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As a professional musician and teacher, I am passionate about all of my students learning and maintaining a healthy technique for their instrument. I believe that learning can best be done in a fun, supportive environment. Throughout my years of teaching, I have been able to watch all my students grow in a way that serves their professional and creative goals.

It is so inspiring to watch students achieve things that they never thought were possible. I love watching students grow and being able to perform or play at a level that is meaningful to them.


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    Frequently asked questions

    For voice, the first lesson is typically for going over the basics of voice technique that will serve the student in any genre. This includes correct posture and breathing. Around 15 minutes of the lesson are devoted to exercises and vocal warm-ups that focus on concepts essential to healthy singing. The remaining time is spent on repertoire; it is important to me that the student works on repertoire that he or she enjoys. Most of the time I prefer to accompany the student on the piano, unless the student needs to work with a specific backing track. For piano, the first lesson I typically go over basic posture and technique. Together we explore the piano with some basic warm-ups before diving into a method book. Then I select an age and skill appropriate method book and begin some pieces so the student can start playing immediately. I ensure that all material to be practiced has been explained thoroughly and that the student is comfortable working on their own. The last few minutes I devote to ear training.

    I have an Bachelor's of Arts from Bridgewater State University where I studied voice, piano, and flute. While earning my degree, I took classes specifically for music pedagogy and practiced honing my skills in teaching.

    Current tuition rates are $28 per 30 minute session or $56 for a 60 minute session. Lessons are to be paid for on the first lesson day of the month for the entirely of the month. Makeups and excused absences policies are shown in more detail on the official website. A trial lesson is available for $14 per 30 minute session; trial lessons are limited to one, per instrument, per student. Trial lessons give an opportunity to meet the teacher and explore the instrument.

    I started teaching in college, as an upperclassman I would often tutor the lowerclassmen in music theory and music history. I realized that I really enjoyed teaching and found a position at a local music store where I could continue to grow as a teacher. I have been teaching ever since.

    I have worked with all kinds of clients; my youngest students that I have had were in kindergarten while my oldest students have been in their late 60's. I love teaching beginners, although I have students of all kinds of experience and career goals. Many of my teenage and adult students suffer from anxiety and helping these students is definitely one of my strengths as a teacher.

    Many of my students are pursuing careers in musical theater and I have helped many students get cast throughout the years. One of my favorite experiences was helping a student with no prior singing experience prepare for an audition where they had to sing a pitch that was significantly out of their range at the time. In about six weeks of lessons and steady practice, they were able to comfortably sing the required pitch and they ended up getting cast in the role they desired.

    I strongly recommend finding a teacher who aims to give you the tools to succeed on your own. There are some teachers who are happy to turn their students into parrots, simply mimicking your teacher will never give you the full experience of music. Also, this makes you dependent on the teacher forever! There are a lot of wonderful teachers out there and I think that students should try different teachers until they find one that can help them grow as an independent musician in a way that is meaningful and fufilling to them.

    I think that students should ask themselves why they want to learn this particular instrument. What role does it play in their lives; is it a hobby, a fun activity, or a professional endeavor?

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