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The Cutting Board

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My passion is creating homemade dishes from scratch without any chemicals or preservatives. Teaching others to understand the key to any dish is a fresh sauce and proper cooking techniques. Making each step simple and fun! I have been cooking since I was a little girl in my grandmother’s kitchen making authentic Mexican food for our entire family every week. Then went on to take culinary classes to perfect my cooking techniques and I have been managing and teaching others in restaurants around America for the last 13 years. Also catering at all levels included, but not limited to, professional athletic teams, weddings, and specific organized events. I am serve safe certified to cook, prepared, and serve others in accordance with the health department in the state of California. I have opened 2 restaurants and one stadium during my 13 years of professional experience. Also for the last 2 years I have been professionally cook meals for clients across LA County, Orange County, and Inland Empire. You can find me on


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Justin P.

Nicole came over my house one afternoon and showed me that cooking can actually be fun and enjoyable. I always thought making good food had to come from a fancy restaurant or required many ingredients and processes. Thanks to Nicole, I now realized and know that the secret to good food involves basic and fresh ingredients, a happy attitude, some creativity and a can-do attitude. Thank you Nicole for making me realize that cooking at home is no longer a chore, but a fun adventure every time!
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August 01, 2018

Frequently asked questions

Explanation is the first step to ensure they understand how the recipe will be executed. Then gather ingredients, preparing ingredients for cooking and finally proper cooking techniques.

I have 13 years of professional experience in a restaurant environment, food handlers certification, a Bachelors degree in Food and Beverage Management, 5 years experience catering, and 2 years experience cooking with clients.

Usually $100 to $200 per person but depends on the dish they are wanting to execute.

I love to cook and when people started trying my menu items they asked me to start teaching and cooking for them. My experience led me to teaching others how to make the same great dishes. My love to create fresh organic meals has inspired me to teach others.

I have worked with all kinds of students from teenagers to adults and all nationalities.

I have had fun at all my events, but recently I had a student that wanted to learn how to cook with no experience ever before this day. He wanted to impress his significant other and I loved his willingness to learn. We first went over his expectations and then after deciding on a menu I showed up explained everything and then we cooked. I love questions, explaining, and informing my students why my techniques work.

Ask questions and pay attention to see if they are the right fit for you and a meal you are trying to execute.

What food dishes are you wanting to create? What are you wanting to learn? Do you have the right cooking utensils? What are you looking to learn?

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