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Offers online services
Offers online services


Are you an adult who is frustrated because you always wished you could play or sing?

Is fear or uncertainty stopping you from playing in front of others?

Do you wish you or your child could just sit down and play the music you hear?

Are your song lyrics unfinished because you need help with the music?

Are homeschooling and in search of a well-crafted method to help your child explore music?

Maybe we should be talking.

Moosewood Music is run by a music teacher/producer with a passion for helping singers, songwriters and keyboardists of any age who want to do music in a recording studio setting.

We use The Semper Method to help you find your own voice.

When you find your voice, the rest of you is not far behind.

Study from anywhere with lessons online.

We help people to overcome any fears they may have about playing. Many people are afraid to express themselves because of negative comments from a family member or friend. We help you move far past that and get to your own voice, free of worries.

We help people to play by ear.

It has been said that to play music only from a written sheet is like only being able to talk when you are reading from a book. Yes, learn to read music if you like. But there is so much more.

Call and tell me about your goals. Tell me what you feel is stopping you.

Let us connect you with the music inside you!

A keyboard should be an irresistible invitation, not an formidable barrier.

WHEN WE WERE KIDS..... we all learned to speak before we learned to read and write.

So why would you ever try to read music before you can play and sing it?

We play AND record right away, and it's a lot of fun.


" amazing instructor...inspiring mentor...compassionate..."

"...a lot of patience..."

"My son's love for music has come from Randy."

"...wildly entertaining."

" ...will teach you in a way that will make you want to learn."

"We look forward to our lesson every week!"

"The boys all talk about how much they love piano - what a gift. Thank you! Their teachers even mentioned it at conferences."

Catherine D.

"Everything a teacher should be. Encouraging, attentive, positive, constructive."


Randy, I like your "Semper Method" music teaching system.

It's applying knowledge with fun, and common sense... the best combination.

Good luck. You're a great musician.

Joe Messina

Motown recording guitarist and Funk Brother

After 5 sessions, Randy has been able to give me the exact kind of tips and techniques I was hoping for from a teacher; with much more to come I'm sure. For several decades I had neglected any music skills I may have had as a child - even steering clear of a piano or keyboard for fear of someone asking me to sit down and play. I'm confident those fears are waning and will be gone in short order under Randy's lead.

Dennis H.

"My six-year-old loves to perform. Randy has been helping her with her intonation, piano playing, performing, and general ear for music in a manner that is fun and successful. My daughter is excited all week to go to her class."

Erika S.

I have been taking lessons with Randy for roughly a year and a half, and I still look forward to his class every week. I came to Randy simply wanting to accompany my own vocals with some basic piano. Since that first day, he has inspired me to write my own songs, arrange them, record them, and learn to accompany myself on my own work. Randy is not simply a piano instructor, his ear training method focuses on turning the student of music into an actual musician, not just a more proficient student of music. I recommend Randy to anyone interested in finding a voice for the music inside of themselves.

E. P.

More reviews here:

MY CREDENTIALS in 30 seconds:

Royal Conservatory of Toronto - 10 years

Queens University Music Education courses

Professional musician and teacher my whole life

National tours with Motown acts

Session musician, producer, musical director

Performed music around the world

Vocal coach for years

and, most of all...I love to help people enjoy music.

Letters of reference available upon request.

If you'd like to speak with a current student to see what they think, I'd be happy to arrange that.

The Semper Method lets you play your own music right from the start. You can play what you hear, and "play by ear" from the start.

Being in a recording studio environment lets you express yourself in a whole new way.

Whether piano or voice, learning music should be FUN. At any age, if you have fun from the start, things just come naturally. It's the gateway to self-expression.

Fun redefined: The pursuit of deep engagement, discovery and your passion for the music inside you.


If you are home-schooling your child, this is an out-of-the-box solution to enrich your curriculum with valuable life skills. Parents can relax or also have fun learning music along with their children. Modules are crafted so each student learns at their own speed.

Discover the music inside you using a Method that works. Take music lessons from a producer/teacher who is a professional. And have a great time doing it. Fun. This is what life is all about.


Are you a traditional music teacher and wish you could help your students to improvise?

Music teachers have expanded their horizons with this approach, both for themselves and their students.

Check out what people say about The Semper Method at the bottom of this page. This is a method that REALLY works.

The Semper Method teaches music in a different way. It distills several centuries of music instruction into just a few words: Listen. Sing. Clap. Play. Read. Write.


Music study helps people young and old to express themselves, to overcome shyness and build confidence. It empowers you and refines your special talents. See the BrainVolts study below for massive data that backs this up. With every lesson, for less than the price of dinner for two, you or your child will advance in many areas:


Much more than music:

Listening skills



Problem solving

Hand-eye coordination

Right-left hand/brain independence

The ability to give and to take constructive criticism: Teamwork

Self-expression in a whole new way!

(Oh, and a lot of music, whether it's playing or singing)


We empower you.

We ask questions and find out where you are at now. Then, you picture where you will be when you are really making music the way that you hear it. Now, we draw a line up to where you want to be. Relax! You absolutely DON'T have to get there all at once! We just have to get to the next point on the line! It's just one point at a time. It's a journey that brings a lot of joy.

A Mentoring Approach

We set students on a path to discover their music, to find their own voice, not bury them in details.

You will pursue your personal best rather than just compete with other people. Whether you once took piano lessons or voice lessons, played for years or are just starting out, this will forever change how you listen!

As you progress, you will learn to read and write music, and yes, you'll be far ahead of those who don't. You will be able to capture your own musical ideas, communicate them to other musicians and play tremendous music by other people: classical, rock, jazz standards; anything at all!

The Semper Method can get you there faster than you ever imagined.

Music is not like sports. There doesn't have to be a winner and a loser. You just have to PLAY!

In a traditional music education, the focus remains on reading the works of great composers, with little or no encouragement to play your own music or to improvise and play by ear. When you use the Semper Method, you discover the music inside you, and you still learn all the skills needed to be a well-rounded musician. This method has evolved from the best of many traditions.

Give the gift of music. At any age, this may be the gift of a lifetime.

GOT QUESTIONS? Please ask!


Music as therapy has been around for a long time, and with good reason.

If you have a child who has trouble focusing, has been labeled ADHD is ultra-obsessive or is dyslexic, one underlying issue may be how they actually process sound. So this program may help them to focus and to listen differently.

Wondering about the benefits of music study? It's good to be skeptical, in a positive way.

This extensive and ongoing study at Northwestern University offers astounding documentation of the benefits of music study. Check it out - just Google Brainvolts music

At Moosewood Studios...

We learn a lot by recording. You can:

Get some vocal lessons

Discover your own voice-and be comfortable with your sound

Improve your songwriting skills.

Learn orchestration or how to create a soundtrack for a film or video

Learn how to do character voices, make a voiceover demo, improve your presentation skills

Make audition recordings for college admission

Get ready for community theater

Excel at ear training

Write a commercial

Receive lifelong benefits!


You will study online or in a safe, professional studio in Troy or Beverly Hills. It is easy to reach me. I will always work with you for flexible scheduling, including daytime lessons. If you or your student are in school, we'll do lessons after school. We will approach music study as you would any effort worthy of your attention. Thus you will need to commit to regular attendance and to completing assignments so that you'll obtain the results you seek.


Here in town, or around the world. Save time and work from the comfort of your home.

All you need is a laptop or a phone. We use FaceTime or Skype.

It's easy. If your schedule is just crazy, but you really want to do music, online is a good fit.

We also use an amazing practice app and high-end recording tools, right from day one. It is really quite easy and saves a lot of travel time. Especially if you live in Carolina.


This music education system has been customized to the individual student since 1971.

My goal for you? Just sit down and play. Or sing. For yourself, for others, for the fun of it!

We will:

Listen ~ Sing ~ Clap ~ Play ~ Read ~ Write

I teach at our studio in Troy and in my home in Beverly Hills, Michigan.

That's Julian the cat at the piano. And Vinnie the dog, who loves everybody. If you have allergies, we'll study at the studio where there are no pets at all.

If this approach makes sense, tell me more about the musical goals you have for you or your child.

Just give me a call and we'll see if we're a good fit. Or email me and tell me a good time to call.

"And great is the joy when you can convert all sounds into music. Then your whole life starts becoming a rhythm."


HOMESCHOOLERS. Are you looking for an easy, effective way to enrich your program with music?

This kind of music study is very flexible to schedule and easy to get to, geographically speaking.


Randy has been fantastic at helping this very classically-trained pianist break through the traditional structure of playing. Although I still have a long way to go, I am enjoying the adventure and learning process.He is incredibly patient and encouraging.

Thank you,'re terrific!


My biggest thanks goes to you for mentoring, caring for and guiding my son during his young adult days. You are a very powerful figure in his life, and for this I am most grateful.

Lynn M.

A recent job change meant I would have to stop lessons. Randy inquired if I would entertain lessons online. Being old-school to what I thought music lessons should be (face-to-face, rote-practice) I was apprehensive, but I could not deny the progress I made. I decided to give online lessons a shot and happy to report it is working with a great deal of accuracy. I'm able continue my lessons from over 675 miles away.

Stephen H.

Randy's passion for all facets of music has been an inspiration to my son for over a year now. His lessons encompass a variety of approaches to music education, including improvisation, ear and vocal development, and theory. Randy helps his students develop into well-rounded musicians, as opposed to just people who can read sheet music and play it on the piano. Not to mention that fact that Randy is wildly entertaining. We couldn't be happier!

Michelle V.

I have learned a lot in just a short time. You really got me excited about working on singing without the frustration I usually feel. I will tell you this, I am old, been to a lot of school through college. I am a coach, so I know you are an incredible teacher. I have learned more in a few lessons with you than in a lifetime of reading, or online or in lessons. Thanks for all of that.

Marshall W.

Randy is my piano teacher. But to say that I merely take piano lessons with him would be an understatement. His title should probably also include inspiring mentor and compassionate friend. His positive energy and hilarious, kind spirit are contagious. He will forever change the way you listen to and feel sounds. He not only helped me creatively express the music inside of me in a way no teacher has before, but even more importantly, he's helped me find my voice and welcome joy and gratitude back into my life. So if you're ready to let go of your nerves and your ego and step into his studio to explore the music that is within you, then this unforgettable experience awaits. :)

Diana J.

He's not only a great vocal teacher, but a great friend. Honestly the best teacher I've had and I'm very thankful for him. He's been a lot of help and I've learned so much. Thanks so much Randy!

Junior H.

This past year, I have been brought back to piano music through the excellent teaching of Randy Leipnik. His approach is one of a kind. He helped this student to hear the music within me, the sounds around me and to play what I hear.

He is truly amazing, encouraging, supportive and highly skilled, a true professional.

I am always happy to recommend him to anyone who is seeking the very best instruction, by the very best instructor.

Sincerely, Elaine L.

I've known Randy for about 10 years, and i've been taking lessons with him for about three years now, and I can honestly say that I've learned more from him about everything in music than anyone else. Words cannot explain how thankful I am for him, and all that he's taught me about music, and life in general. His lessons go so much deeper than just one subject, he has opened my mind to learning all the parts of music; Composition, singing, production, theory, film score, you name it. Randy has been such an amazing influence in my life, and he truly cares about his student's future, and simply how they are doing in life. It's hard to express how amazing an instructor, and mentor Randy is through words. I wouldn't hesitate a second before recommending him.

Austin M.

Randy is totally a 5 Star General!!!

He is fun and mega talented. What I appreciate is his patience and natural ability to make me feel like his best friend. I am about to step into a new world!

Regina J

I don't ever write reviews for anything, normally because I'm just too lazy :)

This guy deserves a good review. He's passionate, extremely knowledgeable, and exactly what you would want in an instructor. I'm still learning and very new to piano, but I'm glad I chose Randy over the many other options. No instructor is going to do the hard work for you, that's your job. A good instructor will motivate you and keep you on the right path, this is the guy.

Mario M

Randy is an amazing piano teacher. He understands how to keep an energy filled 9 year old boy interested and excited to learn! Randy is on top of all the technology trends and helps incorporate them into his students lessons. I am impressed with how quickly my son picks up on playing by ear with the methods that Randy has taught. My son's love for music has come from Randy. Randy's passion for music shines every time we see him. Randy has helped my son to be more confident not only playing piano but also in life. Randy's positive attitude and friendly personality makes him not only a wonderful piano teacher, but also a great mentor. I am happy that my son is being influenced by such a talented, sincere, and genuine person. We look forward to our lesson every week! Thank you Randy for being the best teacher !

Kristen P

I'm so happy and feel so blessed to have met you. This is such a huge step for me and you are making it such a wonderful experience! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

A. C.

I got a lot of inspiration and encouragement from Randy to express myself and create my own music. In fact, I am now a film composer.

Ryan S.

I have been singing a long time but Randy made me look at both my playing and my voice in a whole different way. We made a great record together.

Trevor N.

Thanks for believing and having much patience with our son, we truly love you and know that God has sent you in our lives for a purpose. Thanks for the many gifts that you give us each week teaching our son.

Keila C.

Thanks so much Randy! You are a wonderful instructor & my son is lucky to have you! :)

Michelle K.

Randy makes playing and learning music so much FUN!

Thanks for helping me advance my bass playing abilities.

Carolyn S.

I want to thank you for the beautiful work you've been doing with my daughter. I haven't words to thank you enough! I am thrilled with what you are doing. I feel that she is finding her authentic voice with you. I love the results. Again, a million thanks!

M. P.

I have worked with Randy on many different musical projects over the past 15 years

He took our melodies, arranged them, and turned them into songs that were actually singable.

Watching him run a rehearsal and teach people songs is a sight to behold. He makes it happen quickly and efficiently, and we have fun. In all sincerity, I consider Randy to be the most talented musician I've ever known. He is a great teacher, even of inexperienced adults, and fun to work with. A winning combination all the way around.

John B.

Randy taught me how to play better from the first day we met. We are getting deeper into theory and I write my own charts now. It has been a blast the whole time.

Randy brings a unique combination of strengths to music instruction. He's a classically-trained musician with a talent for improvisation, and has spent years arranging jazz and pop charts. Besides teaching kids and adults in both formal and informal settings, he has decades of experience in studio engineering and production, which has allowed him to hone his skills at "real-world" musical instruction -- giving musicians and singers in-the-booth skills which they can immediately translate into successful recordings, and which they can then go home and practice.

Randy understands both the theory behind the instruction and how students can quickly integrate these theories to become better musicians. Plus, he makes the whole process fun to learn. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a music instructor on any level -- beginner through graduate.

Steve K.

Thanks Randy.

I appreciate you taking interest in teaching my son. I know he is in good hands and I know he will learn a lot from you. He really likes you very much and is looking forward to learning things from you. Thanks & regards

Neeraj R.

I have had several piano tutors but Randy Leipnik is superior to all of them. He is dedicated, compassionate, knowledgeable, and most important, he cares whether his students learn or not. It actually "pains" him when his students (in this case, me), do not do well. But, even in the face of a student's difficulties (again, mine), he is understanding and patient.

I am also impressed by his intellectualism as it relates to music and the learning process. For those looking for a tutor, I recommend him highly, and would be pleased to answer any questions.

Berl F.


Have you had the good fortune to have had music lessons since you were very young?

Are you still crazy about music but feeling a little lost when faced with traditional college music?

If you just can't see yourself singing opera in college, what can you do?

Fortunately for those who really still want to discover their own voice, a number of very high-end schools have established jazz programs.


Jazz allows for a tremendous amount of personal expression. Having a solid understanding of jazz and blues music is like having your MBA in business. If you master jazz, you will have "the keys to the castle" for all popular forms of music and the many occupations that go with being a musician who is well-schooled in contemporary music. (see our list of the many careers in music)

(By the way, we highly recommend business courses if not an entire double major in business as a prudent path in this very competitive workplace.)


-listen differently

-improvise at a high level

-learn to express yourself in a unique way within any given musical framework

-play almost any form of Western music

-create your own music; find your very own unique style

-play recording sessions in many styles

-think faster and more clearly on your feet

be better-prepared with skills to improvise in life


If you want to really understand what's going on, you will have to nail it. So we'll get you ready.





Start a file for each school.

Your agenda:

We will:

Set goals. Plan strategy. Apply resources.

We will look at all the schools you are interested and make a set of songs that will fill all their criteria. This means that we will likely use some of the same songs for different schools to save time and money. If a song is specified for one school, in the name of efficiency, we may use it for another where none is specified.

So we will

1. Create a target set of songs that you will have to record and be prepared to perform live at your audition.

2. Create lead sheets in your key for the rhythm section both at the audition and in our submission recordings

3. Rehearse you, focusing on the things you most need to address

AND have lots of fun along the way!

If you are home-schooling your student, this may work with your schedule as well.

Teaching at two studios, I am easy to get to from anywhere in Metro Detroit, including Troy, Beverly Hills (Franklin) Rochester, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, West Bloomfield, Clawson, Madison Heights, Sterling Heights, Warren, Southfield, Huntington Woods, Pleasant Ridge, Ferndale, Berkley, Royal Oak, Oak Park, Lathrup Village, Dearborn, Farmington Hills, Novi, Livonia, Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores and Grosse Pointe.


What you can expect from studying music with me:

You can expect to be treated as I would like to be treated.

You can expect that I will work hard to earn your trust and the privilege of continuing with you.

I understand that you are busy. You will find that I am extremely flexible in scheduling. In return, I need good communication and commitment. I need your help in re-scheduling makeup lessons when either of us is absent, either because of illness, a much-needed vacation or too much homework. You get a "too much homework" pass once per year. ;0)

You can expect that I will work very hard to do what I say I will do. If you feel that I am not holding up my end of the bargain in any way, I want you to tell me and we'll work it out.

I don't promise perfect. I do promise engagement.

And a lot of fun along the way.

We have fun.

Then we have engagement.

Then commitment.

Along with access to excellent resources, the result is an unstoppable student who will benefit in many ways.

My goal is that you will be able to play music intuitively and proficiently for the rest of your life.

And that you will always look at your study of music as a delightful experience.


Everyone works hard for their money and cost is a question you definitely need to consider.

How much is it? Well, I am not the cheapest solution. However, if you really want music in your life, let's talk. If you really want it, I will see to it that we'll work something out.

If you like, you may use a debit card or credit card for your tuition as well.


Whether you are looking for a unique holiday or birthday present or just something nice for someone special, the gift of music is something that enriches lives forever.

Wishing you and yours a healthy, happy and peaceful year.

Warm regards,


Reserve a spot now.

and the bottom line...

Be kind whenever possible.

It is always possible.

My students. They are my reward. I live to raise them up.


Hired 18 times
1 employee
52 years in business
Serves Troy , MI
Offers online services


0 reviews

Pleasure Simmons J.

Fantastic super cool dude great teacher got more talent in his little finger than most people have in their whole Thumb!!
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January 09, 2020
Hired on Lessons

Kevin K.

Randy is amazing with my son. He is genuinely passionate about music and and inspiration to watch.
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February 16, 2018

Jay H.

Couldnt be more satisfied. Randy brings a wealth of both musical and teaching experience combined with a genial manner that puts the student at ease. Has a great ability to communicate concepts in easy to understand terms. My highest recommendation.
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December 08, 2017
Hired on Lessons

Lisa F.

We cant say enough good things about Randy. Professional, knowledgeable, talented, encouraging, caring (insert extremely before each adjective) and truly loves what he does. Every session is enjoyable and were amazed with his abilities on a regular basis. He makes learning fun and never rushes - truly the best!
... Show more
October 30, 2017


Randy is a great teacher. He is engaging and fun with his lessons. The nine year old I nanny for always looks forward to Mondays and going to piano lessons!
... Show more
May 01, 2017

Stacey W.

I have been taking lessons from Randy for a little over a month now and cant say enough good things about his attitude and approach. I am in my 50s and have always been shy about singing in front of others. Randy got me over that hurdle quickly. He really does help you find your own voice and confidence. If youre thinking about lessons, stop thinking and sign up, you wont regret it!
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April 02, 2017

Frequently asked questions

First, I listen to what they have to say. I listen to what they say about their goals, their past experience, styles of music they like, what instruments are in the house, what devices they have to play back music, anything that will help me get in tune with what they want to accomplish.

Since I was 16, I have worked in music. Ten years at the Royal Conservatory of Toronto got me a solid foundation. (I am a Canadian) I taught a year of high school junior strings when I was still in high school, studied music education at Queens University, and have played professionally my whole life. Yes, I have toured with famous Motown people and played on ships all around the world. Making people happier through music has been my lifetime avocation.

Well, I am not the cheapest solution you will find, but I try to offer an option so everyone can learn. My fee is $75 USD per hour. You may do 45 minute sessions for $60. Also I do 30 minute sessions for $40, generally for very young students. All sessions are on a weekly basis to ensure that you reach your goals.

All that said, if money is a problem, talk to me. If you really want it, we will work something out for you. Never let money stop you from doing music.

I started teaching junior strings class when I was still in high school. Our wonderful mentor and teacher, Monsieur Jacques Leduc, passed away and so the school gave me the junior string morning program. I've been teaching ever since.

Youngest 5 years, oldest 100 years.

All the years in the recording studio I worked with singers and players of every description. Kids with attention issues, autism spectrum, adults who were told they couldn't sing, but always wanted to. Every imaginable kind of student. We all wanted the same thing: to express ourselves better and find that joy from music.

Too many to choose from! This past week, Steve finally broke through and played a swinging blues that blew me away, Erica hit one of the purest, most beautiful high notes I have ever heard, Olivia did four bars of doom taks instead of two and Scarlet is ready for her first ever talent show, which I will be attending. Amazing, all of them. And inspiring. They keep teaching me.

Find a teacher who will listen to you. Really listen.

Then you too can learn to listen. All my life I have struggled to be a good listener as I am so passionate about what I do. But in the end, that's the real deal. My Dad was right. You've got to learn to listen. So I never stop working at being better.

Think about your goals. What role would you like music to play in your life? Design a beautiful scenario then go for it. Dream big and also apply common sense. 

Are you willing to do the work?

If you want to succeed, you need to work at it. ;0)

Services offered

Music Theory
Audio Production