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Offers online services


I have more than 25 years of experience teaching students of every age, from children (age 4+) to adults as old as 80. I received my degrees in violin teaching and performance from a European music conservatory, and have taught and performed in various settings throughout the 25 years living in the U.S.

I enjoy teaching students at every stage of their progress, from beginners to advanced players. Having a variety of students has always been a welcome challenge to me. I'm able to work in a playful and relaxed manner with the young students, gradually using a more focused and targeted approach with the older ones, while trying to keep everyone engaged and interested, with each person's specific abilities and goals in mind.

I have taught many adult students throughout the years - helping them discover this instrument or else helping them to get back into playing music after a break.

I'm experienced and comfortable with the very young. I designed a method and published an instruction book for young beginners (age 4-7) that helps them ease into the early challenges of learning the violin. The student starts to learn through rhythm patterns with visual cues and attractive pictures. This help them to focus and enjoy the process of learning the violin in those first challenging weeks. My book "Sing on the Violin" is available on Amazon.com

The focus in all of my lessons is on technique and musical expression, while using a positive, encouraging approach, with the goal of having students discover and enjoy their own talents and potential along their musical journey.


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    nm C.

    As an adult learning the violin, I could not have asked for better instruction. Emmanuelles study program includes outstanding underlying basic techniques and best practices coupled with flexibility in song choices that keep learning fun and fast paced. I look forward to every lesson because I learn so much each time. Friends and family are amazed at my progress thanks to Emmanuelles professional and engaging teaching abilities! -N. Conti
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    July 03, 2023

    jen B.

    Emmanuelle is a brilliant musician and yet has the ability to teach someone who has never picked up the instrument. She keeps the lesson fun and interesting, especially for my easily distracted child. I wish we would have found her years ago! I highly recommend her!
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    June 29, 2023

    kathie H.

    At 70 years old I decided I wanted to learn to play the violin as
    a way to stimulate my brain and also learn a new hobby.
    The violin is an incredibly challenging instrument to learn, but with Emmanuelles guidance, encouragement, and suggested techniques, I feel I am advancing at a good pace.
    As a student, my role is to practice regularly, (preferably daily), and be patient with my level of progress.
    I meet with Emmanuelle once a week at her studio which is a very warm and inviting environment.
    I recommend Emmanuelle highly, as she is a first class instructor
    and her breath of knowledge and professionalism is outstanding.
    Kathie H.
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    June 29, 2023

    mercy O.

    Ms Emmanuel is a great teacher. Very patient and methodical. She makes learning to play the violin fun while encouraging her students to perform at their best. She tailors lessons to each students level , talent and abilities and nurtures their growth and progress. She introduced my daugher to rythyms on the voilin using animal names. Now my daughter can bow songs on the violin . My daughter passed her recent ASTACAP violin test with confidence and pride.
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    June 27, 2023

    Sarah C.

    Emmanuelle Scully is a lovely woman and an increasible teacher. She has great expertise with the violin, but she also really understands children and their various stages of development. She does an increafible job at teaching to a child’s developmental level. Both of my children (age 4 & 7) started at the same time. I assumed they would each get the same introductory lesson. However, the lesson that Mrs. Emmanuelle gave to my 4 year old was a different lesson, teaching the same concepts, but targeted for a four year old.
    Emmanuelle teaches from her expertise and with high expectation, but she delivers the learning through fun, playful, and engaging interactions. My children love working with her and always look forward to seeing her. They don’t mind reaching for her expectations because they are delivered in such a fun, respectful, and delightful way. Mrs. Emmanuelle truly delights in children. Her delight over children feels refreshingly therapeutic. I am a therapist who specializes in providing reparative experiences of delight to traumatized children. I have often wished that all children could have the experience of working with Mrs. Emmanuelle and experiencing her delight over them.
    Mrs. Emmanuelle has written and illustrated her own lesson book. Her book is the guide that informs lessons. Her book is abosolutely beautiful, wonderfully creative, and simplifies the complexities of the violin so that they can be understood by young and beginning learners. While Mrs. Emmanuelle is exceptionally competent in working with the advanced mucisian, her book is targeted to the beginning learner. Her book introduces the beats of notes as animals. The children love to practice clapping and playing the animals. Then, she very gradually introduces that each animal has a corresponding note. She also uses color coding of the strings to introduce the child to reading music and correlate the notes and colors they see to the strings on the violin. Mrs. Emmanuelle’s ultimate goal is to teach young children to read and play music, rather than relying solely on memorization. She has so thoughtfully pulled the very complex back to simplify it for young learners. She then gradually moves the children forward toward the complex. She does this in a way that is so subtle that the children hardly realize they are moving forward.
    We adore Mrs. Emmanuelle and 4 stings studio. We highly recommend Mrs. Emmanuelle. We are 100% confident that you, too, will appreciate Mrs. Emmanuelle’s expertise and love the way she gently and respectfully works with your children and draws them into loving the violin.
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    February 13, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    First lesson is free. I evaluate the student's level of playing if he or she has any experience at all, and discuss their short and long term goals. I adjust my approach to every specific age group and level of experience. I encourage the student to practice using clear instruction and practical tips. My goal is to pass on the enjoyment and excitement of making music, and discovering ones potential.

    I have a violin teaching and performance degree of a European music conservatory. Over 25 years of experience in both teaching and performing. I

    30 min $35

    45 min $50

    60 min $65

    siblings discount available

    I have been playing the violin since age 5 and it was a natural progression to turn it eventually into a professional career.

    All ages and levels. from 4 to 80.

    Talk to the teacher in person or over the phone.

    Schedule a trial lesson to see if you feel comfortable with the teacher personally and if the teaching style fits you.

    The student should tell the teacher about his/her experience.

    What music style they want to learn, and make sure the teacher is comfortable with that. (not everyone teaches all styles)

    If a teacher has a classical background or other.

    Ask what they can expect in the first few months.

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