Susana Weingarten Evert

Susana Weingarten Evert

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Offers online services
Offers online services


As a professional dancer, choreographer and teacher for 2 decades, I offer private classes on Conscious Movement/Basic Dance/YOGA........Afro-Latin Dance Class, Stretching and how to stay fit with your limitations. I usually offer the private classes to people that have absolutly no experience and have no idea how to start exercising in any capacity. I teach individuals how to have more self-confidence just by standing in a perfect posture and at the same time how to be healthier and stronger. If you have bad posture and have no idea how to start healing, how to strengthen your core, walk , sit, stand up straight CONSTANTLY and how to stretch out old and new injuries CORRECTLY.

please call me..... 240-506-1168

or e-mail me : [email protected]

I enjoy every moment of all. I been a Dancer since a baby.....a professional dancer/performer, a choreographer, and a teacher of all ages, all levels, groups small and large and private classes. I can help anyone fix their posture, move more consciously and of course use the breath correctly. 240-506-1168.....Please call I am in Cleveland


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    Anna G.

    She is committed, personable, kind and very knowledgeable . She cares for her students and know how to help each individual with terrific information. I’m posture and body alignment is much better just with 3 classes and I can do several exercises on my own that are helping me so much! Thank you Susana!
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    November 27, 2018


    Rosario F.

    Susana is a great teacher, she takes care of her pupils completely and you can feel her passion for dance. Her class is terrific and you can experience a whole bunch of skills and abilities because is totally professional. You know that she knows very well all she is doing and teaching!!
    I felt myself so pleased with her classes.
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    September 23, 2017


    Audrey C.

    Im very lucky to have Susana Evert as my dance teacher for conscious movement. Shes the best teacher Ive ever had because she explains exactly how to do the various stretches and movements. My posture and flexibility has greatly improved over the 18 years Ive been taking classes with her. She is a true expert and I love the music she uses for our classes. Take a class with Susana and you will feel the difference!
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    September 20, 2017

    Frequently asked questions

    Learning about my students posture with simple exercises on the floor , through the floor and using breath correctly. I have taught students all ages, all levels of understanding and all cultures. I love being able to help with my expertise in all kinds of bodies.

    Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Arts in Education, Private classes for beginner, Conscious Movement Expert.........I love teaching non-dancers the very basics of good alignment, how to sit, stand, walk correct, and of course the CORRECT way to Breath 

    Yes...I charge $60 an hour and that is seriosly not much considering that I am a movement therpist and I can help people how to deal with injuries and prevent them. 

    20 years ago as I was performing and toring , directing my dance/theatre company, I was also teaching in schools and individuals as part of my career. I love teaching , it enriches my art, and helps many people of all ages and all limitations or skils. 

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