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I have been teaching karate & fitness for over 30 years now. We provide a traditional karate learning experience helping students not just physically, but grow mentally & as individuals. For kids we focus on respect, concentration and discipline. Older teens to adults we add more strength, fitness and stress relief. All classes always have elements of self defense. For women will find benefits their may be seeking to get in shape while simultaneously gaining the confidence to defend themselves. With our partnership at NJ Fitness we offer affordable memberships for individuals as well as families.

I have always enjoyed teaching and helping others. What I teach more than kicks and punches but the inclusion of philosophies behind the art of karate that relate to daily living. Additionally always make myself available to help and guide outside of class time as well.


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    Nelson D.

    I met Damian in the dojo at ten years old, he has been a positive role model in my awkward teen years, growing up as an only child he became my “older brother”. If I weren’t in Florida I’d enroll my kids to learn from him in a heartbeat. It fills my heart with joy that he found the spark again to have such a positive influence on the next generation. OSU!
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    March 23, 2021

    Frank C.

    I will always be thankful that I had the honor to call Damian not only my karate teacher but also my friend.
    He insipres his students to push their limits.
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    March 23, 2021

    Barbara C.

    I highly recommend Damian Vargas. He made a huge difference and impact in my daughters life. He is now 28 years old and still has a passion for Martial arts. She developed discipline, Honor and self confidence which she continues to apply in her daily life. Damian was an amazing teacher and mentor.
    I can’t say enough good things about him and his character. You will be lucky and blessed to have him as your teacher and mentor. He has my support 100%. He will make an incredible difference in your children’s lives I guarantee.
    Damian Vargas, Thank you for being there for our Daughter as her Sempei. We will never forget you!!!!
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    March 23, 2021

    Brandon P.

    My brothers and I were students of Damian many years ago. Like others have said youre in great hands if he is your teacher. I remember him being stern when he needed to be because he had the utmost respect for the art but also very approachable and fun. He was easily our favorite instructor. Looking back that is what I remember the most, his actions outside of the dojo. His willingness to talk to his students about things theyre interested in, especially if its something hes interested in as well. I say this because a simple maybe 5-10 minute conversation we had outside of class took me down a path that changed my life forever.
    So yes, youll be getting a great karate instructor but youll be getting a mentor as well.
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    March 23, 2021

    David F.

    My experience with Damian Vargas started almost 30 years ago.
    He is a wonderful, supportive teacher, and pours his heart into students. He cares deeply about each of the students in his school and takes exceptional pride in their progress.
    He truly cares about his students and HOW they learn karate, not just the physical motions, but understanding the mental parts of the practice. His teaching style allows for ease of learning even of the most difficult of styles or techniques. He instills confidence in each of students, reinforcing that you can master any technique if you are willing to dedicate yourself to it.
    His own dedication to the craft, to his students, and to his school make him the most excellent of karate practitioners. I am honored to remain one of his friends.
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    March 23, 2021

    Frequently asked questions

    Getting a student comfortable with myself, others and the space is first. Then through conversations with them and or parents what are any goals, obstacles they may have or been having and an overall better understanding on what they are looking for.

    -Black Belt in Shotokan Karate practicing for well over 30 years.

    -Professional Wrestling for 20 years

    -ISSA Certificated Personal Trainer

    -Fitness & nutrition instruction

    -CPR Certificatied

    Our pricing is quite affordable to accommodate for not just our area but economic times as well.

    I began assisting at my Sensei's dojo at age 13. By age 16 I became the Assistant Instructor and Program Manager at the dojo.

    All ages from 5 to adults including special needs of all ages. Teaching all ages and types are my passion. I hold no favor for one above the other. It is equally rewarding to me as I hope it is to them.

    We recently expanded our programs with Women's Self Defense & Private Lessons by appointment.

    Be sure to check any potential instructor's credibility through not their accolades. It's easy to boast major accomplishments. But it's their training history and experience from who they learned from that is more important. Like my father did for me when seeking a quality karate school and Sensei, as you should anything you want to pursue innlife, do the research. Be sure your potential instructor is knowledgeable & experienced.

    Also is it immediately visible this is they're passion? Do they answer your questions honestly even at the risk of losing you as a potential student because they see a better option for you? It shows they're caring for what's best for their students and not just a business venture.

    Finally. How willing are they to help beyond just the time in a class? Even when busy a good instructor will find a way to make time to offer additional help. Especially with today's modern age of technology, that is all the more reason any instructor should always let students know they are there for them.

    What are they most looking for out of the pursuit of a martial art? What martial arts meet those pursuits? This will often help finding the perfect one for YOU as there is no perfect martial art.

    Services offered

    Mixed Martial Arts