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I provide affordable lessons in your home for students of any age. With custom lessons tailored to each student, I have a wide range of experience of genres and material including Faber, Alfred's, Bastien, and Hal Leonard. I have a Bachelor's degree in Music Theory and Composition and have been teaching piano and guitar for four years. I teach private lessons five days a week at a music school and travel one day; I have nearly fifty students. I am currently available Monday through Thursday until noon or later depending on the day. For any questions not answered here or to book lessons, contact me via email at [email protected]

I have taught students ranging from age 4 to age 65 and the principals remain the same with all students. The context changes from person to person, and the context is what I enjoy the most about teaching. I love helping to develop a desire for music and challenging students to think beyond the easy answers. Why does music matter to you? Only you can answer that, but I will help you find out and you will learn and develop a lot in yourself along the way.


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Heather B.

Tyler is a wonderful piano teacher. My 8 year old daughter looks forward to her lessons and he is keeping her very engaged.
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April 26, 2018
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Frequently asked questions

On a first lesson, I like to spend a bit more time than what's been paid for so that the student has ample chance to ask any questions that they have and so that there is time to get to know one another a bit.  Being told what to do by a stranger can be very stressful and seem unfair to children, so I try to make our time together fun.  I will assess the ability of the student by the end of the lesson and (if needed) recommend cirriculum.  My goal is to teach music, but it is a great means to help adolescent students in particular out of their shells.  

I have studied several instruments and been in a few bands usually as the singer.  I also have a Bachelor's degree in Music Theory and Composition.  I have taken ten years of piano lessons and still practice regularly.  I took two years of guitar lessons and I still practice regularly.

I offer 30 minute lessons at $20.00, 45 minute lessons at $30.00, and upon my approval $40.00 for full hour lessons.

I began teaching first while in college and taught for almost two years there, in Minnesota.  Then I moved to Phoenix and worked in construction until I was offered a position as a private instructor at a school of music.  

I work with boy and girl students of wide age ranges. My youngest boy was 4 and my youngest girl is 5.  My oldest male student is 51 and my oldest female is 65.  I have taught students everywhere in between, but mostly teens and preteens.  I am very patient, but try to be firm when I believe it necessary.  I have some limited experience with special needs. Most of my students want to be learning lessons, and I try to nurture that excitement in keeping the lessons very fun.  For the students who don't want to be learning music, but a parent is making them, I don't disagree with the decision, but try to utilize methods of my Montessori experience by empowering the student to make better decisions and then provide positive reinforcement for their successes and help them to conquer their shortcomings in a manner that is agreed upon between they and I.  Students aren't told what to do so much as encouraged to be self motivators with me.  

I was asked to be a groomsman in my best friend's wedding.  I was aslo asked to play and sing at the same wedding.  I got a cold the week before the wedding and completely lost my singing voice.  I had to let the backup singers do the lead singing while I played their accompaniment and helped them with their timing with cues hopefully only they picked up on.  I felt really bad about not being able to sing, but the married couple was so happy that nothing could damper their spirits and the music was still very well done.  

A good teacher should be able to explain music theory to a student so that their knowledge continues to grow the further into lessons they get.  Teachers should know a lot of technical points, and in truth most teachers do know the technical points of their instrument fairly well.  Piano instructors usually have a good handle on theory, whereas guitar instructors don't have the same grip on it as often.  This is something to watch for.  Beyond that, make sure that you get an instructor who you feel you could connect with and have fun learning from.  Consider a trial lesson before committing to ongoing lessons with an instructor.

The biggest thing a student can do for themself is have a clear image of their goals and expectations.  Not all lessons need to be rigorous training to become the best there is.  That type of music is not for everyone.  Maybe you want to be able to play anything you encounter, maybe you want to learn Jazz or Blues improvisation; maybe you want to learn Pop or Rock.  Whatever your desires are, the best thing you can do is to be able to articulate them.  One other thing that needs to be considered is your dedication to practice.  You must ask yourself "how much will I practice?"  Without practice, you will not improve much.  Some instructors want you to practice a little bit every day, some want 5 x a week, some 3.  The greatest tools of improvement is self honesty and self motivation.  

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