 7 years
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  • Michael Pollard Productions

    Michael Pollard Productions

    Grand Prairie, TX 75052

    5.0 (1)

    I am a guitarist,bassist,engineer,producer,and sessionplayer with over 22 years experience in music.I have a Bachelor's Degree in Classical Guitar from Dallas Baptist University and an Associate of Applied Arts and Sciences in Sound Recording Technology from Cedar Valley College.One of my greatest strengths as an instructor is the type of versatility that comes from my own gigging experience in classical,jazz,worship styles,country,rock,blues,rn'b and more.I custom tailor my curriculum to the interests/abilities of my students and strive to help them reach their musical ad professional goals.I
    (view profile)

  • Mike Ellis Music Instruction

    Mike Ellis Music Instruction

    Dallas, TX 75243

    5.0 (1)

    My teaching approach: Lessons are customized for each student. Beginners learn basic songs with easy chords to build coordination and timing, then students recommend songs THEY want to learn. Advanced songs, ear training, and music theory then go with the teaching of the songs they enjoy. Whether it is guitar, piano, bass, or banjo, we will have fun and you will learn to play. My influences are: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Carlos Santana, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Joe Walsh, and MANY more. My lessons take place in: The teacher's studio All lessons with me take place in the following areas:
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  • Magic Music

    Magic Music

    Dallas, TX 75230

    Magic Music was the first organization to match music Teachers of ALL different types of instruments with students for private in-your-home lessons! Our Teachers are experienced teaching ALL ages and ALL skill levels, beginners to advanced! Magic Music selects only the most masterful and professional Music Teachers for our music program. Our Teachers are some of the most fun, caring, patient, and educated in town, and have extensive teaching and performance experience. Most of Magic Music’s Teachers have Bachelor, Master, or PhD Degrees in music, and are recipients of numerous prestigious awa
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  • Kelsi's Music Lessons

    Kelsi's Music Lessons

    Euless, TX 76039

    Hello! My name is Kelsi Phillips and I love music. Music is everything to me. It's why I get out of bed in the morning, and something I love even more than just listening to it, is playing it. I love it and I would love to share my passion for it with you. We can do anything we put our minds to and I believe that if you want to become the best musician in the world, you can! I teach everything by ear, I don't read music. But a lot of people can't do that which is amazing in my book. But I will do the best I can to help you on this journey to learning the greatness of music.
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  • SPF Music & Lessons

    SPF Music & Lessons

    Old East Dallas, TX 75246

    Hi There! My name is Seth Falkner! I firmly believe that ANYONE can learn to play an instrument or sing confidently. At a very early age I became obsessed with music of all kinds. I can’t tell you how many times my father walked in on me singing Boyz II Men or Boston songs. At the age of 13, I saved my money, bought a guitar and started hanging out with “the older guys” that knew how to play way better than I did. I was hooked from then on. Led Zeppelin and Etta James helped as well. In 2006 I completed my degree in audio engineering, started an 8 person funk/rock band and began my career
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  • Rachel Loss-Cutler-Hull Guitar Lessons

    Rachel Loss-Cutler-Hull Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: My goal is to help each of my students become the best musician possible. I'll provide technical and interpretive instruction, as well as instruction in reading music (as necessary) and in music theory (as desired). I'll teach you not just what to do, but why to do it; I believe technique exists to serve the music, not the other way around. I've played guitar since 1989, and taught at Eastfield College in Texas 2005-2015. I have earned an MM in Guitar Performance. I also write music from time to time. I've played with string players, wind players, vocalists, and other gui
    (view profile)

  • Cody Marriott Guitar Lessons

    Cody Marriott Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: I teach fiddle and guitar. I am the Texas State Fiddle Champion of 2007 and Five Time Missouri State Fiddle Champion. I teach breakdowns, swing fiddle, guitar lessons and tenor guitar lessons. My guitar lessons take place in: Either location Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Fingerpicking, Jamming Skills

  • Dan Schwein Guitar Lessons

    Dan Schwein Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: I offer affordable basic lessons for kids and I will provide the guitar if one is not owned. I have been playing guitar for 15+ years and I currently play in the Worship Band at Lifepoint Church. I still remember the frustration when I was first learning to play as a teenager. If it was not for the love of music, I would have quit. That is exactly why I decided to start "Fun With Guitars". Learning to play the guitar should be enjoyable, rewarding, and most of all fun! I use a basic teaching method geared around getting the student to play recognizable music almost immedi
    (view profile)

  • Graham Bower Guitar Lessons

    Graham Bower Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: I have been playing guitar for 13 years and have been teaching for 2 1/2. Most people who want to play guitar do so in order to learn to play a song. That is my main focus of lessons. All techniques, scales, chords, etc. are taught in order to use them in learning/playing a song. My influences are: In the order they come to my mind: Trey Anastasio (Phish), Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), Jimi Hendrix, Dave Matthews, Brendan Bayliss and Jake Cinninger (Umphreys Mcgee), Claudio Sanchez and Travis Stever (Coheed and Cambria), John Frusciante (RHCP), Chuck Garvey and Al Schnier
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  • David Williams Guitar Lessons

    David Williams Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: I teach and stress fundamentals. I use a series of books that act as a guide and let you learn at your pace. I interject my own additional ciricculum to help you execute and learn faster. My influences are: Jimmy Page, Randy Rhodes, Eric Clapton, Slash, and many more. My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio or the student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: I teach in my home which is in Lewisville Tx, or I offer online lessons using a web cam Guitar Techniques: Song Writing, Scales and Exercises, Music Theory, Reading Music,
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  • Terry Allan Hall Guitar Lessons

    Terry Allan Hall Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: My goal is to make learning music fun for the student, because if the student is having fun, they'll practise, and practice makes perfect! THerefore, I taylor the lesson plan to the individual student's interests and current ability/knowladge. My guitar lessons take place in: In the student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Student's homes in Tarrant, Denton, Wise and Parker counties Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Open tuning, Fingerstyle, Slide Guitar, Vocal Accompaniment, Performance, Improvisation, Jamming Skills, Music
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  • Jason King Guitar Lessons

    Jason King Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: I am a jazz player by trade, however, I am also church musician I have studied with some really good players ,and have played with some as well. Im not the best player ,but I believe I can show you how to be. I do have a B.A. in music performance from texas wesleyan university My guitar lessons take place in: In the teacher's studio Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Open tuning, Fingerpicking, Slide Guitar, Vocal Accompaniment, Performance, Improvisation, Jamming Skills, Reading Music, Music Theory, Scales and Exercises, Song Writing, Recording and Producti
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  • Adam Stilwell Guitar Lessons

    Adam Stilwell Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: I don't like to teach anyone How to play the guitar, I just prefer to pass on abilities I've learned over a 7 year span, and then encourage the student to grow from what he/she learns and provide the tools to do so. I've been in a few bands, lead guitarist in all but one. Influences: Jimmy Page, Adam Jones, BB King, Santana, Chuck Berry, Hendrix, SRV, David Gilmour, and myself My guitar lessons take place in: In the teacher's studio Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: I mainly teach in my studio, but in certain situations I can travel up to 20 mile
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  • Chandon Valentich Guitar Lessons

    Chandon Valentich Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: I begin with tuning, strumming, rhythm, and then scales. Once mastered, I move to teaching songs followed by teaching song writing and structure with mixed music theory. Depending on the student, I will then move on to advanced techniques such as chromatic, pentatonic, and arpeggio scales. I even teach pinch harmonics and proper bending and sliding. My gear: B.C. Rich Masterpiece Bich BOSS Pedals: ML-2 Metal Core, DD-3 Delay, Ibanez TS-9 Tube Screamer, Phase Shifter, Chromatic Tuner Marshall Half Stack Fender Jam 75W amp My influences are: Ingwie Malmsteen The Human Abst
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  • Garrett Mucha Guitar Lessons

    Garrett Mucha Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: North Dallas Guitar is premium and professional guitar instruction that serves the greater Dallas area. With instructors that have been teaching for almost a decade, North Dallas Guitar welcomes the opportunity to teach any and all willing to explore guitar and music as a whole from classical to metal, blues to pop, and your favorite guitar solos. My guitar lessons take place in: In the student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: We primarily teach in student's homes in Plano, Addison, Richardson, Carrollton, North Dallas. Guitar Techniques
    (view profile)

  • Natalia Osipova Guitar Piano Lessons

    Natalia Osipova Guitar Piano Lessons

    Lewisville, TX 75067

    My teaching approach: I have 11 years of musical education and 25 years of experience in teaching the guitar and 7 years in teaching piano. My students will play in couple weeks easy song( on 3 strings) one hand on the piano; and play chords and few songs in couple months.The teacher's studio or the student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Coppell, Lewsiville, Carrolton, Frisco, West Plano Guitar Techniques: Chords strumming, playing popular songs, famous classicsl pieces, Music Theory, Reading Music, Performance, Slide Guitar, Fingerstyle, Open tuning, Rhythm g
    (view profile)

  • Kevin Couch Guitar Lessons

    Kevin Couch Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: I teach from the students point of view considering what they want to accomplish. My Electric Guitar influences include more Southern/Classic Rock like ZZ Top, AC/DC, Eric Clapton, Led Zepplin, etc. and on Acoustic they would be James Taylor, Jim Croche, Paul Simon, Emerson Lake and Palmer, etc. However, I enjoy all styles of music. My guitar lessons take place in: Either location Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Fingerpicking, Vocal Accompaniment, Performance, Improvisation, Jamming Skills, Reading Music, Music Theory, Scales and Exercises, Song Writing,
    (view profile)

  • Adam Long Guitar Lessons

    Adam Long Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: I believe in learning what my students want, helping them organize their goals and providing a stratagey to reach those goals. My influences are: I have many influences Angus young, SRV, BB King, Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, James Taylor, and many more My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Fort Worth Area Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Open tuning, Fingerstyle, Slide Guitar, Vocal Accompaniment, Performance, Improvisation, Jamming Skills, Reading Music, Music Theory, Scales and Ex
    (view profile)

  • Jason Cole Guitar Lessons

    Jason Cole Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You only pay for lessons you like. You tell me what's important to you, and I will help you achieve your goals. I've been doing this for 31 years, and if the lessons aren't geared to the student's goals, the student won't practice. Life's too short for music lessons that you don't like. Give me a call and let's talk about your goals. I care about what I do, I care about people, and I'll do my best to help you achieve your goals with the guitar. My influences are: My musical inspirations range from Bach to Buck Owens, from Clapton to Carcas
    (view profile)

  • Dave Corley Guitar Lessons

    Dave Corley Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: I have many years of performance and touring experience. I teach you what you want to learn. Playing guitar should be fun and that's the approach I take. My guitar lessons take place in: in the teacher's studio or student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: My studio in Arlington, and nearby areas at your place. Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Vocal Accompaniment, Performance, Improvisation, Jamming Skills, Scales and Exercises, Song Writing, Recording and Production, Guidance In Equipment Selection
    (view profile)

  • Jordan McGehee Guitar Lessons

    Jordan McGehee Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: I Teach students not only how to play, but what they are playing, so they can be independent and write and figure out songs on their own. My guitar lessons take place in: In the teacher's studio Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: At my church in Ft Worth, TX Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Open tuning, Fingerpicking, Performance, Improvisation, Jamming Skills, Music Theory, Scales and Exercises, Song Writing
    (view profile)

  • Jack Valen Guitar Lessons

    Jack Valen Guitar Lessons

    Dallas, TX 75201

    My teaching approach: I begin with how to choose & take care of instrument, how to string guitar & how to tune the guitar. I teach numbers, music theory, chord campatibility & key structure, beginning with 1st position. I play 5 different instruments including guitar. Major influences were Chet Atkins, Mel Bay & BB King. I had formal jazz lessons under John Perkins. I've open shows for big name acts & local bands. My guitar lessons take place in: Either location Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Fingerpicking, Vocal Accompaniment, Performance, Improvisation, Jamming Skills, Rea
    (view profile)


Dallas Guitar Lessons

(32 reviews)

Dallas Guitar Instruction

Brandon Richardson · Dallas, TX

Featured Instructor

Riley Wilson is a guitarist, singer, performer, guitar teacher, as well as writer and, in this interview with, it’s clear that Riley is passionate and accomplished in all of the above. He offers guitar lessons in the Dallas – Fort Worth neighboring city of Frisco, as well as Skype guitar lessons, and you can check out the Riley Wilson Guitar Teacher Page today to watch the interview. Here’s what Riley had to say about his approach to guitar teaching.

Riley Wilson Dallas Guitar Teacher We’re here today with Riley Wilson. Welcome, Riley, and thanks for taking the time today to talk to us about your guitar teaching.

Riley Wilson: Thank you very much for having me. This will be fun. It will be fun. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your teaching. Can you tell us first, where you teach? What city and what state are you in?

Riley Wilson: We’re in a town called Frisco, Texas. We’re twenty-seven miles, straight north of downtown Dallas, and if folks that are not from this area would know where Plano, Texas is, we’re the immediate town north of Plano. Okay. And do you teach guitar at your own location, or do you travel to guitar students’ homes?

Riley Wilson: I do. I teach here at the house because we have a lot of electronic gear that I use; I use that during my guitar teaching, and we can talk about that. I use a lot of software; I use a lot of things that would make it very difficult for me to take what I have elsewhere. So, people travel to you, and can you please say the name of the town again where you are?

Riley Wilson: Sure. We’re in Frisco, Texas. Everyone that’s not from this area will understand about it shortly because the Dallas Cowboys are moving their practice facility here, and Toyota International has just relocated their international headquarters – or their American headquarters – from Torrence, California, here. They’ll be here in a year, so … Frisco – we moved here in July of ’96 – had about eighteen thousand people. It’s now over a hundred-forty-thousand people, and by the time it’s done, it’ll probably be half-a-million people, so it’s been a really good place for us to be. I can tell you that.

Riley Discusses What It’s Like To Teach Guitar in Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex That’s what I was just thinking. I was going to ask you what the guitar lesson climate there in Frisco, Texas and in the Dallas – Fort Worth area. It sounds like, with the growth, it would be a great place to be a guitar teacher.

Riley Wilson: It’s a really good place. It’s always been a good place. I’m originally from Shreveport, Louisiana; I’ve lived all over the United States, attended GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology) in Los Angeles in ’83 and ’84 and, after ten years in North Carolina, we moved here in July of ’96, as I said. It was a very small town at the time, but Texas has always been interested in guitar and guitar music … so many guitar heroes from this area: Eric Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Steve Miller … all of these people are from Texas, so, because of that, there’s always been a tremendous interest in guitar. Frisco’s been a great place for us, because, as I said, I’m conveniently located to Dallas or Arlington, or Fort Worth, Grand Prairie. We’ve got, you know, probably three million people in the metroplex plus. So, it’s a great place to be. It sounds like it. And, what styles of music are your guitar students most often interested in learning?

Riley Wilson: Well, I would say, probably, the vast majority of folks are probably interested in rock. Country, of course, is huge here in Texas, and then, of course, you’ve got blues – a lot of older adults are interested in that. I’ve got a lot more students that are interested in jazz these days, which has been kind of fun, because I happen to love jazz. But, we do a little bit of everything. I teach classical guitar, as I said, because I attended GIT; I’ve been through all of that curriculum, and we’ve got all of that here.

Riley’s Book: “Guitar Made Simpler” and Why He Uses It To Teach Guitar What I typically will do is I’ll typically start people off with a guitar method that we wrote and published back in 2006 called “Guitar Made Simpler – An Intelligent Approach” – I’ll put up a shameless plug for it. (Riley holds up a copy of the book for viewers to see.)

The reason that I did the book is, like a lot of guitar teachers, when I graduated from GIT and moved back to Raleigh, North Carolina, I wanted to teach guitar, and I wanted to share with people what I had learned in my experience at GIT. In fact, that the way I learned, which was basically by ear, and very slow, very inefficient, wasn’t a good way. I made everybody do Mel Bay for about nine or ten months, and that was kind of a dry text, and I kept going through all these books, and they didn’t do what I wanted to do, which was present material in a really slow, easy-to-understand fashion. And that’s why we call the book “An Intelligent Approach”. I’ve been through several of them that I thought were less intelligent.

So, we put the material in the book in a way that people can learn guitar, almost from the very beginning, and it makes sense. It doesn’t go too quickly; we don’t have, what I call speed bumps in the book. If you’re learning the notes – three notes on the first string. Now, when we go to the second string, now you have six notes. well, you’ve just increased exponentially how much somebody is supposed to retain. The book gives a combination of notation and tablature. We have not one, but two audio CD’s, because we weren’t able to get all the instruction and information on one CD.

Riley Discusses The Art Of Giving Guitar Lessons And, do you teach both adults and children.

Riley Wilson: Absolutely, absolutely. In fact, it’s interesting … I’ve had guitar students probably as young as eight or nine years-of-age, probably for the thirty years – almost thirty years – we’ve been teaching guitar. I feel that nine-and-a-half or ten is the magic age to start. After that, it doesn’t matter; you can go as long as you want, and I’ve got plenty of adults in their forties and fifties and sixties that do guitar lessons. So, it’s a wide cross spectrum.

Guitar Lesson Fees and Scheduling Two questions: What are your guitar lesson fees? And what is your scheduling format – how often do you work with students?

Riley Wilson: That’s a great question. We typically do thirty minute guitar instruction, and lessons are a hundred-four dollars a month, so that’s a twenty-six dollar per half-hour lesson. We typically do that once a week. I’ve been through forty-five minute and hour long guitar lessons, and I found for myself that with our students, unless it’s a tremendously motivated person that’s working two or three hours a day in practice time, that they’re generally not going to get as much out of a high powered thirty minute lesson – and we try to do a high-powered thirty minute lesson here. So, that’s typically how we do it.

Skype Guitar Lessons with Riley Wilson

I do have some folks, for example, that will do lessons via Skype. We’ve got a lot of students that travel. Dallas Fort Worth is a very big business center worldwide. So, we’ve got people from all over the world that work here. Many of them travel, so there’s often times, I end up doing a Skype guitar lesson with students, because they can’t make it physically here. And that’s worked out really well, and so I think that video guitar instruction and doing Skype and all that is a wonderful way to help people to get an opportunity to play with a guitar instructor, in front of a guitar instructor, at least once a week, so they reinforce the good habits and don’t get into bad ones! And, do you help your students learn how to use recording equipment?

Riley Wilson: Absolutely! In fact, in addition to teaching guitar, I also do gigs. I’ve got a pretty successful one- man band in this part of the United States, and so I use Pro Tools to create backing tracks that I use for gigs – in fact I’ve got two shows on Saturday where I’ll use those. So … We use Garage Band, I’ve used Pro Tools with students. We definitely use Transcribe and Guitar Pro. I’ve always been a real big believer in using electronic tools to help us. In the old days – when I started playing guitar in 1966, you would get an album or a forty-five and slow it down and scratch up the record … and many of the older folks would relate to that. And then in the seventies – if you were lucky – you had a tape deck that could slowly in the eighties … and so … Now we use digital audio – it makes the whole process so much better. If I’m playing along with, for example, a Van Halen or a Kiss record, we don’t have to tune down, you just speed up the recording a half step … we can play along with that, so that works really well. And, when you’re teaching, what guitars do you use? Do you teach guitar with both acoustic and electric?

Riley Wilson: Absolutely. For example, if I’m teaching classical, I’ve got an Alvarez nylon string that I’ll use for that. I’ve got a rotating cast of characters that I’m often using. I love to launder instruments, so … I have a Variax that I use on my gigs, that allows me to get electric and acoustic sounds. I’ve recently been doing a lot stuff with acoustic guitars, so I’ll typically play an Ovation for that. I have a bass guitar; I even have a pedal steel. I don’t teach pedal steel. I do teach, by the way, electric and acoustic guitar, and bass guitar … occasionally will do voice lessons under duress. (Riley smiles warmly and knowingly.)

Voice lessons – I work a lot harder than I do when I teach guitar or bass, generally … so, I do mostly those, and probably, in the future will ramp up and be able to do pedal steel lessons, because it’s a great instrument. I’ve learned it enough to play it mediocrely … but, of course, I could teach what we do, so that may be an option in the future. Of course. You teach what you know, and then you move forward from there.

Riley Wilson: Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, one last question before we stop for today: Do you offer guidance to your guitar students about what guitar to look for and what to look for in a guitar?

Riley Wilson: Absolutely. Absolutely. You know, my background, in addition to not only being a guitar teacher, and a voice talent – a performer – I’m also a writer. I did a column for twelve years in Vintage Guitar called “The Gigmeister”, and I’ve also written for Gig Magazine back in the eighties. I have a solo blogger column that I do with the, which is basically the folks from Gig Magazine, that’s online … so, I’ve been doing equipment reviews and gear reviews, and all that kind of thing, generally for magazines, since the mid-eighties, and so I have a lot of opinions about that. One of my big things is to get try to get students to get the correct scale length for their guitar. For example a lot of students will end up with a 25.5″ scale guitar, and they’ve got small hands. And it just doesn’t work very well. So I suggest that they do that … yeah, absolutely. I enjoy shopping on Craigslist … in fact, that’s sort of a guilty pleasure of mine – In fact, I’ll often buy them (guitars) that way.

Yeah, absolutely. What I always tell people is, in terms of my guitar teaching philosophy, if you learn anything from the ground up, be it scuba diving or driving a car or a foreign language, you have to start small, and you have to start with the basics, and sort of go step-by-step-by-step. And, that’s the reason that we wrote Guitar Made Simpler, is that I wanted people to be able to succeed with guitar. I’ve been playing guitar for over forty years – almost fifty, in fact, so I wanted to do something for people that wanted to learn guitar, that didn’t want to pull their hair out, and wanted to have success from the very beginning.