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JdC Voice is a singularly run vocal studio in Brooklyn, New York. It's founder, Jenisa de Castro, is passionate about teaching singing techniques that strive towards discovering the unknown. Each voice is different, and unique, and it is our job to uncover the mystery and fly beyond what we think we are capable of.

As a graduate of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts with a major in Drama, Jenisa has discovered much about her own voice, and has continued to study and explore with renowned vocal instructors such as Seth Riggs, Michael Goodrich, and her own father, Gregg de Castro.

JdC Voice is dedicated to providing quality lessons for any age that guarantee optimal growth and success in singing in any style. We are proud to offer a space that is patient, kind, but most importantly, fun!

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Founder, Jenisa de Castro, is enthralled and inspired by the sheer amount of different voices that come to her, as well as the unique abilities of each student. She believes that learning from her students is an integral aspect of being an effective teacher and discovers more about humanity, as well as herself and her own voice, with each student she has the privilege of working alongside. Jenisa is eager to teach others, both in building a solid technical foundation, as well as to share the joy and fulfillment that she, herself, feels when she sings from within.


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    Jessica-Brittany S.

    My experience with JDC voice was nothing short of incredible. I automatically felt comfortable as Jenisa walked me through every step of the lesson letting me know how we would be begin, end, and what to expect. I already felt like I was in a safe space where I knew I’d be cared for.
    We began with a meditation that allowed me to be guided to a place of calm while maintaining an intention of a soft focus. At the end of the mediation the tension had dropped away from my body and I felt loose and ready to make sound.
    Before we began Jenisa asked me to focus on the intention and feeling behind the sounds that she would invite me to make and not the product. She emphasized the importance of feeling free to “sound bad” and make mistakes as there was no proper sound to achieve, we were simply there to explore.
    As Jenisa took me through different vocal eases, she’s encouraged me to breathe deeply and release as I felt I could. If at any time she recognized any tension or any potential space for release she would place her hands there and it automatically would follow by a release in the voice. Not once did it feel intrusive or surprising, but like being guided to the ease and fluidity of my breath and voice.
    If at any time throughout the lesson I was confused or need clarity, Jenisa was able to give both an energetic and anatomical explanation for what could be happening at the base of my question within my voice and body; this knowledge of both fields allowed me to feel open to explore in a way that I have not yet previously experienced in a standard voice lesson.
    In less than 40min I found ease space and freedom with my voice and I cannot wait to continue exploring with JDC voice.
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    September 11, 2018

    Caroline L.

    Jenisas energy is both soothing and inspiring as you move through the exercises. She has a vocabulary that makes the technical side of voice work much more relatable and easy to comprehend. Shes such a delight to work with.
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    September 11, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    JdC Voice is very dedicated to first making sure the student feels comfortable and safe in the workspace and with the teacher. The next step is to learn about the student's voice and their tendencies, and then to develop upon one thing at a time and keep stemming from there. Through various vocal exercises, we really hone in on vocal coordination until it is strong enough to where we can really begin to stretch and challenge it.

    Jenisa began vocal and dance lessons when she was only six years old, becoming a professional Polynesian performer at the age of 12. She quickly became entranced with the world of theater and film and discovered that nothing provides the spiritual fulfillment that comes with exploring the life of someone else, experiencing the world through their unique perspective, if only for a short while. After four rigorous years at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where she earned a degree in drama, she found that, in addition to theater and film, there is personal fulfillment in any form of art, as long as you invest your whole self into the process. This discovery led Jenisa back to where she started: a small voice studio - but, now Jenisa assumes the role of teacher, eager to share her gifts and insights with students of her own.

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