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I have 12+ years experience with a concentration in Piano pedagogy and performance and vocal coaching. Curriculums are chosen according to the learning style of the students. I am a high energy teacher with kindness and spunk. My service stands out through my students, 5 of whom have performed at the coveted world renowned Carnegie Hall in NYC.

There is such fulfillment watching a student grow from not understanding a keyboard to playing beautiful melodies on a stage for their peers and loved ones. Hearing a singer find their melody and hearing/singing correct pitches and correct tonality.

I enjoy teaching the gift of music because of the uniqueness of each individual, the discipline it instills, the therapeutic quality it creates, the intelligence it grows, and the joy it brings to so many people.

To see a person light up when they learn is gratifying.


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    Michael A.

    In 2019 and 2010 I was directing a production of Gilbert and Sullivans Mikado. I had looked everywhere for an accompanist, short of accompanying the production myself as well as directing, and I was not convinced that I could do both. Im not even sure now how we exactly came into contact with each other, but Sainz and I did make a connection, and within two weeks of the performance, she not only accompanied rehearsals remaining, including the performances with concert skill in October of 2009 at a major venue in Lafayette - The historic Long Center Theater, but also undertook accompanying the production once again in January 2010 after the cast, comprised of individuals from Bloomington, Indiana to Lafayette, Indiana, desired to perform it again at a High School in Lafayette, Indiana. I have absolute faith that anyone who works with Susan at StudioSainz will have the best results in learning to play, as well as the skill to perform at any level their determination drives them to achieve. Higher than 10 stars as I would consider this fine teacher and accompanist.
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    April 18, 2019


    Mary H.

    She is a highly talented musician....both in voice and piano.
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    April 16, 2019


    Douglas B.

    My daughter started piano and voice lessons with Susan at a early age. She got to her and recognized her areas of potential very quick. We noticed huge improvements both musically and vocally in a very short time. She also created a friendship with my daughter, that brought a easier to work with comfort zone. I highly recommend Susan to anyone and any age.
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    April 16, 2019

    Frequently asked questions

    I get to know the student's taste in music, activities they are involved with, what their hobbies are and their specific learning style.

    Then we choose the appropriate materials and get started straight away!  We focus on learning technique and reading music very quickly along with building agility in the fingers, hands, wrists and forearms.  I do not use a one-size-fits-all approach, because each individual has a learning style that reaches them best.  

    Singers learn proper breathing techniques and phrasing;  how breath moves through the body to create the sound needed without hurting vocal chords or straining.  They learn how to project sound forward, and how different "placement" is needed for different types of singing.  They learn how to read and sing the solfege scales as well as a bit of theory.  

    Voice lessons are a BLAST, and you're going to do things that are hilarious and some things where you're thinking "huh?" I promise you it all makes sense, and I explain why we do things a certain way. 

    We also learn the "feel" of rhythm before we play or sing the rhythm.  Great fun!

    Full tuition Presidential scholarship for study in Piano Performance with a minor in Theatrical singing.

    I also received the Tri Kappa music scholarship for continuing education.

    I received Classical training under Carolyn Spindler of The Cincinnati Conservatory for concert piano and Glory Heidi for theatre singing.

    Pricing is for half hour or 45 min lessons plus any materials/curriculum needed for proper learning.  

    As a performing artist, more and more listeners were asking "Do you teach?"

    I enjoy both aspects of teaching and performing.

    I have worked with 4 year old beginners to 50 year old adults and all kinds of personalities and tastes in music.

    I work with beginning to advanced students of all ages and backgrounds in piano and beginning to intermediate students in voice.

    I always enjoy watching my students perform at recitals and extracurricular opportunities throughout the community!

    Personality is a given, but also musical tastes.

    Ask the instructor questions about their methods, and does the teacher make you feel comfortable and at ease during the lesson?  Are they encouraging yet skilled in progressing the student forward?

    Is the teacher able to play at the desired skill you are trying to achieve?

    Do they motivate you to achieve?

    What is accomplished during lesson time, and what does the teacher expect during practice time at home?

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