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Better Balance Ny

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Better Balance NY is an NYC based company dedicated to empowering people to improve their own health and wellness through Tai Chi Chuan and Aiki-movement.

These lessons especially oriented for the general public, seniors, and people with limited abilities.

gentle mindful movements with coordinated deep breathing help to improve balance, fall prevention, increase Proprioception {positional awareness}, strengthen weak muscles in legs and improve the ability of ankles to flex on uneven surfaces, increases bone density, core strentgh and mobility.

after a serious illness a few years ago I was able to rebuild myself with tai chi and now love to share the wonderful benefits of this amazing discipline with others.

* 12 years experience with Tai Chi

* 50 years practice of Aikido

* certified by the Wu Tang PCA (nyc) to teach the "Northern Wu Form)

* certified by the "taichiforhealthinstitute" to teach "tai chi for rehabilitation" (acknowledged by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)

* 5th degree black belt in Aikido (US Aikido Federation)

* email: [email protected]

I love seeing people realize that they can take take control of their health, that wherever they're starting from ... in 6 months you can see significant improvement.


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Sophie G.

I took a class at a senior center in Brooklyn and loved it. Toby is gentle and yet precise in his teaching
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July 05, 2017

Frequently asked questions

firstly, to evaluate the students goals and physical abilities in order to determine the best way to begin.

And, then to procede to learn the movements of the form

as described in the profile...I'm a lifelong martial artst with 12 years of Tai Chi and 51 years of Aikido training.

* private lessons in the home or office (may include 1 friend, relative or caregiver for a $10 per/lesson additional fee)


$375 by the month (1 lesson per/week)

$110 single lessons

* group lessons in facilities or schools: on a case by case basis

I'm a lifelong martial artist who experienced a serious illness 3 years ago. physical therapy only brought me about 60% back ( the insurance only approved about 20 sessions) and tai chi brought me back all the rest of the way.

I love sharing the ability to heal yourself and the self-empowerment it brings.

average people... mostly seniors and people looking for better health, balance, and fall prevention


look for someone with good skills and knowledge who also seems like a patient and caring teacher

what are you looking for:

better health?

self defense?

fall prevention?

less stress?

Services offered

Mixed Martial Arts