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  • Mathew AJ Guitar Lessons

    Mathew AJ Guitar Lessons

    Austin, TX · Mathew Aboujaoude

    (4 reviews)

    Hello! My name is Mathew AJ and I'm an aspiring guitarist with touring experience in the US as well as overseas (over 60+ gigs played). I'm great at creating fun and organized lessons & practice plans for students, as well as advising them on new music to listen to, for growing of their musical ears and knowledge! As far as my experience goes, I've been playing the guitar for about 10 years. I also play other instruments such as the piano (12 years), the bass guitar and drums! (self-taught for a few years, each). I'm studying music online with Berklee College of Music and have studied musi
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  • Reverb Lessons

    Reverb Lessons

    Austin, TX · Lana A.

    (3 reviews)

    Reverb Lessons is on a mission to make learning to play, sing or create music as easy as possible. Unlike a traditional music lesson company, Reverb Lessons has designed its customer experience around you: simply sign up online, book a time with your instructor and explore your creative side. You have the choice of taking lessons online, at the instructor's location, or at your place — whatever works best for you. All payment is taken care of head of time, so no need to worry about having cash for your lesson. Reverb Lessons puts all of its teachers through a rigorous interview process, ensuri
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  • David's Guitar Lessons

    David's Guitar Lessons

    Austin, TX · David Houghton

    (1 review)

    As an active musician in the Austin music scene and a graduate of Berklee College of Music with a Degree in Music Performance; I can teach you how to play your favorite songs, music theory, read music, lead guitar and even write your own songs! I play all styles of music and am particularly passionate about Rock, Blues, Jazz, Folk and Classical.

  • The Guitar Guru

    The Guitar Guru

    Austin, TX · Sean Showalter

    (1 review)

    My teaching approach: I've been playing and performing for over 20 years now. More than anything, I like to encourage others that they can play the guitar or bass. I like to see where the student currently is and cater the lessons accordingly. My influences are: Mostly classic rock and blues. Jimi Hendrix has and continues to have a big influence on me, as well as many other great blues artists. I grew up on the Beatles, Led Zeppelin. Went through a Bob Marley phase, a Cure phase, Depeche Mode phase, Dylan phase, Stevie Wonder phase. I've had so many influences over the years! My guitar les
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  • Mark Fisher Guitar Lessons

    Mark Fisher Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Mark Fisher

    My teaching approach: The Howlinfish School of Guitar offers a practical, hands on approach to playing the guitar, for beginner and intermediate students of all ages. Students of all skill levels will find practical and useful lessons individually tailored to their skill level and interest. I can help you realize your goals whether they include the the concert stage playing at backyard parties family gatherings or playing along to your favorite recordings My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio or the student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Aust
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  • Mike Molaro Guitar Lessons

    Mike Molaro Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Mike Molaro

    My teaching approach: I'm an avid finger picker and songwriter. I've been playing guitar for over 17 years and performing over 10. I love music. It's my passion, my livelihood, my religion, and my joy. I'm currently teaching 25 students a week on both guitar (and also piano). I have many students under the age of 10 but also several advanced adult students. I teach mostly by ear and through the use of popular songs/songs YOU like. I teach scales, chords, and how they relate and tie into theory. I also teach a bit of sight reading. You will learn the neck of the guitar and be proficient on any
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  • Sky Zito Guitar Lessons

    Sky Zito Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Sky Zito

    My teaching approach: Sky Zito is an experienced performer, composer and educator. He has performed throughout the US as an original artist spanning from solo acoustic to full-scale rock shows. He has worked as a studio musician in Boston, New York and LA involving both local and national acts. His original compositions have lead to a publishing deal with Crater Rock Records and the release of a full-length album featuring his playing on every instrument entitled “My Kind of Pretty”. Sky studied privately at Berklee College of Music receiving personal letters of recommendation from multiple fa
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  • Jerald Stan Guitar Lessons

    Jerald Stan Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Jerald Stan

    My teaching approach: Customized lessons. Technique and Theory. producer/songwriter/musician...many producer roles in studios such as: Pakiderm, Paisley Park, Metro Studios, Texas Studios..etc..I have a long list of influences. However, my own style could probably be summed up in three flavors: Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhodes, SRV. Throw some classical, country, and blue grass for the polish, and you have me. My guitar lessons take place in: in the teacher's studio or student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Cedar Park Guitar Techniques: Guidance In Equipment S
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  • Blake Steiner Guitar Lessons

    Blake Steiner Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Blake Steiner

    My teaching approach: I feel out the student's knowledge of guitar playing and start from there. I've played professionally for over 20 years, and am influenced by the likes of Freddie King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Black Sabbath, Led Zep, Allman Bros, Little Feat, and just about every other great guitarist out there. I've been fortunate to be able to see many of the greats in my time, and work with many of them. Slide too. My guitar lessons take place in: Either location Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: I teach in Round Rock, Tx in Brushy Creek subdivision, but can go to
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  • Ronnie March Guitar Lessons

    Ronnie March Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Ronnie March

    My teaching approach: I have been In the music Industry most of my life. I have been playing professionally since I was 14 yrs. old and worked with countless groups in my life. I started teaching guitar some 30 years ago after working as a professional musician, arranging and as a conductor for several show groups. I stress the importance of becoming independent, responsible students, and reinforce proper practice habits, along with problem-solving skills. I urge students to apply these strategies to other academic and life situations. My guitar lessons take place in: In the student's home G
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  • Al Betita Guitar Lessons

    Al Betita Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Al Betita

    My teaching approach: Graduate of: University of North Texas, Denton, B.A. in Music; Musician's Institute (GIT), Hollywood, CA, Certificate in Performance with Honors. The focus is on building a Strong Foundation with attention to individual needs of the student. My guitar lessons take place in: The student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Austin, TX and some surrounding cities. Guitar Techniques: Guidance In Equipment Selection, Scales and Exercises, Music Theory, Reading Music, Jamming Skills, Improvisation, Rhythm guitar, Performance, Lead guitar
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  • Sonya Jevette Guitar Lessons

    Sonya Jevette Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Sonya Jevette

    My teaching approach: My teaching approach is to find out which way student is able to learn skill then proceed from there. My influences are: Jimi Hendrix, Lance Lopez, Joann Shaw Taylor, Santana My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio or the student's home Guitar lessons typically take place on these days and hours: Flexible. Two locations to choose from. Waveform Austin M-F 6pm to 11 pm Sat 12 - 5pm Sun 12 - 9pm Music Lab Oltorf M-Sat 10am - 10pm Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Fingerstyle, Performance, Jamming Skills, Reading Music, Music Theory, Scales an
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  • Adam's Piano Lessons

    Adam's Piano Lessons

    Austin, TX · Adam Littman

    Hi, I'm Adam. I am a vocal, piano, and guitar coach in Austin, TX. I earned my music degree in jazz studies from Indiana University, and have over 6 years of teaching experience. Each of my students is unique and has an exciting story to tell--and I want to help you tell yours! It's very important to me that I tailor my lessons to each student and help you accomplish your goals. My lessons are fast-paced and upbeat, so we'll do a lot more playing than talking. I'll even show you how to have fun with the "boring" stuff! Weekly lesson times are available -- either in my home studio or in the
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  • Michael ColemanGrondin Guitar Lessons

    Michael ColemanGrondin Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Michael ColemanGrondin

    My teaching approach: My music journey began in Quebec Canada, when I was 10 years old. My mom gave me my first guitar lesson. She did however notice that i would be needing a better teacher soon. So after a few months of bugging her for lessons she gave in and i started my guitar journey. When i began learning the instrument was too big for me, but i soon grew into it . After about 6 months they decided that i was serious enough about the instrument so they accepted to get me the electric guitar i wanted .It was a bright red Yamaha and really cool. I was in love with it. From then on i always
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  • Joshua Zarbo Guitar Lessons

    Joshua Zarbo Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Joshua Zarbo

    My teaching approach: Beginning to advanced electric bass guitar lessons with a curriculum including technique, music theory, improvisation, ear training, and sight-reading. My guitar lessons take place in: In the teacher's studio Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Austin Guitar Techniques: Guidance In Equipment Selection, Recording and Production, Song Writing, Scales and Exercises, Music Theory, Reading Music, Jamming Skills, Improvisation, Performance, Fingerstyle
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  • Jerry Renshaw Guitar Lessons

    Jerry Renshaw Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Jerry Renshaw

    My teaching approach: We start off with E, C and A, as those are the chord shapes students will deal with for the rest of the time they are playing. From there...other open chords, barre chords, progressions, scales, exercises, drills and entire songs Heavy emphasis on proper technique and heading off bad habits! My guitar lessons take place in: In the student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Austin area plus 30 miles. Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Fingerpicking, Performance, Improvisation, Jamming Skills, Music Theory, Scales and Exercises,
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  • Andy Tenberg Guitar Lessons

    Andy Tenberg Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Andy Tenberg

    My teaching approach: There are several key areas within the study of the guitar: Technique, Rhythm, Theory, Practicing, Interpretation and Performance. These areas can be taught and learned through any style, which is why I tailor my teaching material to suit the student's interests. You get to learn songs and styles that interest you, while working on the six fundamental arenas of knowledge. My influences are: Wes Montgomery, Ronny Jordan, Eric Krasno, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Maceo Parker, Nile Rodgers, Thelonious Monk. My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio or the stu
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  • Jake Andrews Guitar Lessons

    Jake Andrews Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Jake Andrews

    My teaching approach: I have been playing professionally since the age of 8, having grown up in the Austin blues scene. I had the opportunity early on to play with legends such as Albert King, Otis Rush, Albert Collins, Buddy Guy and B.B. King. I have three records out under my name. I teach the way I learned-by ear, and by learning recorded music note for note. I also emphasize basic theory, rhythm and lead playing. My guitar lessons take place in: in the teacher's studio or student's home Guitar Techniques: Guidance In Equipment Selection, Song Writing, Scales and Exercises, Music Theory,
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  • David Ozmun Guitar Lessons

    David Ozmun Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · David Ozmun

    My teaching approach: I prefer private lesson style and jamming in order to gain a sense of what my student hopes to accomplish. I use a 'visualization' style that, I feel, really helps the student learn the mechanics of nuance. I like for them to set goals and be excited when they leave the lesson...not overwhelmed. I have over 14 years performance and recording experience and over 40 hours in music theory. My guitar lessons take place in: in the teacher's studio or student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: My Studio in Downtown Austin Guitar Techniques: G
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  • Alex Tomaino Guitar Lessons

    Alex Tomaino Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Alex Tomaino

    My teaching approach: Professional Austin guitarist, bachelor’s degree in music performance; graduate study in UT Austin’s music program, will help you achieve your musical goals. * Learn electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or both. * Lessons tailored to your needs, desires and skills. * All styles. Play the music you want to play. * Advance as far as your ambition & talent can take you. * All levels beginner to pro My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio or the student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Learn at your home or office within 10 mil
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  • Andrew Schneider Guitar Lessons

    Andrew Schneider Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Andrew Schneider

    My teaching approach: Music is my life. I play local gigs on weekly basis, teach, write songs and have touring experience. Finding out why my students want to learn guitar is important. From there we can cultivate motivation and set goals together. Depending on the students strengths, weaknesses and desires, I'll cater the lessons to reach these goals. Of course, having fun is most important. I highly encourage every student to purchase a metronome, tuner, music stand and recommended instructional book. Whatever the student doesn't have can be supplied in the studio. My influences are: Jimi
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  • Tommy Mann Guitar Lessons

    Tommy Mann Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Tommy Mann

    My teaching approach: I have been playing guitar for 15 years now and have much experience in numerous areas of the guitar all the way from rock and blues, to flamenco and country, and even as far as heavy metal. I have my guitars and my amps, but I do require that my students own their own guitar. I teach as fast as the student would like to learn and am very easy to get along with. My guitar lessons take place in: Either location Guitar Techniques: Lead guitar, Rhythm guitar, Open tuning, Fingerpicking, Vocal Accompaniment, Performance, Improvisation, Jamming Skills, Music Theory, Scales a
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  • Gary James Guitar Lessons

    Gary James Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Gary James

    My teaching approach: I received my B.M. in Jazz Studies from DePaul University School of Music in 2004. There, I was a member of the DePaul Big Band and DePaul Orchestra. I have been a music instructor since 1997 and I am proficient in guitar, string bass, electric bass, piano and mandolin, violin and cello. Lessons are custom tailored, focusing on students interests, needs and strengths. HAVE FUN WITH MUSIC! My influences are: I am influenced by thoughtful musicianship that exhibits creativity, experimentation, control and insight as opposed to shredding and hot dogging. Also, I get inspired
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  • Tom Holcomb Guitar Lessons

    Tom Holcomb Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Tom Holcomb

    My teaching approach: I am a music producer as well as a musician with a home studio. I have have been playing guitar and many other instruments for 15 years. I will be happy to share my skills with anyone willing to learn My guitar lessons take place in: The student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: North Austin, South Austin, Buda, Kyle Guitar Techniques: Guidance In Equipment Selection, Recording and Production, Song Writing, Jamming Skills, Improvisation, Performance, Vocal Accompaniment, Rhythm guitar
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  • Pfluger-Rock School Of Music

    Pfluger-Rock School Of Music

    Parker Lane, TX · Office Manager

    Best describes my music education organization: music school offering a guitar curriculum, guitar studio offering guitar lessons Description about my music education organization's philosophy, experience, community, curriculum, and faculty: The Pfluger-Rock School of Music offers private, weekly music lessons in a clean, safe, fun, and family oriented environment. Since 2000, we have taught thousands of students from the Pflugerville, Round Rock, north Austin and Hutto communities. Our experienced and enthusiastic staff of degreed music instructors teach lessons in Guitar (acoustic and electr
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  • Darrell Tetar Guitar Lessons

    Darrell Tetar Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Darrell Tetar

    My teaching approach: I have been a professional guitar player for over 30 years, I play almost all genres of music and have toured and recorded extensively with some of the best bands in North America. I own a studio in Vancouver and have up to a dozen guitars at any given time, bass and drums, I have USA teles, strats, Gibson les Pauls, Fender hot rod and marshall tube amps, top of the line recording gear. I developed a method of teaching that 1000's of studends have gone through in 1/3rd the time of a conventional school and learned more! C My influences are: SRVaughn, Kansas, Deep Purple,
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  • Elizabeth Sullivan Instrumental Classes

    Elizabeth Sullivan Instrumental Classes

    Austin, TX · Elizabeth Sullivan

    Ms. Elizabeth Sullivan is going into her third year of teaching elementary music in the Austin Independent School District. She is a graduate of Berklee College of Music (Class of 2014), where she studied Music Education and Psychology. Her primary instrument is the upright bass, and she has been playing for over fourteen years. Ms. Sullivan loves to sing and play many other instruments such as: drums, guitar, piano, saxophone, and trombone. Her most memorable performance so far was playing the trombone in the 2013 Presidential Inauguration Parade with the Boston College Marching Band. Elizabe
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  • Wykyd Musicianship

    Wykyd Musicianship

    Austin, TX · Tom Wyka

    Music is my life. It is all I want to do. I also have a deep love for knowledge and growth. To be able to influence and share my passion with another sometimes fills me with a deeper joy than playing itself. I have listed quite a few topics to teach. Be assured I am beyond competent in all. I have a knack for seeing deeper and understanding people. I have the patience and willingness to teach anyone. I also see the greatness and potential in all people. I will respond to you in your best interest. If you need a gentle guidance, it will be received. However, it will be with a strong hand to pus
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  • Aimee Bobruk Guitar Lessons

    Aimee Bobruk Guitar Lessons

    Parker Lane, TX · Aimee Bobruk

    My teaching approach: Professional and award winning songwriter. Lessons include reading music, ear training, & performance. Songwriting lessons also included for blossoming songwriters. I've been performing professionally in Austin for over ten years and I work hard to cater lessons to the student's personal goals, whether that be learning scales or a favorite popular song. My influences are: To many: see My guitar lessons take place in: The teacher's studio or the student's home Guitar Lessons with me take place in the following areas: Lessons at Central Austin
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  • Jon Kim Classical Guitar Lessons

    Jon Kim Classical Guitar Lessons

    Austin, TX · Jon Kim

    Learn classical guitar from a conservatory trained musician through lessons tailored to your individual needs. In no time, you will be able to learn how to play classical guitar. Contact me for more information.

  • Christopher Moore

    Christopher Moore

    Austin, TX · Christopher Moore

    I am extremely well versed in many styles of music. Additionally, I have extensive teaching experience in one-on-one and classroom style lecturing at the university level. My teaching style is custom designed, and is based on each student's needs and personal goals.

  • Austin Blues Guitar Lessons

    Austin Blues Guitar Lessons

    Austin, TX · Jake Andrews

    Welcome to Austin Blues Guitar Lessons! I specialize in private guitar lessons in the Austin area for all ages and levels. Beginner to advanced guitar lessons are offered. Are you a music lover? Wanna learn how to play like the greats: Albert King, B.B. King, and Freddy King, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmie Vaughan and Stevie Ray Vaughan? I’m a young guy, but I’ve had a lifetime of performing around the world with many of the legendary players. I’d love to help anybody who’s a serious blues and rock lover. In customized music lessons, I’ll help you to develop y
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Austin Guitar Lessons

(9 reviews)

Austin Guitar Instruction

Getting inspired to take Guitar lessons in Austin Texas
To put it simply, there is an incredible amount of music ringing in the city of Austin and when it comes to learning guitar there may be no better place. The live music capital of the world boasts more than just record setting concerts like Austin City Limits, which draws some of the finest musicians from around the world into it’s shows. For those learning guitar, step no further than Austin Bergstrom international Airport to get some inspiration, as there are shows played inside the airport every day. It's great!

Look to Austin's Greatest Guitar Players
If you are looking for more inspiration, look to some of Austin’s greatest guitar players, like Stevie Ray Vaughn and even his guitar mentor and teacher, Albert King. If you are a country music player, look to great musicians like Willie Nelson who found themselves at bars like the Hole in the Wall. Eddie Munoz with the skunks and all the other great venues, including Stubbs Barbecue and the Nutty Brown Café give the city a great history to build upon. The 10 foot guitars as an art project around the city are yet another exciting moment in the cities history – when Gibson guitar town showed up. If you are inspired enough to take some lessons in Austin Texas, be it north in Round Rock or more towards the south of Austin on South Lamar, has guitar lessons and guitar teachers for you. Consider the great singer and songwriter Townes Van Zandt, who wrote some of his most hallowed tunes in Austin. Consider Waterloo records, a record shop which was at one point the best independent record store in the country. The music scene in Austin might not be bigger.

What Austin has to offer
If you want to take guitar lessons in Austin you can try an experienced instructor on The site offers all types of guitar lessons, acoustic guitar lessons, electric guitar, fingerstyle, flatpicking, blues guitar and so much more. If you are looking for it, you can find great guitar lessons here. With an abundance of musicians, new lesson goers have a wide range of opportunity when it comes to taking lessons. From college student guitar players at the University of Texas to the musicians with decades of playing experience, the city has an unbelievable amount of talent to learn from. Lessons are useful for beginners who wish to find inspiration to get started and helpful for those on an intermediate level, giving them the tools necessary to fine tune their skills. For teachers of lessons the city of Austin provides a continuous flow of new residents, coming from all parts of the country. Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, and a young town at that. Guitar lesson instructors can find themselves, if they work towards it, with a full schedule of eager students ready to learn. Whether you are a student just starting out, or a guitar player of many years, Austin Texas is one of the greatest places to start learning to play guitar today!