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(I am new to lessons.com and currently have no reviews, please search me on Yelp to find some reviews from students.)

- I teach mostly private piano lessons, but I also can teach flute, clarinet, saxophone, recorder, basic singing, songwriting, music theory, and music composition. I have Masters and Doctoral degrees in Music Composition, so that’s my specialty. It’s rare that I have students who are looking for a teacher solely for guidance in writing their own music, so I like to incorporate this kind of creativity in piano and instrumental lessons.

- Most students love the creative aspect of music, and it gives them an outlet from a style of learning that can sometimes be too academic and restrictive. I teach humanistically and I am not a “one size fits all” type of teacher. I teach everyone differently according to their personality, musical tastes, abilities, interests, learning style, patience, attention to detail, etc. I’m very good at analyzing students and helping them progress, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and finding music they enjoy that’s at the right level.

- I have a couple of students that I teach in a non-traditional manner, and I’m really proud of them. Others prefer a strict, old-fashioned structured lesson. I’m like a chameleon that way! It’s fun to teach differently and have new challenges. It’s also important to me to teach in an organic fashion, where students learn what interests them when they are ready and see the value. This way, learning is genuine, and they learn to love music and follow intrigue.

- Students have access to a variety of pianos and materials that include: a brand new baby grand piano, upright piano, digital piano with lots of sounds and features, toy pianos, music books, rhythm sticks, flash cards, music software for writing music, etc.

- When I teach, I go over ALL aspects of music. I do not gloss over or skip over something a student can't do. I work with them until they make progress. This includes: rhythm, scales, technique, music theory, sight-reading, musicality, phrasing, listening skills, knowing how to interpret trills, learning practice techniques, etc.

- I create lesson videos for students when they have to miss a lesson. These are unlisted youtube videos that are designed for the student and can be watched and used in place of missing a lesson. This way students don't feel bad about missing a lesson and they can still learn, plus repeat the video! This is a new feature I started in 2018 and students really appreciate it.

- I am open to and have experience teaching students to play by ear without reading music (or limited reading), but still teaching music concepts and building a musical vocabularly.

- I refund unused lessons if you quit or move away. Many teachers ask people to pay for many lessons upfront and won't give any refunds!

- I have a bargain bin of used sheet music for sale for $1-2. I enjoy thriftshopping and I'm always looking for music for students. It helps them have more music and save money!

Following and leading students down their various different paths of learning about music, playing it, and unlocking creativity and potential. I enjoy a good challenge as well! No student is the same, so I enjoy following different journeys through new music, triumphs, and struggles. As a teacher, I learn a lot from my students. Most of all, I enjoy the long term process of watching children and adults grow with their experiences, especially if I started teaching them music on day one. The more years a student takes lessons with me, the more they are like family.


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    Jason G.

    I’ve been taking piano with Jeff for several months and I am so glad I found him. I’m a beginner and very new to music and lessons, so I’m slow, but it’s all very interesting and exciting for me. Jeff really takes the time to make sure I’m doing more than just playing notes correctly, but also that I know how to practice, identify and solve issues in music I’m learning, plus other interesting information about pianos and how music works. He’s been able to answer all of my questions and guide me through getting started with piano. I appreciate that he listens to what I have to say and gives me great feedback on what I do well and what I need to work on. Dr. Jeff has a natural talent for teaching and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a teacher.
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    January 25, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    The student and I get to know each other through discussion and different activities.  This process varies from student to student.  I once had an adult student come in with a very organized prepared speech of what she wanted to learn, what she wanted out of lessons, her preferences, etc. (I loved it!).  Other new students come in only knowing they enjoy piano (or their chosen instrument), love music, and want to play.  That's ok too!  Either way, I figure out what the student's goals are, what music they enjoy, and what they want out of lessons.  Then I begin to gauge the student's ability level and knowledge of music through simple activities and questions about music.  After about three lessons (at the most), I have a good impression what direction to take with the student.  This can include using a lesson book (with an appropriate pace and level for the student), working on existing music from the past, choosing music suggested by me, and even learning to play by ear without reading music.         

    - BM, MM, and DMA (Doctorate of Musical Arts) in music

    - teaching private music lessons since 2000                                                      

    - full time piano, winds, and voice teacher since 2014

    - Dr. Jeff Music Lessons incorporated as a business in 2016  

    - General Music Teacher K-8 at Children First Academy      

    - Music Lessons Instructor at Monty's Music                          

    - Performer with Arizona Wind Symphony (winds & piano)

    30mins - $30

    45mins - $45

    60mins weekly - $55

    60mins biweekly - $60

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