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Unlock Your Potential with a Top-Quality Violin Teacher in Chicago

Private Violin Lessons Tailored for Junior High and Senior High School Students

Are you in search of a private violin teacher who possesses professional experience and an undeniable passion for music? Your search ends here! Joseph Glymph, a professional violinist, as well as the founder and conductor of The Classical Symphony Orchestra and The Protégé Philharmonic, two distinguished youth orchestras in Chicago, is ready to offer you a remarkable musical journey through his private violin lessons.

Unveiling a Unique Teaching Approach

With an extensive background in teaching and performing with renowned orchestras and chamber groups across the globe, Joseph Glymph's teaching transcends tradition. He has been Concertmaster of the Rockford Symphony Orchestra, Co-Concertmaster of the Elgin Symphony Orchestra, Assistant Concertmaster of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Guest Concertmaster of the Beloit-Janesville Symphony, Faculty member and Assistant Concertmaster of the Sewanee Summer Music Center in Tennessee, and a college professor in Chicago for 35 years. His aim is to cultivate technical mastery, musical expression, and profound love for the art form. By catering to the needs and aspirations of junior and senior high school students who are already familiar with the violin, he provides a customized learning experience.

Refine Your Technique, Enhance Your Musicality, and Excel in Auditions and Competitions

Joseph Glymph's expertise extends beyond the violin itself. He possesses a deep understanding of the instrument's role in the world of classical music. Whether you desire to refine your technique, enhance your musicality, or prepare for auditions and competitions, Joseph Glymph can offer you the guidance and support required to succeed. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, he will propel you toward reaching your full potential as a violinist and musician.

Experience the Joseph Glymph Difference

Learning from Joseph Glymph entails more than just acquiring violin skills. It is an enriching musical journey that will ignite your passion for the violin and foster personal growth. His commitment to his students is reflected in their transformative progress.

Convenient Location

Joseph Glymph conducts his private violin lessons in the welcoming ambiance of his home, which is situated in the beautiful Northwest Mayfair (Pulaski/Wilson) neighborhood of Chicago. This prime location offers a convenient and accessible setting for students to dive into their musical education.

Past students are professional musicians, teaching college, junior high, and high school, or continuing to play for personal pleasure!

Ready to Begin?

Further information about Joseph Glymph's background and teaching philosophy can be found on his official Facebook page. Take the first step towards unlocking your musical potential by contacting Joseph Glymph today to schedule your first private violin lesson. Do not miss this opportunity to embark on a remarkable journey that will elevate your skills and ignite your passion for the violin. Get ready to unleash your musical talent under the guidance of a top-tier violin teacher in Chicago. Call or text (773) 218-1943.


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0 reviews

maria C.

Mr. Glymph is a dedicated and experienced violin teacher, who will not only give you the tools you need to improve, but encourage a passionate love for music. Over the years, he has taught all of my three daughters violin. Out of all the teachers we have had, he has been, and continues to be, by far the most detailed, comprehensive, and effective teacher. He has a thorough lesson plan for wherever you are in your violin journey with intensive learning systems for scales, etude, pieces etc. He also supplements his lessons with CDs and DVDs about violin/musicianship. All of this comes at a reasonable price. My daughters have improved tremendously with him. We are very happy with Mr. Glymph, and if you practice, you will be too!
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November 05, 2023

michael j G.

Mr. Glymph was charismatic in his teaching and devoted to making sure that you learn things the proper way. He was very knowledgable, he knew the styles and techniques that allowed you to become a great violinist. His knowledge and experience as a violinist, gave him the necessary tools to be able to demonstrate those same styles and bowing techniques and give examples himself on the violin. He made sure you understood the fundamentals in music theory and the structure of what you were working on, whether it was a concerto, an etude or a scales exercise. Lessons were interesting and he kept you motivated. During his lessons you knew that he not only cared about the material being taught but you knew he wanted you to succeed. Mr. Glymph was not only your teacher but he was your friend. Its been over 20 years since our first lesson together and I can honestly say that he has taught me so much about music, the art of violin playing as well as given my guidance, taught me structure and helped shape me in becoming the person I am today, Thank you Mr. G.
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October 13, 2023

madeline S.

Mr. Glymphs teaching improved my technical base a huge amount. After taking lessons with Mr. G I went to college ready to tackle orchestral music on my own and excel in my private lessons. He is a kind but strict teacher who has high expectations for his students but also cares about them deeply.
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October 02, 2023

jan B.

Mr. Glymph was one of the most important teachers in my life. He transformed my playing. His systematic approach got me from being a clueless young player to a thoughtful calculating musician. After working with Mr Glymph for nearly ten years I became a confident violin player and I had the tools necessary to play any music on the violin. Mr Glymph became more than a teacher, he became a mentor and a father figure. Through our time together, he guided me to follow my passion for the violin and study in college. Following Mr Glymphs footsteps, I myself became an orchestra director in 2005. I only hope I can inspire and train my students as well as Mr. Glymph trained me. If you are serious about improving your playing, I highly recommend violin lessons with Mr Glymph.
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October 01, 2023

andrew F.

Joseph Glymph was my violin teacher during my senior year of high school, but I started playing with his orchestras,The Protege Philharmonic and The Classical Symphony, when I was a freshman in high school. He is not only a fine violinist, but a dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate teacher. Whether it was through his conducting, or his teaching, he always made me see music in a different and interesting way. I also loved how he was able to identify technical issues in my playing, and always had exercises and etudes I could study to fix them in the most efficient way possible. I know he has had many students over the years, and that they have gone on to do some great things. I’m glad I got the chance to learn from him. It’s definitely one of the reasons I won my current position with the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra. I truly believe any student will see, hear, and feel the benefits from studying with him.
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September 28, 2023

izabella G.

Mr. Glymph has been one of the most influential teachers I have ever had. I started lessons a few months before the college audition and came in knowing nothing about the technique and how to hold my instrument correctly. Mr. Glymph was very kind and motivating to give me a chance to learn and excel in playing the violin. With his expertise and encouragement, I made it into college almost with a full scholarship and now teach Orchestra at a public school. Mr. Glymph has inspired me to become a teacher and I am forever grateful for his hard work and for believing in me.
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September 27, 2023

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