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Hey, my name is Jarod, and I'm a professional pianist/educator/producer based out of lower Westchester New York! I have 35 years of experience at the piano, with a knowledge base covering Classical, Jazz, Ear Training, Music Theory, Accompaniment, Contemporary Music, Ensemble Playing, Sight-reading, Production, and more! I have a huge love for the piano & want to share my knowledge to inspire and nurture music in all willing to learn (and practice)!

New School University graduate, with additional conservatory study at Manhattan School of Music.


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    Colleen G.

    I would consider Jarods approach to be holistic in nature. Although I originally hired him partly due to his Suzuki qualifications, his ability to consider the whole child and meet kids where they are at, was something I had not seen in my daughters previous two instructors. He has an ability to connect with students and cut straight through the challenges that learning an instrument may bring (in both the hands and mind!) -- Speaking as the parent of a student, and now a student myself, Jarod is great with beginners of any age, pulling from his many years of personal / professional experience as a musician.
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    April 03, 2021


    My son has been playing the piano for over a year and a half and really enjoys studying with Jarod. Jarod is a very talented musician and an exceptional teacher; his passion for music as well as his enthusiasm for teaching are very evident. Having a teacher like Jarod who is very much involved in the contemporary music scene is a plus and a source of inspiration and motivation for the kids. As a teacher, he is great at helping kids set short- and long-term music goals ….as a result, they always have something to work towards and end up progressing fairly quickly through the Suzuki repertoire. Jarod also gives his students the flexibility and freedom to experiment with music which really helps his younger students maintain/grow their interest in music while allowing older students to find their own musical voice and style.
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    June 04, 2018

    Jamie S.

    Jarod is a great dude and a great teacher. I am a 26 year old picking up piano. He allowed me to go at my own pace, while providing me with material and encouragement to progress faster. Teaches a synthesis of different perspectives, which allows you to get the best of each. Really love that he emphasizes the development of an intuitive understanding of the principles at work behind the scenes, ensuring you have the theoretic foundation necessary for doing so, while exposing you to but ultimately leaving the more technical details to be ironed out later. This keeps things interesting and makes it self-motivating-- how it should be. Highly recommend!
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    June 03, 2018

    Jahan D.

    Jarod is a great teacher. He is extremely knowledgeable about the intricacies of the piano teaching about chords and patterns that lie within chords and melodies. I have been studying with him for about three months and have learned a great deal about how to practice and figure out things on my own. I would reccomend him as a teacher to any student that wants to learn how to play the piano. He is an excellent guide and he makes each class feel personal, productive and purposeful. I really appreciate him as a master of his craft. He is definitely worth it.
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    May 29, 2018

    Frequently asked questions

    In the first lesson, we talk a bit, and I assess whether this student is a beginner to music, music terminology, and the piano.  After making the assessment, I begin working with the student on what I feel he or she should receive first from me.    If the student is a beginner to all of these things, I will generally use some methodology used by Suzuki teachers to start them off, as well as my own exercises.  If not a fresh beginner, I begin working with them in whatever capacity they are seeking me out for.  

    35 years on the piano.  16 years of lessons taken, 15 years of intensive self study into great classical composers and jazz musicians of history

    New School University B.F.A. Jazz Piano Performance

    Active Multi Genre Performer, Composer, & Producer

    I apply my studies every day, and share them

    Yes, please contact for details.  In general, students will register to sign up with me on a semesterly basis.

    All ages, with a wide range of musical aspirations.  

    What kind of music would you (or your child) like to play?  

    Are you willing to invest time, energy, and money into your (or your child's) study of piano?  Competence and/or mastery is something that takes many, many hours to nurture and develop over months, years.  Rate and effectiveness of practice directly affect a student's results and timeline of progression. 

    If you are a parent who wants lessons for your child, are you willing to:

    Be present for all lessons?

    Take notes of what your child should practice and how?

    Be responsible for nurturing your child's positive practice habits at home?

    Offer compassion and encouragement to your child when they doubt themselves?  Studying piano to be good enough to one's own ear takes a lot of time and effort in practice and study, as well as time developing habits which neutralize self-doubt and laziness in a healthy way!  Excellence in anything takes time, effort, and dedication over a long periods.  A positive attitude towards the work speeds up the process.

    If you are an adult, can you do these things for yourself?  

    If you, yourself, wish to study piano with me, you will have my unwavering encouragement and support.  If you register your child to study with me, he or she will have it as well.

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