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Offers online services


Are you bored with your current piano lessons? Wishing you could learn fun, engaging, fresh music like pop, video games, or songs from movies but constantly told no or "you're not ready" by your teacher? Time to turn your boat around and enroll at pearl river piano studio with John Rogers. I'm in the business of making piano fun to learn, easy to learn, and a breeze to perform.

Beginners with no experience? No problem. I've got easy to grasp methods for every age. Intermediate or advanced pianists needing a teacher that will choose repertoire based on your strengths, personality and style? See me immediately. This is my favorite-not a lot of piano teachers offer this-if you're a college student taking a piano course and need additional tutoring-call me beep me if you wanna reach me! My sense of humor and knack for making light of tough situations might make you want to ditch that college class piano course and stick with my lessons (I'm still going to make sure you ace that course though;) I've got optional performance and competitive opportunities for the budding concert pianist, and a brand new piano studio opening this month for you to hone your craft.

Bottom line-I'm in the business of making awesome music feel, sound, and look awesome, and not here to just "teach piano." Let's find out why you love to play and expand that idea into something motivating and inspiring. You'll come to find that taking lessons with me is more ham just hitting the right keys, but finding your identity in music and communicating that thru the music you play.

I've been a piano teacher with the Los Angeles Music & Art School for six years since studying piano performance at the University of West Florida, and now opening my brand new home studio equipped with a new pearl river grand piano I was awarded the 2011 Music Teachers Association of California Award for "Unusual Promise in the Field of Piano Performance" and the Pasadena City College Collaborative Piano Award. My students have arranged pop and video game music, won first place in local competitions, and have been accepted to the Colburn Conservatory. On an oridinary day, you'll find me pounding out some Mozart or Star Wars with a student, or hiking around the city with my dog, Canelo.

I love guiding students to reach their full potential of piano playing talent, to hone it, own it, and go out into the world with music making confidence knowing they will touch the lives of many including their own!


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Offers online services

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    Evelyn H.

    Good material to learn and teacher is patient and encouraging.
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    May 19, 2021
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    Frequently asked questions

    For new beginners, I introduce the basic fundamentals of the keyboard, including keyboard geography, rhythm, and beginning note reading. I'm there every step of the way playing and demonstrating with the student. Based on their work, we devise a plan of study. 

    For transfers, I like to assess at least two pieces they are currently playing or previously played. I then like to assess any sale or technique work done (i.e. What major or minor scales do you know) and from there I add and refine to what they have, and develop a repertoire plan. 
    For adults or those with specific interests, we would discuss his or her specific interests and level of experience, and make a lesson plan from there. 

    I have a Bachelor of Music in piano performance from the university of west Florida, collaborative piano work at Pasadena City College, and I've enjoyed learning and performing with other professional musicians, such as Paul Stein, violinist with the LA Phil. In addition I have six rigorous years of piano teaching, in which I've worked with students of all ages, levels, backgrounds, and prepared them for recitals, auditions, and the pure enjoyment of making music. 

    $500 for 3 one hour lessons, studio class a month

    I actually started teaching just as a substitute, I'd fill in for teachers on vacation, who were out sick, etc. Then a teacher quit and I "adopted" the day I was subbing for, and my student roster has been growing ever since; I work with over 50 pianists now. Students come to me thru referrals, word of mouth, and students at risk of quitting who needed to try another teacher, worked with me, loved it and ended up sticking with me. 

    I've worked with students as young as six and as old as 80! Youngsters, teens, adults, recreational and serious players, I've worked with blind students, students with autism, ADHD and Aspergers, and they all have something unique to offer.

    I'm fond of one of my students winning first place in a recent competition, he auditioned in the past and never made it thru preliminary round. Then he worked hard, doubled his practice, never gave up, and the following year flew they to finals and took home a first place trophy. It was a first class lesson in perseverance. 
    I'm also fond of my students working on movie music, I'm a big movie music fan and love presenting themed programs 

    You have to "click" with the teacher. They have to strike the right balance of work and fun. Piano is equal work, equal fun. You need a teacher that reinforces that principle in a positive way, while bringing out the best in you at the same time. 
    1) Do I have the time in my schedule to dedicate to daily practice? 
    2) Do I accept that piano playing is equal hard work and equal fun? 
    3) Can I make the boring aspects of piano seem fun and engaging with the help of an enthusiastic teacher? 
    4) am I ready to kick some serious butt at playing piano? (Of course you are, that's what I'm here for!) 

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