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Brockton Uechiryu Karate Academy

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We teach traditional Okinawan Uechi-ryu karate and Brazilian Jiu Jistu to beginners. Studying Karate is an excellent way to enhance your overall quality of life. By combining personal development, self defense, and physical fitness, karate training develops your mind, body, and spirit. At the Brockton Uechi-ryu Karate Academy our goal is to make our students more successful in life through their study of karate. We help our students achieve their true potential by providing a professional and friendly environment for people of all ages to develop both physically and mentally. Our flexible format and small classes provides lots of individual attention. Our Classes are arranged by skill level, so you can progress at your own pace. You can take 5 class/month or up to 12 classes/month, or unlimited classes.

We take pride in seeing that every student is comfortable training in our Academy. We provide safe and effective training and guide the student through the process to test for black belt.


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Cathy B.

My granddaughter had spent a year at another school that taught tai-kwon-do. She was miserable. There was no one to one teaching at all-she just melted into the background, and her moves were very sloppy- unnoticed by the instructors . However, we signed a one year contract, so she attended three times a week.
Somehow we stumbled on Brockton Uechiryu.
Len was happy to let her join in with a lesson he was teaching.. she received more one to one training in that one hour than the other school provided in the entire year.
She was smiling, interactive, and actually shown the moves.
It was quickly apparent that the instructor, Len, really cares for his students- and takes as much pride in their accomplishments as the student and their family.
I wish we found this do-jo last year- but- we found it. And we are lucky.
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February 06, 2018


Thais L.

Great and useful martial arts! My son loves going.
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February 05, 2018



I base on my child’s experience. I have no complaint, but I also have a little minimal interaction.
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February 05, 2018


Manny T.

The overall benefits provided to my child
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February 05, 2018


Farah T.

Star form -- it really motivates my son specially after he received a silver star -- really like it.
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February 05, 2018

Frequently asked questions

New students are in classes with other beginners. Beginners can also take two combined rank classes with more advanced students. The advanced students help beginners learn the basics.

All of our instructors are certified black belts in Uechi-ryu karate. We have two 7th degree black belts, one 6th degree black belt, one 4th degree black belt, one third degree black belt, two 2nd degree black belts and a 1st degree black belt instructors that teach adults teens and children.

We have a 20% discount for the 2nd family member, 30% for the 3rd and the 4th is free. We do not charge for tests and promotions. Even the belt is free. There is a one hour sparring class on Saturday that is included in your tuition.

Len Testa, now the chief instructor, began his training in January of 1980. He taught karate at the Brockton Community School after school program for 17 years.  After achieving his 4th degree he opened up the Brockton Uechiryu karate academy in 2000.

Len Testa introduced and taught thousands of kids ages 6 to 17 at the Brockton Community Schools afterschool program for 17 years.  At the Brockton Uechi-ryu Karate Academy we  have taught over 800 children, teens and adults in the past 18 years.  All of our instructors were students of the Brockton Uechiryu karate academy.

We demonstrated our karate at the August Moon Fesitval at the Hei-la Moon restaurant in Boston in 2016 Our Full Video can be seen here;

Our Junior demonstartion video can be seen here;

If you have a child that is interested in learning martial arts, make sure that the school that you hire will teach a regimented character development program for your child. that has a single monthly topic that is discuss with the students. Whether you are an Adult, Teen, or Child the school that you want to hire should have many instructors (black belts), two or more workout rooms (dojo), a clean and comfortable facility, and most important no extra charges for the tests, and belts. 

1. What is the rank of the chief instructor.
2. How many other instructors do you have.
3. How many classes a week can be attended.
4. How long have you been at your current address. 
5. Do you have contracts.
6. Do you charge extra for tests and belts.
7. Will I become a certified black belt.
8. Do you have a character development program for ages      5-14
9. Do you have Saturday Classes

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