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Hey all of you wonderful beginner, intermediate, and advanced musicians! My name is Seth Russell. I am originally from a small town in Arkansas where I practiced music as a toddler all the way up unitil my oldest age. I graduated college in 2016 with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance. My journey has had it's ups and downs, but life definitely gets better; it takes time! I moved to the twin cities 2 years ago, and since being here, I've performed with Minnesota Opera, Minnesota chorale, and have been on abc television network show called "In an instant." Those are just a few fun facts about my career. Also, I am a professional and I still take voice lessons myself; it is always good to have a second or third ear!!!

Working with those who have the same goal in mind as I did when first beginning in the field that I now partake, surely does me well! With my experience and expertise in the suject matter, it is my duty and honor to teach others and help them succeed in developing a skill that will set them apart from other artists while getting to know them personally and help them discover what art they want to portray through voice and why. The simple formula to becoming your best artist is being yourself while performing in a consistent manner.

My job as the teacher is to instruct the student in teaching different methods to help the performer discover what method works best for them. It is complex, but really simple once it clicks with the student; this doesn't happen over night, or at least it didn't with any of the greats. It takes practice, practice, and more practice. It also takes listening well and applying it.

If you are a student who is eager to work and develop skills to help you succeed, please feel free to contact me and I will get a time set up to meet you and discuss your goals. After our first meeting, which includes me hearing your voice and determining your voice part, I will offer you a time slot in my studio. I do not charge for the first meeting! I also teach beginners piano.

I look forward to meeting and working with you in accomplishing your goals and dreams.



I enjoy seeing students excited about coming to their lessons and learning techniques that will help them become the best they can be. It is magical when I see a student take the skills taught to them and succeed because of applying what they are taught. It is my job to be the technician! It is their job to apply the experience.


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Elizabeth A.

He is very knowledgeable about the voice and how it works. He is able to use that knowlege to create lessons that are personalized for each student. His studio is a place where I was comfortable to be myself and to explore my voice. I would highly recommend Seths studio to anyone who is looking for a great voice teacher.
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April 20, 2018

Frequently asked questions

My process isn't disclosed over the internet. Each instrument(voice) is unique, different, and demands different technique with the same goal.

I possess a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance with a secondary in piano from Ouachita Baptist University. I have performed all througout Europe doing opera intensive training programs and have been selected among many in my time of doing so. Furthermore, I perform with MN Opera, at the Ordway, and Minnesota Chorale. My performing experiences in Arkansas were also plentiful.

The pricing for teaching is discussed at what I call the first meeting. It isn't my duty to break your bank, but to help you achieve your goals while giving you the skills, motivations, and technique needed to make your dreams become a reality. I am your coach, your instructor, and your friend; but first, your Instructor! I do not choose everyone to be in my studio. I decide based on our first meeting if you will fill a spot in my studio. There are many taking voice and it is evident if you are serious about pursing this career. I do have other time slots however for those who just want to do this for a side hobby.

I began instructing in college to kids who were interested in solo singing and choral works. Our university had a program called SNATS (Students National Association of Teachers Singing) We were assigned students in the middle school range to instruct while in college and my passion for teaching grew after seeing the succesess of those students who listened and applied what was taught! It was inspiring for mme to see others inspired and excited about music!

I have worked with students anywhere from middel school to the collegiate level. 

Look for a teacher who will not only just teach you, but connect with you on a personal level. If you have a teacher you are afraid of, you will not learn. If you have a teacher who you just don't understand, again, you will not learn! Please do not waste your time and money on someone who doesn't take interest in knowing who you are and what you really want in life. There are many teachers out there who are just about making money; I've had teachers like that in my past and it is very unfortunate. Hugs!!

Questions to think through are of the following:

What do I see myself doing 5 years and 10 years from now?

How many songs do I want to include in my Rep for auditions?

What genre of music do I love the most?

If there is anything I could do for a living besides music and be happy, what would it be and why?

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