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I teach a very unique approach to breath support that 95% of other voice teachers do not. The technique I teach builds a strong core, a very strong voice and it gives the singer total control. I also coach and instruct each student as the unique individual they are and, through vocal music, help them discover and develop how best to express what makes them a "one of a kind" in the world. It's about uncovering/revealing their own true voice and empowering the singer with all the tools necessary to take their singing as far as they want to.

I enjoy working with all ages & experience levels. In 1997 I founded The Performer Studio (TPS), a non-profit school for singers (more info at link below). I did this because I wanted to offer more than just vocal and performance coaching, but also artist mentoring and direction, and a wholistic approach to training where all aspects of a great vocal performance are explored and strengthened. The Performer Studio is basically a vocal artist's studio where singers can expertly craft every aspect of their voice.

My own training and experience...

I completed my BFA in Acting from the Actor Training Program at the University of Utah (4 year conservatory) and then moved to California where I completed my MFA in Musical Theatre Performance and Education from San Diego State University. While there, I spent an extra year writing a scholarly thesis as my basis for teaching how to bring a musical theatre character to life from the page. After that, I moved to Los Angeles where I completed 5 years of post graduate vocal study with world-renowned master vocal instructor, Edward Sayegh at the American Musical Theatre Workshop. He helped me get my dream voice and from that, the inspiration to share what I had learned with other singers wanting the same. While in Los Angeles I also studied with professional coaches on stage presence, microphone technique, audience interaction, leading a band as a lead singer, chord charting, practical application of basic music theory, and more.

While in Los Angeles, I also did a great deal of performing as a lead singer in various working bands and a great deal of recording as a session singer for various projects with songwriters. I took every opportunity along the way to teach and work with like-minded passionate singing performers. I have performed leading roles in musical theatre and have fronted several bands in the pop/rock/blues/jazz genres and understand the demands of a lead singer in various musical situations.

On a side note, I've also studied the Law Of Attraction in many forms and through it all, developed my own method for teaching that to performers in a practical way that takes them way beyond what they thought they could do by expanding how they think of themselves and their possibilities in life.

For more information on my teaching see the section on "What I enjoy about the work I do..." This offers insight into what makes my coaching and vocal technique different from other instructors.

To learn more about my private voice and/or performance coaching sessions and the group courses I offer through The Performer Studio please visit:






I love watching singers grow into confident performers and confident people who are eager to take on new challenges with their voice and with their whole self.

As a teacher/coach, I can be driving and motivational and "kick your butt" when needed/wanted. I can also be the nurturing, kind therapist-of-sorts when appropriate to help uncover why you might be holding yourself back as a singer. Singing can be a very emotional experience since you ARE the instrument. My approach with each student is very individualized. I know that as a coach it's essential that I be very aware of where you're "at" during the entirety of your journey as a student. As you grow, it's my job to be fully aware of how you're progressing, what, if anything, might be holding you back, what next steps are in order to help you reach your goals, etc. I work to balance my approach as a coach so that you keep moving forward, but at a pace that really works for you. Through it all, I am your cheerleader and am genuinely thrilled at each new achievement, no matter how big or small it might seem. My mission is to help you unearth your potential and discover the true excitement that can come from singing with YOUR voice.

Something that isn't always talked about is that about 85% of singing is mental and emotional. You ARE the instrument. Therefore, while you may have a very strong vocal instrument, it might not always work that way for you. This is because how you THINK and FEEL about yourself and your abilities in large part dictates what you can DO as a singer. That is why I have also studied the Law of Attraciont and these other wholistic aspects of learning. This more subconcious/emotional work is of course for students who wish to explore those aspects and is never forced on anyone. I just have found that in addition to the myriad of fun and empowering vocal exercises and breath support core work that we cover, sometimes these other avenues can be very empowering and can augment learning and take a person to the next level and the next and the next. Lessons can include just simply exercises and singing songs but they can also include breaking down those conscious and sub-conscious barriers when and if they come up. These unearthed aspects that have held otherwise, amazing singers, in first gear so-to-speak can be turned around and greatly empower people. Most of the time, we stand in our own ways in life. In singing, this is no different. When it does happen, it can be truly devastating to some. I have learned how to show people for whom this is an issue, how to flip it around and make it not just empowering but life changing.

Lastly, I just want to offer this: through years of study and experience as a singing performer myself, I know that when I don't practice my vocal exercises, I lose my drive or life gets in the way of my ability to maintain my voice, I lose strength, and range and flexibility and breath support...but most importantly, I lose confidence. I also know that if I don't practice believing in myself and actively stay aware of what I'm thinking and feeling that my voice won't work as well as it can. We all have times in life where we lose that faith in ourselves, get away from our daily practice or whatever...life can throw us some pretty tricky stuff. However, without those times of self-doubt, laziness and/or self-sabotage, I wouldn't be the teacher I am today. I am grateful for every low I've ever hit personally because each low always teaches me how to help others out of it when they hit their own. Life is life, and it takes us all kinds of places. Knowing how to navigate the tough spots and still bring ourselves back to our joy of singing is crucial. Music is life and for singers...it is even moreso.

If any of what you've read here feels like a good fit to you, send me a message, I'd love to hear from you, have a dialogue and get to know more about why you LOVE to sing!

Thanks for taking the time to read all this! :)


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    Cecily S.

    Kait has been a joy to work with. As a parent I have loved her. She sends over notes for each of my kids after every lesson so I’m kept in the loop as to what they’re working on. I have 2 kids taking lessons from her and she has been wonderful to cater to their specific interest as well as pushing them to develop their talents. We highly recommend her!
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    September 29, 2020
    Hired on Lessons


    Cate S.

    Kait makes everything so easy to understand! Also, my lessons with her are really productive and fun. She has a great sense of humor and is both super intelligent and humble. She has an amazing voice and has been able to already help me sing things that before were really hard. Lessons are a time I look forward to. I feel like she really takes the time to not only get me but to check in and see how Im really doing each time we meet. Weve met twice so far and I cant wait for our next session! HIGHLY recommend Kait.
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    June 12, 2020
    Hired on Lessons



    Kait has been great to work with! I’ve been taking lessons for about 8 mos, mostly because I wanted to try something new and do something fun—which it had been! I was a little nervous at first to take lessons because singing is not my strongest talent, but Kait has always been very kind and encouraging. I always leave a lesson feeling great and excited to keep practicing.
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    August 15, 2019


    Haley B.

    I love how The Performer Studio treats everyone like family and makes everyone feel so welcomed. Kait is an incredibly talented, dedicated, and hard-working individual. She strives to help each student reach his/her potential and truly cares about each and every one of them. I have learned so much from Kait throughout the years both in performance aspects as well as in vocal. She is not only a one-of-a kind teacher, but also a dear friend to me.
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    August 08, 2019


    Emilee C.

    The Performer Studio was a great place for me to sing what I want to sing and accomplish the goals that I wanted to with my singing. Kait provides a great platform to allow singers to pick actual songs that they would prefer to sing and how to exude confidence on stage! Anyone who wants to advance a hobby or create a career around music and performance should go to Kait!
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    August 05, 2019


    Emily B.

    Ive been with KAIT for about 10 years on and off and it was the best thing for me ever. She helped me grow as a singer in more ways than I can count. She is one of the best people that I know and I love her to death. Thanks for all the fun an experience KAIT!
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    August 03, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    When I start with someone new, I get to know you and your voice and how you feel about your voice. We then discuss specific goals and areas of desired improvement and then we get right to work. I always start by laying a strong foundation of breath support by doing a regular regimen of core strengthening, and reviewing a basic anatommical review of how the voice works and how to keep it strong and healthy. I find it really helps students to understand what is going on inside their bodies to create the sounds they love. I work on range building, tone, color, belting, dynamics. head vs. chest voice, mix voice and recommend that we always have song material to work on together so we're constantly applying what we're learning with vocal exercises to the songs that you most want to sing.  

    -BFA from the Actor Training Program at the University of Utah under the direction of Kenneth Washington 

    -MFA in Musical Theatre Performance and Education from San Diego State University

    -Post-Graduate study in Vocal Performance from the American Musical Theatre Workshop in Los Angeles, CA under the direction of Edward Sayegh, master voice teacher

    $35 for 30 minute lessons

    $45 for 45 minute lessons

    $55 for 60 minute lessons

    Monthly discounts when 4 or more weekly lessons are purchased together.

    My peers in graduate school (along with the undergraduate students there) continually came to me for coaching tips. I also got assigned a few performance coaching jobs for various theatrical productions while in graduate school. I realized that coaching and instruction came very naturally to me and more importantly, that I seemed to be making a difference in people's skills and confidence. Mostly, I really enjoyed helping fellow performers find their connection to character and discover ways to release their natural voice onstage by connecting the vocal to something deeper...purpose. Someone suggested that I had a unique way of helping singers connect the dots so that singing and performing were both effortless and that I should start charging a fee for my sessions and it just took off from there. Since then, throughout my own career as a singer, I've always incorporated teaching because I love both so much and the performing I do informs what I teach and vice versa. I still sing when I want to but have devoted 90% of my life to teaching and building a studio where we celebrate peer support, inclusivity, discipline and excellence within ourselves. It's become more of a mission to help people realize their full potential and offer guidance along their personal journeys. 

    I work with students of all levels of experience from the complete novice to the seasoned professional in need of some coaching from time to time to prepare for big auditions. I work with all ages and abilities. While in Los Angeles I coached two TV stars, which was a lot of fun too. 

    Recently my students and I performed at the 2019 Utah Pride Festival and then produced our own full concert at the end of Pride month in a local music venue. We focused on the 50 Years Of Stonewall slogan "Exist. Resist. Persist." showcasing LGBTQ+ themed songs and Queer artists from many eras of popular music. We are known as a studio that creates a safe space for our LGBTQ community of singers and especially teens who are coming out and experiencing strife in other places in their lives. Here students know they can be true to themselvs and that their peers at The Performer Studio will always honor and respect who they truly are. 

    My best advice for students looking for a good fit teacher-wise is to have a conversation with them. You want someone who is going to really listen to you and who creates a space where you feel safe to take risks and try new things. As singers, WE ARE the instrument. It's not like a guitar that you put in a nice case until the next time you pick it up to play it. Our whole self is involved in singing. How we feel, think and do things all play a part in how our voice works for us. You want someone who understands the complexity of how all of those things affect our voice and what we believe we can do with it. There's a percentage of our jobs as voice teachers that is part therapist in that, we help you uncover what might be holding you back from your dream voice. Your teacher should be like a trusted friend whom you can talk freely with. If you don't feel that you can be fully yourself, that could pose a problem in your ability to grow with them as a mentor/partner. 

    Some questions that I think are good to think through before talking with potential teachers include...

    1. What do I hope to get out of lessons?

    2. What kind of music do I most want to be able to sing?

    3. Do I want to compete for leading roles or lead vocal performance opportunities?

    4. What have I been able to do naturally (ie: what are my natural strengths)?

    5. What prior training and/or performance experience have I had? And is there something new I'm looking for in my future training?

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