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    Carol R.

    When my then 10 year old son, was asked to audition for a professional production of Billy Elliot in NYC, he and I were simultaneously both excited and petrified. My son is a good dancer and actor, but, although he has a lovely singing voice, he had never performed in a musical theater production or ever taken voice lessons [I’m breaking out in sweat just thinking about it]. When I reached out to a number of highly respected theater performers and educators, Rachel Camp’s name came up in nearly every response. From the get-go, Rachel was approachable and warm. It takes only a moment to realize why she is so highly regarded and genuinely liked by all who know her. My son, who was apprehensive about the process, immediately connected with her. I left him in her able hands for an hour and, when I returned, she had him singing a truly difficult audition song like a pro. She showed him the joy of singing, and gave him the confidence he needed to put himself out there. And he left feeling on top of the world.
    Fast forward to one year later and the older of my two sons, my then 13 year old, had just been cast in On Golden Pond at Bristol Riverside Theatre. Up until then, most of his acting experience was limited to drama camp and film/commercial work. The director loved what he had to offer the role, but he was about to perform with Broadway actors and needed to learn how to project in a large house. Once again, behind a big encouraging smile, I was sweating. So, of course I called Rachel. Again, I left my son with her for one hour and came back to a kid who knew how to breathe from his diaphragm, knew the difference between yelling and projecting, and had a list of vocal exercises to practice in his free time at home and at the theater before each performance. But, most importantly, she gave him the confidence he needed to succeed.
    Rachel is not only a wildly talented actor and singer, but also extremely knowledgeable about the theater arts, and musical and acting techniques. She also happens to be, in the words of my sons, “A really, REALLY nice person.” I cannot recommend her enough.
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    October 24, 2019

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    I have worked with young students who have had little to know experience in plays or musicals; I have worked with professional actors who are beginning to learn about their voice for the first time; and I have worked with seasoned professionals who are honing their material for sharper auditions or more powerful songs.

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