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Doris Angel Services

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Offers online services
Offers online services


I address anxiety, stress and how that can be relieved in focusing on emotions, listening to the body with a but of tai chi, tell stories that students relate to!

See my Facebook page singing for health for many of my videos on using music and breath to get rid of stress and anxiety.

Also my website at

I cater to each student's needs, so I am fun and flexible! I have a sense of humor and can lighten the student's stress levels. I am also a song writer and like to open up my students creativity.

I can get rid of tension in a students voice, and teach theory in various different ways . I like to have the student experience music in anyway we can with singing or dancing or percussion on the body. That way the music becomes a part of the body mind and spirit .

I have had over 35 years experience with some of the best teachers in Michigan and California and Europe.I have two music degrees one from Stanford University.

The rewards in unlocking talent and releasing and expressing emotions. The one on one connection with a soul. And the rewards of seeing a student progress and have fun and get rid of stress, and learn new things which is always very good for longevity .


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5 years in business
Serves Palo Alto , CA
Offers online services

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Thông P.

Doris has a unique style in teaching musicality, enjoy your lesson with her
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October 15, 2018

Jacqueline P.

very knowledgeable, experienced, able to help me understand what I need to focus on to breathe more effectively and to sing with more freedom and with a high quality...
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May 01, 2018

Patricia V.

I really enjoyed my recent lesson with Doris. Her knowledge of breathing technique was very helpful to me. Many times I struggle to maintain proper breath control while singing, but by following Doris’s tips and breathing exercises Ive already shown improvement. Doris also improved my singing so that it was free! Thanks, Doris!
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April 28, 2018

Frequently asked questions

Work with grounding, breathing, vocal resonance and repertoire.

Typical lung exercises to increase their capacity.  I work with straw technique to clear out any minor problems in the throat.

Vocal exercises to have clear sound using lip trill, humming, solfege scales, or interval exercises to learn intervals.

Repertoire that the student is suited for.

Two performance music degrees, and over 40 years of performing solo, in choir, leading bands, and teaching all ages.

Services offered

Music Theory