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Offers online services


Thank you for stopping by my page on your journey looking for the right fit to learn the drums. I am a professional drummer with over 25 years of experience and I have been teaching for 15 years. In the Austin area, you may have seen me at The Musicians Woodshed in Bee Cave, and I have taught privately and at multiple schools in Houston. As a professional drummer, I have toured all around the continent, played in all types of arenas, played with Billboard charting artists, and I hold multiple endorsements in the drumming community, as well as have been featured in Drum! Magazine. In addition to my drum lessons, I also teach electronic music production. So if drums aren't your thing, I can teach you how to begin your electronic music career.

What I love the most is getting to know the students and finding out what they want out of their education when they're older. When they're younger, it's buying into what I do, and then the very first time that they get it, the look on their faces and knowing what powers they're capable of.

I also enjoy getting to know the parents. Parents have a lot on their plates, and they want to know that they're giving their child the best opportunity for a skill. I love putting parents at ease and knowing that I've got the best interest for their child. For the older students, it's achieving their buy in and seeing them really go for it.

The most important thing of all is being a mentor, a confidant, and a friend to my students. Life throws a lot of curveballs at us, and as someone who has a lot of life experience, I will give you a safe space to confide whatever troubles you. I'll guide you and coach you as well as instruct you. I have your back, and this is a safe space. I'm here for you.


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    Suzette E.

    Joe has been an outstanding drum teacher for my daughter! She took lessons from him for a few years and learned how to read and write drum charts and play a variety of songs from rock to jazz, in a wide range of tempos and time signatures. Joe made the effort to carefully craft a curriculum specifically for my daughter, which is something that many teachers dont take the time to do. He tailored lessons for my daughters musical interests and abilities and also took into consideration her other activities. In addition to being an excellent instructor, Joe is a delightful human being - very much a positive presence in our lives!
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    July 15, 2020

    Frequently asked questions

    Our first lesson is an introductory lesson. I want to hear about YOU. I want to hear about what you want to accomplish, what are your goals, what do you want to do? Not all students want a book thrown at them and say "learn this." I'm about teaching to the student, not to the curriculum. I will tailor-make the situation to your liking to keep you engaged. Life is hard, drums and music is fun.

    I have over 25 years of professional experience in multiple genres. I have over 18 years of touring experience that has taken me all over North America. I have played clubs, large clubs, arenas, theaters, and amphitheaters. I have been featured in Drum! Magazine and I hold several endorsements. In terms of my electronic music production, my solo project, JD Lion, I have accumulated thousands of streams on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. I am currently signed to Independent Ear Music Group, and I have released an album and EP in 2020.

    Standard pricing is $45 for a half hour lesson and $55 for an hour lesson. For monthly subscriptions, I will work that out with you. 

    I got my start in teaching in 2006 because I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease while on an important string of tour dates. After I completed the dates, I immediately was hospitalized and I was told to take a break from the road. I started by getting referred to a kid that needed help, and the word of mouth spread. Since then, I've worked with School of Rock, co-wrote the drum curriculum at Sessions Music, and The Musicians Woodshed. I've taught dozens and dozens of students and I'm acutely aware of both children's and adult's needs. I believe in being flexible and not being rigid within teaching. 

    In my teachings, I have taught from age 4 all the way up to 55! I work with kids primarily, but adults are welcome! I like to work with all skills, all ages. There's hidden talent in everyone. We just have to do the work, and the rest will come! One way or another, I will help you achieve your goals!

    The recent project that I am fond of is my solo album/EP that I have released this year. They are emotional journeys that I have taken, and the projects have received wonderful reviews. They were a total validation of the path I chose in Electronic music. The process took me roughly 4 months. In terms of drumming, it was my feature in Drum! I was highlighted for my skill, my diversity of the artists I played with, and for my persona. It's always nice when major publications highlight your work.

    In terms of hiring a provider for instruction, you get what you pay for. Not all teachers with low prices will add value. They provide good instruction, but it can be a cookie-cutter education. Make sure that in your search that you get a good initial feeling of the instructor you're with. Make sure that their background, skill level, and that their personality shines to you. When you find that right combination, it's the difference between a phase and a passion. If you're looking at me, I want to make this a passion, an escape.

    1. What kind of commitment am I willing to put in to my education? 2. Am I open to practicing and following the instructions of my teacher? The rest can be sorted by conversations with the provider. Price isn't everything when it comes to your education and learning. Instructors can turn into lifelong friends. I have many in my career who were students who became friends!

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