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Offers online services


Although I am an accomplished as a musician, I realize that not everything comes as easily to many, at least in the beginning. Working through my own challenges as a professional musician, along with years experiencing others', I have learned and modified many techniques which have dramatically assisted students and allowed for more self-reliance and ability for the student to go off on their own, educating themselves outside of their required lesson assignment. I have met or witnessed the results of many other teachers who have a difficult time or are not as adept at communicating ideas and concepts to their students and/or who are lacking in their knowledge of those techniques, or how to convey to the student the importance of them, which would inspire the students to adhere to them, and hence lead to significant results. I am not one of those teachers, and the students who do embrace the concepts I have to offer benefit demonstrably. You can ask them for yourself. I have many references.

Music and rhythm are my passions, so sharing it with others and watching other students develop and feel rewarded can be rewarding in itself.

The are a number of benefits which come along with learning a musical instrument, including understanding the virtues of developing discipline and of delayed gratification, overcoming performance anxiety, working through personal challenges, building neurons in the brain, all of which assist in other areas of life.


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Offers online services

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    Hey Carl its Tommy. I just wanted to let you know that Ive been at an advanced music camp for the past couple of weeks and that until now I never really understood how much I actually taught me. Because of everything you have taught me, Im step ahead of all the other drummers in transcription, various styles and sticking and basically everything else that we have been doing. So I just wanted to say thank you
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    March 31, 2019



    Thank you for being my drum teacher and helping me improve a lot over the past year. The work we did with my senior district piece helped me a lot and without your help I wouldnt have made server districts.
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    March 31, 2019


    David E.

    Carl Puglisi has been employed teaching private percussion to our middle school and high school students since 2008. Carl is in charge of determining his own schedule for the weekly lessons, maintaining records of student attendance, and developing a course of study suited to each individual student’s particular needs. In addition, Mr. Puglisi is also responsible for maintaining regular communication with students and parents, as well as providing written feedback twice per year to each individual student.   I am pleased to report that he is meticulous in all of these areas, and in fact is a model of efficiency and professionalism.
    During Mr. Puglisi’s tenure as a private percussion instructor for our school system, I have been the primary supervisor. Over the years, I have found his instruction to be extremely effective with all levels of students.   Parents and students consistently report positively on their interactions with him and he has become one of our most frequently requested instructors.   Most importantly, Mr. Puglisi’s students have demonstrated, in their numerous ensemble classes, that his instruction has helped them to achieve extremely high levels of performance skill, as well as developing a professional “sense” of what it is to be a serious percussion student and performer.  Numerous students of Mr. Puglisi have been selected to regional and state honors ensembles and have successfully passed auditions for admittance to our select ensembles, as well as music programs at the college level.
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    March 31, 2019


    Mirek K.

    I have had the good fortune of working with Carl in the Davis Lewis Jazz Trio. The band has been performing around town for the last couple of years.
    Carl is a talented drummer, percussionist and bandleader who has performed in clubs throughout New England for the last ten years.
    Not enough can be said about Carl’s personality and dedication to the art of music-making. Always enthusiastic, on time with positive attitude and sense of humor, Carl, the person, stands above the many I have met over the years.
    I highly recommend and support Carl in his next professional or musical undertaking. He will be a valuable asset to any organization and deserves the opportunity to continue his professional development.
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    March 31, 2019


    Janice Pehrson / S.

    Hi Carl,
    Just wanted to let you know, we just found out Ant[hony] got accepted to Berklee for the fall 2011 semester. I wanted to personally thank you for the tremendous foundation you built for him, and for making sure he was able to read from the beginning. In addition, you were a big influence on his playing, and on a personal level you were the perfect teacher for him. Weve been lucky to have him continue on at Musicmaker with other great teachers, but you are the most responsible for him becoming the drummer he is today. Words cannot adequately express my heartfelt gratitude.
    Hope all is well with you.
    Warmest regards,
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    March 31, 2019


    Janice Pehrson / S.

    March 31, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    The three main things I work on with students are:

    Developing their hand technique with exercises to get the most efficiency out of the stick and whatever surface they're playing on (drums, practice pads, any mallet instrument) so that the least effort to produce most effect can be achieved.  I use specific rudiments, my own and other's exercises I've gathered over the years, detailed descriptions of hand technique which assist with this.  I have found that this is often not emphasized as much and in as much detail as it should be.

    Reading Music (rhythm more specifically but also melody if we get into melodic instruments; Marimba, Xylophone, music theory, etc.).  I have techniques which will help the student to become quite self-reliant so that when they listen to music, let alone sight-read other material, they can pick up on a lot without my help and will be able to learn things on their own (become their own teacher outside of lesson curriculum).

    Independence/Coordination are the third area, to get each limb of the body to become more independent and expand on the ability to play many styles of music, and many parts (instruments) at the same time.  I have a myriad of exercises to assist with this on many levels depending on how extreme a student may wish to pursue their level of independence/coordination.  Along with reading and technique this is a subject I am passionate about working on for myself as well.

    I am a Berklee College of Music Performance Graduate (BA) (summa cum laude).  Before attending Berklee I spent two years at Central Conncecticut State University under the tutilege of one of one of the finest Navy Coast Guard Percussionists, studying mostly Classical Percussion (Snare Drum, Timpani, Mallets) and Jazz.  

    (At Berklee Contemporary music; Jazz, Funk, World, Rock, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Salsa, World, etc.)

    It varies depending on whether the student is coming to my home, whether I teach them online, or whether I am doing a house call.  House calls are less common due to my availability and the fact that it is much less convenient for me.  House calls also depend on the proximity of where I am traveling to and from to get to a students house.

    Generally speaking, a 1/2hr lesson is $25 for online lessons and $30 per half hour if coming to my home studio.  

    45 Min lesson online $40.00

    45 Min lesson at my studio $45.00

    The best thing to do is to message me here through the site and once we establish some report we can discuss over the phone what your goals are, what availability you have for a lesson day/time-frame, etc.

    I teach every age from 5yrs of age to 75 years of age.  The age frame I teach most frequently is usually Jr High to High School range.

    I have a couple of students really excelling in a Jazz Group and in other Rock Ensembles who are really nailing down some difficult grooves and charts.  Their teachers are quite pleased.  I have also had a couple of students involved with Jr & Sr Districts in MA recently, which for a student is quite an accomplishment.

    Do your research and find out what their teaching philosophy is, what styles they specialize in, whether they really love what they do, how well trained they are.  Check their references, etc.

    They should ask themselves whether they have a fair amount of time they can devote several times per week to this practice. This is the only way they will realize the rewards they seek.  They should ask themselves what their goals may be, what they're looking for in a teacher, why this specific instrument vs any other, etc.

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