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We teach you how to connect to your voice and your style. We are all given an instrument at birth and too many of us think that singing is NOT a learned skill - but it is! At Northline we approach singing as a learned skill, your voice is something you simultaneously build and learn to play, unlike another instrument you can't go to the store and get a better version, you have to work on yourself to get the upgrade, and you have to stay close to your instinct to make sound, so you stay true to yourself.

We can help you sound the way you WANT to sound, and still keep you connected to the core of YOUR individual and unique voice.

Voice and Speech

Whether you struggle with an accent, a tired voice at the end of the day or have to do presentations at work and feel like no one pays attention when you talk, or you just want to improve your communication skills, we can help you. The tools for speech and song are very similar and we can help and guide you to a better more resonant sound, and also give you advise when it comes to how to approach all those difficult conversations that life is full off without loosing your voice or

your power.

Norths Voice Group Class

Open mics are all very well, but sometimes you need the step before the open mic. You need an audience that gives honest feedback, but who are not the general public. The bi-weekly Group class is a great way to learn how your voice impact others when you perform and learn how to handle that performance anxiety.

We also attend monthly Open Mic nights, where you can show up sing a song and get constructive feedback from your peers in a safe and loving environment.

The Community aspect is important to us and we always have fun!​ We

These are the different types of lessons thatwe offer:

The Basic Program:

- The first 5-10 lessons that introduce the science, lots of exercises and the language of singing training with me.

The Dream Program:

- Singer/songwriters looking for help finding and developing their unique voice and develop their songwriting

For voice coaching and career guidance for singers and actors and singing-actors

The Brave Program:

- The absolute beginner, the karaoke enthusiast and for the shy and for the singer scared of singing in public

The Junior Program:

- Those younger than 18 who needs voice training and some general music theory and instrument knowledge

The Diamond of Good Speech Program:

- The speaking professional; actor, sales men and comedians etc. who need to empower their speaking, their presence and their communication

The International Intensive:

- The international student or newly arrived New Yorker, who needs further work on Speech/accent reduction or Singing - or both

The Unlimited Singer

- The intuitive student who wants to go deeper into voice work with personal growth in mind.

I enjoy helping people finding and connecting them to their free and authentic voice


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Kemi A.

Amazing! I feel as if Ive definitely made dramatic improvements as a vocalist. My producers and collaborators have also witnessed a significant difference in my vocal abilities within the past three months, and I owe all the credit to Anettes fabulous training
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July 07, 2017

Frequently asked questions

We start with an initial lesson that also serves as an introduction and together we assess what type of lessons they need and how I can help with that process 

I originally studied Musical Theatre (BFA from the Danish Academy of Musical Theatre) then decided to move to acting exclusively for a while, moved to New York and studied at The William Esper Studio. There I discovered my passion for teaching and started teaching voice and speech and singing. I studied with Patrick Michael Wickham and learned all the voice science, but I have taken voice lessons for 20 or so years with a variety of great teachers and I have taken a little bit of knowledge with me from all of them. I later got really into songwriting, composing and now I almost exclusively teach contemporary techniques like R&B, Pop, Rock and Jazz - that is where my passion lies!

You can see me current rates on my website

I had a vocal polyp 13 years ago (Julie Andrews and Adele has had the same condition) I had an operation and rehabilitative training and discovered that I really liked voice science and teaching it.

Oh, ALL kinds; From Actors to Accountants and everyone in between. From 11-65 years old. Non-english speakers and university proffesors. Artist signed with record labels and karaoke enthusiast.

I have students do gigs around the city and I go to provide feedback. It is a very rewarding part of my job to see people grow and become great performers with strong presence.

New York City has probably the highest dencity of singing teachers in the world, so do some reseach and pick one that you think will teach you what you would like to know. 

Why take singing lessons? Is it for fun as a hobby, or are you looking to make a career of it?. Both are equaly valid to me, but I think most teachers - I know I would - concider this in the training.

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