Unlike most modern cardio gym classes that implement some form of Martial Arts or Boxing, DefenseFit actually focuses on defending yourself. Giving you the knowledge, understanding, and the applied execution of Self Defense should you find yourself in a physical altercation.

DefenseFit was deloved and designed by Master Taekwondo Instructor, World Class Athlete, and 3x Army war Veteran Gilbert A. Johnson. To ensure that each and every practitiner of DefenseFit is properly trained, only certified instructors are able to teach DefenseFit. Verified, trained, and taught through our DefenseFit instructor training program. Instructors are certified at three different levels...Instructor, Expert, and Master Instructor level.

Self-defense can‘t guarantee that someone won’t try to harm you, but it will give you the tools you need that may one day save your life.


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Frequently asked questions

All practitioners of DefenseFit are required to take our 10 day introduction classes to self defense prior to their DefenseFit training. The 10 day training classes are designed and developed to give our students the knowledge and understanding of applied self defense. Ensuring that students know how to properly form their fist and feet when executing punching, blocking, and kicking techniques. 

* Over 30 years of Taekwondo training. 
* 3x United States Army War Veteran.
* Olympic Training Center Resident Athlete.           * State Champion.                                                * National Champion.                                            * All Army Champion.

$150 - Introduction to DefenseFit. Ten day class, includes shoes and gloves. *Must complete all ten days within 30 days from first class. 

$50 - Monthly after completing introduction classes. 

I've been teaching since the age of 9, when I earn my junior black belt. I absolutely love the feeling of watching my student develop and grow their skills through my teachings. 

Men, Women, and Chikdren of all ages.

Our RedMan Attack Suit classes. It gives our students a great sense of their own power and strength and how to apply self defense in a real life situation, without holding back on their simulated attacker. It's also a great stress reliever and a way to track your progress. 

Do your research, check backgrounds, talk to some of their students. Sit in on a few classes. Understand and know exactly what you're looking for and if they can provide you that with their services. 

Knowing their capabilities and limitations and how they would like to improve on their weaknesses and build on their strengths. What are goals, and what are they looking to achieve in their training. 

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