Find a guitar teacher in Grand Prairie, TX

Find guitar lessons in Grand Prairie, TX

Find guitar lessons in Grand Prairie, TX

Share a few details and we'll show you the best guitar teachers in your area.
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Find guitar lessons in Grand Prairie, TX

Share a few details and we'll show you the best guitar teachers in your area.
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Top 10 guitar teachers in Grand Prairie, TX

Students agree: these Grand Prairie guitar lessons are highly rated for knowledge, experience, communication, and more.
Music Kahncepts Studios

Music Kahncepts Studios

Offers online services
10 hires on Lessons
25+ years in business
Serves Grand Prairie, TX
Alfred D. says, "skilled musician and capable teacher, even for an old rookie " Read more
Christopher McGuire

Christopher McGuire

Offers online services
4 hires on Lessons
51+ years in business
Serves Grand Prairie, TX
Janet L. says, "Chris is an excellent teacher who really emphasizes technique and mastering the basic foundations of classical guitar in order to be the best player that you can be. He is also just an outstanding human being, always giving me so much grace and encouragement whenever I do a great job following his instruction and end up playing a piece beautifully. Part of being his student is getting to learn from someone with lots of experience and wisdom playing guitar, but the other part is simply getting to know him as a person. Getting both is very special. I would highly recommend him to anyone!" Read more


Offers online services
4 hires on Lessons
Serves Grand Prairie, TX
Keiko M. says, "This is not my first time learning guitar privately online. Over the past few years, I invested a lot of my time and money to try to find a good teacher whom I can really learn from and inprove my skills and knowledge as a beginner guitarist. I haven't really gotten where I'd wanted to be as a musician, however despite of my effort. When I found Jeff as my teacher, things have been drastically changing rapidly. Just over the course of few lessons with him, I'm already progressing, understanding, and leaning a lot more than any of the previous teachers, videos, or online courses I've ever come across. His teaching method is very unique and specific to each individual so it's totally different from anything else I've tried so far. He is very patient with me and specific with what I need to learn and practice. I really feel like I'm attending a top level music school but even better because I'm learning one on one with Jeff, the top level music teacher. I live in Atlanta, GA so my sessions are being conducted exclusively online via Zoom but I don't see any difference if I'm learning in person in a room with him. He has a big white board behind him and writing down what I need to learn. Learning from him is a totally gift from heaven. Anyone who really wants to progress in guitar or wants to become a great musician, I think he is truly the one to go to. I consider myself as an intermidiate level but he can tailor his teaching to accomodate any levels. One regret that I have now is that why I didn't go to him sooner. I wouldn't have wasted 2 years of precious time trying to learn guitar. Becoming a great musician, I now know that I need a great teacher. I need the proper training by skilled, knowlegeble, talented teacher. That's who Jeff is without a doubt." Read more
My Forte Is Piano

My Forte Is Piano

New on Lessons
Offers online services
3 hires on Lessons
13+ years in business
Serves Grand Prairie, TX
I have been teaching beginning piano and music theory since 2010. I can teach you how to play any song you ever wanted to learn. I can also teach you how to write your own music. I’m energetic and have a passion for teaching. Twice a year I also produce piano recitals so students can gain confidence and experience in their playing Its rewarding to see the progress.
Jessie Frye Music

Jessie Frye Music

Offers online services
8 hires on Lessons
14+ years in business
Serves Grand Prairie, TX
Christina R. says, "Jessie is amazing to work with. A lot of people can sing and play, but not everyone can teach. And she can teach! From the moment we started together, she has always made me feel incredibly comfortable. Singing is a very vulnerable thing, and she never made me feel judged or like I needed to be perfect. In fact, she has helped me let go of my need to be perfect while singing and I feel as though my voice is stronger and better than it has ever been. I am now way less shy to take risks with my voice and I feel fully supported by her when I do. She has also been adaptable to my goals. In the last year that we have been working together, I have picked up other styles of singing and she has brought an open heart to me exploring those and has helped me develop skills to translate to all different forms. I think her strong suit is that she really cares about the emotional aspect of singing and understands that so much of it is mindset. She isn’t afraid to tackle that and knows that you can learn all the techniques you want but if your mindset isn’t right it will be so much harder. This has really expanded the way I relate to my voice. I feel really lucky to have Jessie as my teacher." Read more

Your Guitar Lessons questions, answered

Answers to commonly asked questions from the experts on Lessons.

How much do guitar lessons cost near me?

Guitar lessons cost $35 to $70 per lesson, depending on if they last 30 minutes or up to 1 hour. If it's a one-on-one lesson, it'll cost around $45 to $70 hourly. Learning guitar in a group is cheaper at $25 to $35 per session.

If you're taking lessons every month, it adds up to $170 to $315 with the typical prepaid discount.

Are guitar lessons worth it?

Guitar lessons are worth it since only a professional teacher giving you live feedback can guide you to learn faster. A good instructor helps you understand your mistakes and prevents you from developing bad habits.

Learning guitar by yourself takes a lot longer and won't prepare you as well to play in public.

At what age should I start guitar lessons?

Children can start guitar lessons from the ages of 6 to 10, or when they can comfortably hold the guitar and press the strings. Adults can start guitar lessons at any age, provided they practice regularly and patiently.

How many guitar lessons do I need?

The number of guitar lessons you need varies according to your goal and your practice routine. For many people, it typically takes about 2 to 6 months to play a simple tune. Mastering the guitar like a professional can take anywhere from 4 to 10 years.

What do you learn in guitar lessons?

In most guitar lessons, you can expect to learn:

  • How to correctly position your fingers to play chords
  • How to tune your guitar
  • How to play various scales
  • New techniques for plucking and strumming
  • How to read sheet music.

Are online guitar lessons good?

Online guitar lessons cost $35 to $55 per hour and are good for getting personal instruction from skilled teachers worldwide. Take advantage of flexible scheduling and immediate feedback while learning new guitar-playing styles. Plus, you can easily record lessons to review their advice later.

How do I find the best guitar lessons near me?

In order to find the best guitar lessons for you, look through nearby teachers listed here on the Lessons website. You can also ask for teachers at local music stores or community colleges.

Before you hire a guitar teacher, make sure to:

  • Check out prices from at least 3 different teachers.
  • Read their reviews on Lessons and Google.
  • Ask for a list of their current or previous students that you can talk to.
  • Talk to other parents about the teacher's reputation with their children.
  • Make sure you get a written agreement and schedule before your first lesson.
  • Avoid making a big payment upfront for a month of lessons until you're comfortable with the teacher.

What questions do I ask when choosing a guitar teacher?

To find the right guitar teacher, you can ask them these questions:

  • What kind of music degree do you have?
  • How many years of experience do you have in teaching guitar?
  • Can I have a free trial lesson to see if your teaching style helps me?
  • What is the average age of your students?
  • Will you assign me finger exercises as homework?
  • How often should I practice between lessons?
  • What textbooks do I need, and where can I buy used ones?
  • How many guitar-playing styles are you an expert in?
  • Can you modify your teaching style to suit my learning abilities?
  • What should I bring to our lessons, and how long is each one?
  • Can I get a copy of our schedule, agreement, and payment terms?
  • What is your policy if I have to cancel a class due to an emergency?
  • Can I choose some of my favorite songs to learn on the guitar?

Reviews for Grand Prairie guitar teachers

Recent success stories from people in the Grand Prairie area.
Alfred D.
Music Kahncepts Studios
John S.
Christopher is very attentive and detailed. He offers helpful suggestions and ensures that I understand the principles behind those suggestions.
Christopher McGuire
Nicholas R.
Learning lots of great things from Jeff. His approach to teaching is different than other teachers I have had. He emphasizes advance learning techniques to develop your guitar playing skills faster than I have learned in the past. Don't get me wrong these teaching methods are not the easiest to follow but the results are impressive if you commit to the process.
Doug L.
Jessie has been an amazing music teacher for our two daughters. I'm impressed at how well she works them online and how much they have learned about playing piano. They are both getting really good. And Jessie has such a positive attitude that it motivates the girls to learn more. Thanks for all your awesome work, Jessie!
Jessie Frye Music
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