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Offers online services
Offers online services


We really focus on helping every student walk away with confidence in what they came to learn.

Because of the experience I bring to the learning kitchen, everything from comfort foods like four cheese baked macaroni to simplifying classical cuisine and trending specialty foods and ethnic flavors is made easy. Learning the nuanced art of regional barbecue or the preparing the perfect dinner party is simplified through personal training and practice.

Our service stands out because we help break down classic stock making, soups, sauces and gravy in ways that you will be comfortable doing or sharing the foundations of cooking like a pro. Help is here for a group, your family, curious kids, or being better at cooking and shopping for the single professional.

Nothing beats seeing someone in my kitchens master a skill or gain confidence doing something they wanted to become better at. Cooking is not rocket science, and it is a life skill that every man, woman or child can goal is to help you reach your goals.


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Offers online services

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    Frequently asked questions

    I am a big fan of meeting students where they are at. To me that means getting to know what a student or group wants to gain from a kitchen session or multiple classes with me or my staff of young professionals.

    I have been a managing professional in the food and beverage industry for more than 20 years. My experience is with restaurants, hotels, and organizations such as Walt Disney World’s Restaurant and Resorts Division, Hilton Hotels, Restaurant Associates, ARAMARK Corporation / Sports and Entertainment Division, Bon Appetit, specialty resort engagements and as an executive chef of retail operations. Along with this experience as a retail dining specialist, I have worked on several restaurant and high profile openings.

    Classes and group sessions are priced based on custom curriculum and menu design for every class. Once I have a clear understanding of what students need we create a lesson plan and pricing. Typical classes for adults and children start at $100-$200 per session for each student, including food, recipe files, and travel where applicable. We can negotiate special rates for groups consisting of 4 or more participants.

    After working and cooking in great kitchens here and abroad, I learned to appreciate teaching because my best moments were spent learning along side great teachers and leaders. As a culinary professional sharing time and talent in a reciprocal mentor/disciple relationship, teaching and sharing what I have learned naturally became the center of my life and my businesses.

    From eight years old to eighty. Blind, crippled and crazy. Inexperienced cooks to savants with incredible kitchen instincts. My goal is always helping demystify the world of cooking, keeping it simple and having fun. At the end of the day I have not met a hungry cook that I have not enjoyed sharing time with.

    Currently I have returned to writing and creating television productions that illuminate and illustrate great cooks and the home enthusiast. This is what I enjoy most. This is the type of experience and events that I seek.

    Be prepared to talk about what you would like to learn. Be prepared to listen. Do not be afraid to make mistakes...they are the building blocks of kitchen proficiency and building culinary aptitude. Everybody can cook!

    I am a big fan of lists. Start with a list of some things or skills that you would like to learn or get better at. Is there a particular dish or style of cooking that you are curious about?

    There is no such thing as a dumb question in my kitchens. There are NEVER too many questions in my kitchens. Take some time to write down your thoughts...and then we can work it out!

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