All Levels Piano - Jazz, Pop, Blues, Music Theory, Ear Training.

All Levels Piano - Jazz, Pop, Blues, Music Theory, Ear Training.

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I am a 23 year old about to graduate from Oberlin Conservatory of Music for jazz piano performance.

I absolutely love teaching and am happy to work with anyone who has a passion to learn and curiousity about music!

I specialize in jazz piano but also enjoy playing r&b, pop, funk, and afro-cuban. I teach harmony, theory, transcription techniques, improvisation, ear training, etc, from basic to advanced levels.

I am happy to take beginners who are just starting as well as more experienced players.

I also offer lessons to vocalists who wish to accompany themselves on the piano.

I can teach afro-cuban style piano playing to beginners, offering a foundation for playing montonus and an understanding of basic afro-cuban rhythms.

I have been an approved secondary-lessons teacher at Oberlin for 5 years, and have been teaching students online since the COVID pandemic started. I also worked with students ages 3-13 for all four years of high school before college. In addition, I have worked as an RA (Residential Advisor) at the Litchfield Summer Jazz Camp for three years, and this summer will mark my second year working there as an assistant teacher.

I have been playing piano for 19 years. In this time, I have developed a sincere love for playing and listening to music. Sharing this excitment and drive with my students is what makes teaching so meaningful to me. Further, I beleive most all musicians would agree that working on music is synonymous to working on yourself. Learning to play an instrument involves confronting your fears and self-doubts, learning about your own work ethic, how patient or impatient you are, how disciplined you are, etc. Thus, teaching music is also a beautiful vehicle for helping others learn more about themselves.

I believe helping students arrive at "light bulb moments" where they understand something they previously struggled with is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone could have. Further, being a student myself, my teachers have opened my eyes to certain possibilities that I did not even know existed before. This deepened appreciation for music is something I hope to give to my own students.


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Celine O.

Alejandra is a great teacher!! She was really helpful in figuring out how I learn to find the best ways to help me internalize the music and the notes I was playing.
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May 18, 2020

Nina P.

She is caring, patient, and doesn’t make you feel dumb or like you’re behind! She broke down modes for me in a super fast and easy way in a way that demystified years of confusion! She is a cool, kind, personable and professional teacher and I highly recommend her for anywhere from beginners to advanced levels.
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April 30, 2020

Frequently asked questions

I always ask my students (or their parents, if the students are very young) what exactly they are looking for. Dependent on goals and assessed level, I work with the student in an immediately hands-on approach, providing theoretical support as needed. Generally, I get them playing right away.  I try to teach theoretical material through songs or pieces that the students themselves want to learn. I believe a primary component of learning to play an instrument is the "joy factor." Students are not going to practice if they don't enjoy playing! 

I have been playing piano for 17 years, and have received training in multiple genres: classical, blues, afro-cuban, and jazz. I am a senior at Oberlin Conservatory of Music studying jazz piano performance. I have been an approved secondary-lessons teacher for 3 years, which allows me to teach college and conservatory students piano. Before college, I gave piano lessons to students ages 3-13 as part of an after-school program for 4 years.  

My standard pricing is 30$ an hour, or 15$ per half-hour. 

I started teaching in my freshman year of high school, when I joined an after-school program called Afternoon Tunes in Worcester, MA. 

I have worked with a range of students. From young children, to teenagers, to college students who possess a thorough understanding of technique and harmony, I feel comfortable teaching students of different ages and experience. 

As a rising senior, I had my junior recital this year. This was a very special event for me. It gave me the opportunity to assemble a band of my favorite musicians at school, play my own personal arrangments of jazz standards, improvise freely, and debut some original compositions.

This event was particularly meaningful as it was the last event allowed on campus before school shut down due to the COVID virus. During this stressful and uncertain time, playing music with with my fellow students was a beautiful release of tension, and I felt it brought the community together during a time when we all needed the support. 

My advice is be curious! Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions so you have a thorough idea of what a teacher can offer you. 

Students should check-in with themselves about where they are at musically. Be kind with yourself, but be honest: what are my strenghts? what are my weaknesses? What have I always wanted to learn? What things do I already know and do not need further instruction on? What kind of work ethic do I have? How much practice can I realistically commit to? 

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