Vocal Mastery Lessons

Vocal Mastery Lessons

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Offers online services
Offers online services


Aside from teaching vocal technique, I guide students on how to become a complete performer.

What I truly enjoy is helping students unlock the expressive potential of a singing voice that perhaps they thought they never had.


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Offers online services

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    He finds your own way to get it !!!! love it
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    October 01, 2020


    Michael R.

    Ive been taking lessons for a while now with a few coaches in person and online. Never made so much progress so fast as with Dmitri. He understood my issues from the first session and gave me amazing vocal tips right away. Recommending him with no reservations. Great voice teacher!
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    August 21, 2020



    I love singing! However, I used to shy away from the repertoire I truly love because I had problems running out of breath and never thought my voice was capable of managing anything close to classical music. After a few lessons with Dmitri, Im able to sing with much more freedom. Those long, seemingly impossible phrases are now not only manageable but enjoyable. I used to sing with the voice of a shy little chick. Last lesson I vocalized to an incredibly high note with a powerful dramatic soprano sound. So happy with the progress!
    What a spectacular teacher! Extremely knowledgeable and kind.
    He can even make a frog sound like a lark!
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    July 15, 2020



    I am an actress in the LA area who never considered herself as someone with anything that resembles a singing voice. At one point I decided to take a voice coaching before a nerve-racking audition where I was finally required to sing.
    After Dmitri guided me through just a few vocal exercises, I could not believe this free and melodic sound was still my voice! Needless to say, before my callback I was literally told “That was so beautiful” on my way out.
    If there is anything I ever need to coach, (Stage speaking or singing), I contact Dmitri. He has a busy schedule performing all over, but also really enjoys teaching and we always manage to arrange a time. Recommending him 100% with no reservations!
    PS: The song I had to prepare was literally in German, and he coached it to perfection.
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    May 20, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    At the end of our first lesson, you will be equipped with an essential list of singing principles which will serve as a valuable reference for the rest of your life, regardless who you will decide to study with in the future.

    I strongly believe in sharing the valuable knowledge acquired through years of experience on stage with the people who truly want it most. 

    This is why from the start you will not only begin to learn an enjoyable and healthy approach to singing, but also develop the knowledge of what to look out for on your own, to avoid improper training in the future. 

    In the first minutes of the lesson I would love to hear about your individual goals, your favorite music, and of-course what you enjoy singing most. After hopefully hearing you sing a musical passage of your choice, we will design a personalized plan of execution to start improving immediately!

    Graduate from:

    "The Manhattan School of Music conservatory" New York

    - Vocal Performance

    "Lee Strasberg theatre and film Institute" New York

    - Drama- Acting

    Lyric Opera Studio of Weimar (Germany)

    - Opera / Operetta Performance

    Most Notable private instructors: Michael Rhodes (Germany), Rita Schneider (Austria), Buonaldo Giaiotti, Franco Pagliazzi (Italy), Andrey Grigoriev (Russia), Trish Mccaffrey, Sesar Ulloa, Mark Schnaible, Neil Rosenshein, Sherrill Milnes (USA)

    Immediately after finishing my formal vocal studies in New York, I was hired as part time voice instructor in a children's music school.

    To the day I consider this experience a most valuable opportunity also for my own singing career. In teaching fragile young voices, I had the chance to develop a deep sense of responsibility for the delicate work of guiding a student’s voice through the beginning of a potentially life long path in music, as well as the opportunity to solidify my own understanding of singing.

    Even though my early teaching days began with children, through my career as a singer I've had the opportunity to give advice and guidance to students of various ages and genre interests. 

    Proper basic vocal technique is the golden ticket for any career in vocal music, whether operatic, Musical theater, Pop or Jazz. My own stage experience is proof that with correct technique one can successfully manage more than one genre.

    Recently, during the final applause of a successful solo concert performance, standing on stage before the orchestra, I caught my self thinking that just a few years ago I had virtually no voice to even speak up in public, or far less sing one simple musical tune from beginning to end in front of supporting family and friends.

    During that moment on stage, came the realization that I am a living example of the popular phrase: “If you can speak, you can sing”. And may I add “Learn to sing better than you ever dreamed of".

    Best wishes, and may you find your true voice!

    In my experience, choosing a knowledgeable and experienced voice teacher is by far the most crucial step for successful vocal development at any age.

    I would recommend to look for a professional singer with some success performing in the professional field who can share real world, up to date performance advice, as well as someone with a track record of excellent results with students.  

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