Black Belt 4th Dan Teacher In DC Area

Black Belt 4th Dan Teacher In DC Area

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I've been practicing Karate for over 35 years, trained with Kata European and World Champions, won National and International tournaments and I take this discipline very seriously.

I love teaching, passing the knowledge and seeing my students grow. Each person needs a customized training and this is why I love teaching. martial arts


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Sammy T.

We did not have years to learn a martial arts, Max taught my husband and I enough techniques to defend ourselves in moments of danger. Weve been practicing them ever since. As a teacher he trains with you and demonstrate everything he teaches you and that is a plus
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August 22, 2018

Guillo L.

Hes prepared, always pushing me to do more without putting in danger of hurting myself. Hes strong and very precise and knows how to teach people
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August 22, 2018

Frequently asked questions

Muscolar activation first, prepatory exercises, khion, kata, then self defence or kumite, depending on the student level and age

35 years of Karate, 5 years of Wing Chun and 4 of Judo. I've been in martial arts all my life.

I started teaching when I was 19 as the assistant of my first sensei (teacher)

All age. from 10 to 61 y.o.

Be serious about it and be clear in why you think you want to train. In martial arts you never get quick solutions, nor become "Bruce Lee" overnight! Martial Arts builds self-confidence, your body's strength, determination and ultimately give you the tools to defend yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. But they require, costant training and commitment. You are looking for a teacher who can show you a "short cut" to achieve all of this I am not the teacher for you.

Why do I want to learn Karate?

How serious am I?

Am I ready to work super hard, push my limits all the times (both mentally and phisically)?

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