Academy Of Traditional Karate, Inc.

Academy Of Traditional Karate, Inc.

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We pride ourselves on our ability to coach and mentor students to not only keep in great shape and learn how to effectively protect themselves, but also to be the best person they can be. We run one of the largest and most successful traditional karate programs in the country. Our program provides an incredible family environment, where students are treated with respect and courtesy. Also, we have a very large staff and low teacher to student ratios that allow us to give attention to all our students.

What we love about teaching Karate is the life-changing effect that Karate has on all ages. We work with star athletes and autistic children and each is able to go at their own pace. In addition, we know that in this day in age of stress, bullies, and obesity, Karate is one of the most effective remedies for these problems.


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Yash S.

Kyoshi Todd Keane is the real deal, he is a Karate Master and 8th Dan who practices and teaches Okinawan Karate, with a kind heart and great attention to detail - he breaks down the actual flow and execution of techniques while closely tracking and caring about his students and their progress - he knows every adult student, child, and most of their parents . As a member of his Dojo for over 2 years and having seen my wife, and both my girls aged 7 and 3 also enroll in and start taking Karate lessons I consider myself very fortunate to have found the Academy of Traditional Karate and Kyoshi Todd and his multiple helpers, Renshi Steve, Sensei Cindy, Sensei Patti, Sensei Al - and of course Shidoshi Kristen who are all wonderful teachers and extremely focused on their students progress. I could not be more pleased with the overall supportive environment and camraderie. One piece that may be an area of expansion for the ATK and can appeal to a lot of Moms is if a morning class/es existed that allows moms to come by when their children are in school for their karate classes - I believe they would benefit much more from the ATK than several of the lesser alternatives nearby, based on my own experience.
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October 15, 2016

Frequently asked questions

The first day prospective students meet our Program Director, Sensei Anthony, get a tour of the facility, and then do a private lesson whereby they learn what they would need to know before trying a group beginner class.  The second time, they will be paired up with a tomadachi (friend) in class and will go along with a beginner class.  The will be introduced to the structure of the class, how to do some basic stances, punches, kicks and blocks.

Our lead instructors all have between 10 and 30+ years experience in the martial arts and are College Educated with degrees in teaching, business, and engineering.

Yes, we start students on a trial for $19.95 for 2 lessons and a uniform.

I started teaching while attending Bentley University, eventually running the Martial Arts Club while continuing on to receive my MBA.

I have worked with over 5000 students from age 3 to students in their 70s, from superstar athletes to deaf students, autistic students etc.

We recently graduated 3 students that had trained with us from the age of 5 until they went off to College.  The all had over 4.0 GPAs and are 3 of the nicest, kindest and most talented Karate Black Belts you could imagine.

I would look at the longevity of the school and its culture.  You want to make sure they have a structured curriculum and great staff.  

They should think about what they really want to get out of training.  Is it confidence, self-defense abilities, stress reduction, better focus etc. and how important is that to you.  If it is, be willing to commit to your training and you'll never regret it.

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