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Have you always wanted to learn how to sing but never had the time? Do you have those upcoming Fall auditions that you want to nail? Do you sing in a band, church choir or choral society and need to learn a solid vocal technique from a true professional? Or do you simply want to take some voice lessons for the sheer joy of it. Voice lessons with Bethany Condon at the Foxboro Voice Studio will be fun and yet productive in a supportive and pleasant studio environment located in Foxboro, MA. I teach any age from kids to seniors, any level from I never had voice lessons but would like to try it to any style. Learn how to sing from a true professional with over 30 years of performance experience and over a decade of teaching and graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.


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Frequently asked questions

When working with a new student, I aim to not overwhelm them with too much information about vocal technique in the beginning. Each week I'll introduce them to a little bit more technique and the concepts that go along with vocal technique.

I am a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music and Tanglewood Music Center. I have participated in countless masterclasses, seminars and workshops to further my training.

30 minutes = $33 (30 minutes are particularly for kids)

45 minutes = $48

1 hour = $58

My aunt was a voice teacher for over 50 years. I have always admired her and wanted to be a voice teacher just like her. I also enjoy teaching the vocal technque I've learned and want to pass that along to all of my students. A teacher is teaching themselves so my teaching also helps me with my vocal technique in breaking it down for myself.

I have taught all ages from 5 years old to 80 years old. I teach all ages, styles, levels, backgrounds from the opera singer to a child who wants to land a role in the school play.

When my students come back from a competition, audition, concert or summer camp and are very excited to tell me of their recent accomplishments. One of my promising seniors who just went off to college at Yale Univ placed 3rd in a classical vocal competition this past Winter and was very delighted that she did as well as she did with such high competition. It makes me happy when my students are having success with their singing - I know then I'm teaching correctly and the way I was taught.

Make sure your voice teacher is a vocal technician and not someone who's really a piano teacher selling themselves as a voice teacher who's really just teaching songs to someone. A true voice teacher is a vocal technician - someone who should teach you how to use your body as the vocal instrument and who's teaching you actual vocal techniqiue. Also no matter how good a voice teacher might be, you might not click with that teacher - what one teacher may work for your friend may not work for you. Also try out as many voice teachers as possible to see who's technical style of teaching and personality fit with you before you make a decision on which teacher.

Students should ask the following:

1. How often should I take lessons - answer:  ideally once a week and no less than that especially for new students - some take more than one lesson per week when getting ready for competitions or auditions.

2. How often should I practice - answer:  start with about 2 to 3 times a week within the first month (this answer also depends on the age) then increase to 3 to 4 times a week. If you don't practice, you won't progress so make sure before you sign up for voice lessons, you have or will make the time.

3. How much do you charge? - answer: $33 for 30 min, $48 for 45 min and $58 for 1 hour.

4. Do you have a policy in place? Do you charge a month in advance or by the lesson? - answer:  yes I do have a policy in place and I do charge 1 month in advance.

5. Where are you located? Foxboro right near the Sharon town line and Exit 8 off Interstate 95.

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