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  • The Rowland Fitness & Fighting Method

    The Rowland Fitness & Fighting Method

    Takoma Park, MD 20912

    The amount of care I put into each & EVERY client as individuals. I carefully craft individualized lesson plans to maximize each client and the differences they need to achieve our goals

  • Jing Ying Institute Of Kung Fu & Tai Chi

    Jing Ying Institute Of Kung Fu & Tai Chi

    Arnold, MD 21012

    We are your local experts in the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu of Tian Shan Pai, qinna, and Chen Style Tai Chi.Since 2000, our award winning programs have included separate classes for children, for adults and family programs that allow parents to train with their children! Established in 2000. Jing Ying has been at its current location in Arnold since 2000 and is the most award winning program around. For multiple years it has won: the Capital Readers Choice Award for Best Martial Arts; the Best of Annapolis award for Best Martial Arts and for Best Overall Fitness Class; the Best of Severna Park

  • American Martial Arts Institute

    American Martial Arts Institute

    Bear, DE 19701

    5.0 4

    Featuring classes in Chinese Martial Arts for children as young as 3 years old to Adult. Classes are age and goal specific to meet your needs. If you are looking for a traditional martial arts experience or to get in shape and have fun, AMAI is 4 U!

  • Defensive Arts Plus

    Defensive Arts Plus

    Aston, PA 19014

    5.0 3

    Defensive Arts Plus provides a holisitc study of the martial arts, incorporating many aspects of training under a single set of philophies, called Kosho Shorei Ryu. Training includes striking, throwing, submission wrestling, weapons, Tai Chi, brush caligraphy, and more. Lern these combined arts in a small-school environment from a 5th Dan black belt, who does this not as an income source, but for the love of the art.

  • Goldenlight Institute Of Body/Mind Advancement

    Goldenlight Institute Of Body/Mind Advancement

    Springfield, PA 19064

    5.0 4

    Enormous patience, innovative padagogy, and great sense of complishment are three trademarks of my teaching. The eminent principles of my teaching are student-centered, practical, and fun-oriented. Students are encouraged to be an activate learner in the class. Their learning process takes place in the classroom, outside the classroom, and online.       I am an experienced and passionate tutor. He would go extra miles to make friends with the student and really cares about the student's progress.

  • New World Mixed Martial Arts

    New World Mixed Martial Arts

    Philadelphia, PA 19138

    5.0 1

    ABOUT OUR FAMILY Welcome to New World MMA, Boxing, and Fitness, your first, best destination for a premier kickboxing school in Montgomery County, Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding areas. Our trainers teach a wide variety of mixed martial arts and fitness programs all in one convenient place, ensuring that you have access to the finest techniques and tools to help you build a better you. Just a few of our services include... MMA Instruction Kickboxing Wrestling Catch Wrestling Fitness Jiu Jitsu Muay Thai Bootcamps Weight Loss Kids Boxing

  • Hogan Karate International

    Hogan Karate International

    Jacksonville, FL 32226

    Specialize in Kyusho Jitsu (pressure point fighting) and Small Circle Jujitsu. Oriented primarily to self defense. I have been studying martial arts for over 50 years. Inducted into many martial arts hall of fames. Two Legend Grandmaster Awards as well as many others.  I teach seminars all over the world and have taught from western Canada all the way to India.

  • Adina @ Satya Sattva Studio

    Adina @ Satya Sattva Studio

    Jacksonville, FL 32246

    5.0 4

    Satya Sattva is a Mind & Body wellness center, a spiritual and esoteric study group, and a school of thought. We offer classes and workshops in Tai Chi and Qigong, modern & traditional Yoga, Meditation, and philosophy teachings in Daoist, Buddhist, Hindu, Sufi, Shaivit, Christian, and Judaism contemplative traditions, as well as self-inquiry and transpersonal psychology. Dr. Adina Riposan-Taylor (Saraswati Devi) is the founder of Satya Sattva studio and study grou



    Orlando, FL 32806

    By giving the best Martial Art training possible. Being concerned with the students progress and ability. Also letting the students know that they are cared about and and that the school is not a Black Belt Factory /Daycare Center. 

  • Life Enrichment Center For The Arts

    Life Enrichment Center For The Arts

    Tampa, FL 33612

    5.0 14

    The Life Enrichment Center for the Arts (LEC) is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is for our students to fulfill their lifelong creative potential through the ageless engagement of the arts. The LEC is an innovative arts education center for adults, operating in North Tampa’s Forest Hills neighborhood since 1980. It is one of only a few centers across the country focused on redefining and reshaping retirement and the experience of aging. Its cultural arts program has received national and international recognition and serves as a model of a successful community-based orga

  • Corydharma Meditation And Martial Arts

    Corydharma Meditation And Martial Arts

    Miami, FL 33145

    5.0 4

    Hello, I'm Cory!  I'm a teacher of the body, the spirit and the mind.  I teach self defense, martial arts, meditation, and languages to promote a holistic study of life and well-being.  I also offer an apprenticeship program modeled after Zen monastery living retreats in China.  Self Defense:Martial arts can take decades to master and are an amazing life path of self discovery, but they aren't suited for modern self defense. You need practical, useful, and simple real life techniques you can use to defend yourself on the street the day you learn them. Learning even the

  • Ming Wing Chun & Martial Arts

    Ming Wing Chun & Martial Arts

    Miami, FL 33156

    5.0 1

    Hi,everyone.My name is Xiaoming Lu , I was born in a Kungfu family and started learning KungFu from my grandfather when I was only four years old. And I has studied Wing Chun from Ip Man's nephew Lo Man Kam's system. I'm proficient in BaJi Quan, XinYi Quan, TongBei Quan, and a few other prominent styles of KungFu in South and North China. I have about more than 20 years pf practical and learning experience. In 2008, I founded my first KungFu academy and established Ming KungFu in Shanghai and Zhejiang. My students from all over the world, including from the United States, Canada, and Sweden.

  • Karum-Zen Dojo

    Karum-Zen Dojo

    Miami, FL 33157

    5.0 1

    My name is Jorge Gonzalez, i am origine from Cuba. I practice Joshinmon Shorin Ryu Karate-Do for more than 42 years. My belt range is 6 Dan in Karate and 5 Dan in Kobudo, I am the representative of Association of Joshinmon form Japan in USA. I also use teache at public School for more than 15 years. Paralela to teache karate i teache Qigong and taichi.

  • USA National Taekwondo And Fitness

    USA National Taekwondo And Fitness

    Mesquite, TX 75150

    5.0 2

    I'm a passionate martial artist that strives for disciplined training through Taekwondo and fitness.  I'm an assistant national team coach for Team USA and travel the world seeking knowledge both in sport and art.  I'm willing to teach and train anyone who has the desire to improve oneself and go to highest level in competition and training in general. 

  • Major’s Kaeshinryu Academy Of Martial Arts

    Major’s Kaeshinryu Academy Of Martial Arts

    Dallas, TX 75234

    5.0 1

    I enjoy teaching and planting the seed of knowledge. My goal is to educate my students the way of mental and physical abilities to enhance their lives. Iam a affiliate of Sifu Fong Iam a student of Dan Inosanto  Trained in Tang soo do with Chuck Norris in Virgina Beach



    Fort Worth, TX 76102


  • Dragon Palm Kung Fu And Tai Chi

    Dragon Palm Kung Fu And Tai Chi

    Fort Worth, TX 76116

    5.0 3

    Learn Tai Chi for health and self defense. We are the only school in West Fort Worth teaching combat Tai Chi. 17 years experience serving West Fort Worth! Learn form, weapons and self- defense!

  • Max Effect Self-Defense By Mr. Dhee

    Max Effect Self-Defense By Mr. Dhee

    Cypress, TX 77433

    5.0 3

    We provide Self-Defense techniques & tools that you can use right away. You don't have to "get ready" for our training.  Come as you are, because we fit the training to who you are - no cookie cutter approaches. We've trained 1,000s of clients & students on 3 continents (Asia, Europe, & the U.S.) in Street, Home Defense, & Combat Skills that range from A to Z.  Who we have trained has ranged from 5 yr. olds to Elite 'Green Berets' to Senior Citizens. Choose to learn Hard Style (like Boxing & Combatives) or Soft Style (like Tai Chi Z) or a Mix - There is something

  • The Mat Martial Arts

    The Mat Martial Arts

    Cedar Park, TX 78613

    My name is Alec Rains and I am the owner/operator of The Mat Martial Arts in Cedar Par/Northwest Austin. We offer age-appropriate self defense to kids and adults of all ages. Our unique approach to teaching awareness, playground safety and Krav Maga tactics blended with additional martial arts is what makes us so appealing to anyone seeking training in what is MOST EFFECTIVE to them and their given situation, rather than claim one specific system is a catch-all for holistic training. With 30 years training plus my team of qualified civilian and former military officers on staff I can personall

  • The Void Martial Arts

    The Void Martial Arts

    Austin, TX 78745

    5.0 1

    We offer training in a wide variety of martial arts and sports performance. Most athletes would have to train at 3 different gyms to get a focus in technique, fitness, recovery/injury prevention/mind coaching. We offer all these things under one roof.

  • A-B Tai Chi

    A-B Tai Chi

    Poway, CA 92064

    Tai Chi,太极,translates directly to "Great Ultimate" or more accurately as, "The art of the Great Extremes." Nature exists and permits and flows. We get to choose to be one with nature or to fight nature. Tai Chi teaches the student how to flow with nature and use the power available to all of us to work for us instead of against us. All skills and arts can be improved through the study of Tai Chi. I am eager to teach you.